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** Players in the current season being discussed will NOT be allowed to be in the Viewer's Lounge. Do not, under any circumstances, reveal information to ANYONE outside of the VL. Especially the current players! Confessionals will be posted here, so viewers will know everything about the game. Alliances, plans, idols, votes, etc. I am trusting that people will respect the game and keep this information private. If you are caught revealing information, you will be banned from the Viewer's Lounge, and you will not be welcome to play in any future seasons. This is a very serious offense, and the consequences will match. **

*Golden Ticket Rule - A MAX of 3 Tickets may be used for any season including returnees.*

-Sweepstakes Winner(s)-
dandoe/Dan H. - RedChaos
yr_2007/Yogi M. - AndThenThereWasOne
Survivor Bora Bora Sweepstakes Draft - dwallz26
Chastain/Shadi C. - Gaiaphagee
Survivor Aruba Sweepstakes Draft - WANJ
moondancer63/Michael-Caleb W. "MC" - haycsclair
Survivor Second Chances Sweepstakes Draft - Christian_
bboyRobert/Robert Q. - Robbyjak

Survivor Borneo S1 - NewOrleansPelicans/Big Joe
Survivor Tocantins S2 - dandoe/Dan H.
Survivor South Africa S3 - "Cursed Idol" yr_2007/Yogi M.
Survivor Caracol S4 - dwallz26/Roman V.
Survivor Bora Bora S5 - "Loved Ones" - HotFox1/Fox T.
Survivor Mayotte S6 - Chastain/Shadi C.
Survivor "The Nubian Desert" S7 - WANJ/Will J.
Survivor Hokkaido - Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty - All Stars S8 - Chastain/Shadi C.
Survivor Cocos Islands S9 - haycsclair/Clair F.
Survivor Aruba - Fans vs. Favs S10 - Christian_/Christian B.
Survivor Lazio S11 - moondancer63/Michael-Caleb W. "MC"
Survivor Cayman Islands S12 - MikeyKR91/Mike R.
Survivor Samoa - Second Chances S13 - DavidM7/David M.
Survivor Yushan S14 - Jimmytv/Jim B.
Survivor Solomon Islands - BestHero's Brigade vs ItsOfficial's Suicide Squad S15 - MMAJunkieX/Jeremy C.
Survivor Venezuela S16 - deshonBANNEDisback/Deshon F.
Survivor Tortuga - Exile Island S17 - bboyRobert/Robert Q.

Survivor Indonesia S1 - TBD

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