Kolby's Survivor: Australia

Hello and welcome to the twelfth installment of Kolby's (ThePug's) Survivor series!

Placed just south of our location for our ninth season, Malaysia is the next location for season twelve of Kolby's Survivor.

Located in the South Asian sea, Malaysia has a tremendous tropical rainforest climate, with a megadiverse wildlife, containing about 20% of the world's known species of animals. Although plagued by dangerous predators like tigers and snakes, Malaysia also offers beautiful beaches and serene jungles.

In the past, Malaysia has endured many shifts in power, from Portuguese, to Dutch, to British rule. If there's one thing Malaysia's history will tell these brand-new castaways, nothing is certain, and you should never be comfortable.

Who will join the list of Sole Survivors?

39 days, 18 people, 1 Survivor!


https://thumbs.gfycat.com/SnoopySlushyAlabamamapturtle-size_restricted.gif [3/12 Remain] https://prnt.sc/j5dctw
- Newz (OldNewz)
- Cai (abeledaa)
- Yandere (Yandereboy12)

18th- Sandrine (Plai) [5-1|Day 3|Tolong]
17th- Brittany (LaFierceBrittany2) [Quit|Day 4|Bunga-Pangkor]
16th- Erik (YoundAndReckless) [3-2|Day 5|Pangkor]
15th- Burger (Burgerman2929292) [4-2|Day 5|Pangkor-Bunga]
14th- Riley (rahrah) [3-2|Day 7|Bunga]
13th- Paul (paul028) [2-1-1|Day 8|Pangkor-Tolong-Pangkor]
--- Merge ---
12th- Gavin (greyconverse) [7-2-2-1|Day 10|Tenggol]
--- Jury Begins ---
11th- Matty (OATTY3) [7-4|Day 11|Tenggol]
10th- Kyle (RedsKanto) [8-2|Day 12|Tenggol]
9th- Josh (sergeant) [2-2-1-4* (7-0)|Day 14|Tenggol]
8th- Eli (EliOrtiz1234) [4-3-1|Day 15|Tenggol]
7th- Dana (TotsTrashy) [4-2-1|Day 16|Tenggol]
6th- Clair (haycsclair) [4-2|Day 17|Tenggol]
5th- Jacob (kekgeek) [4-1|Day 18|Tenggol]
4th- Garrett (Garrett5) [3-1|Day 20|Tenggol]

🏆 Sole Survivors:
• S1: Japan - Matt (survivornerd)
• S2: Kenya - Demi (demikol)
• S3: Belize - Bennett (Coolnarwhal88)
• S4: Kuwait - Renny (Renny10)
• S5: Estonia - Brad (Nostalgic)
• S6: Greece - Demi (demikol)
• S7: Haiti - Fred (ferdinandz)
• S8: Mexico - Mike "Iz" (Maicolx3)
• S9: Thailand - Dono (donosaurus_rex)
• S10: Kolby vs Bennett - Will (hellomynameis347)
• S11: Norway - John (Jxhn)
• S12: Malaysia - Newz (OldNewz)

ℹ️ Kolby's Games Information:
Viewers Lounge --> http://bit.ly/1pxNclD
Wikia --> http://bit.ly/1XvagQC

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Kolby's Survivor: Australia

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