Camp Buddy!

*Inspired by the Yaoi game of the same name.

Welcome campers to Camp Buddy!

During the summer, you're new home will be this delightful natural paradise! We have all the facilities in your quest to learn more about yourself, have fun and gain new memories and experiences our here in the country! With all kinds of fun activities and facilities for you to try and experience. Make new friends as you strive to become a buddy. Earn badges by completing fun activities aimed to test your knowledge, skills and creativity all with the support of the friendly staff and your fellow campers. While we try and promote camper's freedom to do what they want in their quest to make the most of this experience, we have some rules that must be followed during your time here. But don't worry about that just yet! For now, relax, unpack your things and prepare to enter your new adventure here in Camp Buddy!

However, with the threat of the camp closing early and a rival camp wanting to take over, can Camp Buddy survive!?

This is a RP group page!

Scout Masters:
- Kenji Masamura (MaggieWong) - Black
- Akira Ito (MaggieWong) - Grey
- Lalita Spades (Maya10) - Navy Blue
- Joshua Sanders (Tommy123) - Blood Red

- Sato Nagame (MaggieWong) - Yellow
- Ryo Masamura (MaggieWong) - Orange
- Jase Cloverfield (MaggieWong) - Silver
- Kelly Gloria (MaggieWong) - Light Pink
- Ellie Gloria (MaggieWong) - Light Purple
- Melina Devereaux (Maya10) - Crimson Red
- Kandi Cotton (Yandereboy12) - Hot Pink (x )
- Nashanti Moore-Ellis (Ajathekween) - Violet
- Jason McAdoo (JTthePrince) - Green
- Paul Winters (Paul028) - Blue
- Jonah Jackson (Spinfur) - Magenta
- Mackenzie Sanders (Tommy123) - Purple
- Caroline Beckham (Gay_Horse_) - Teal
- Leonidas Jade (Gay_Horse_) - Plum Purple
- Milo Hazelwood (Wyatt2001) - Lime Green
- Benjamin Ackerwood (Aria_grande) - Red
- Jayson Kip (MudkipzFTW) - Emerald Green (x )
- Luna Jones (Tommy123) - Bronze

Chapter 1 - Welcome to Camp Buddy! (6/18)
Chapter 2 - Trouble in Paradise!
Chapter 3 - ???
Chapter 4 - ???
Chapter 5 - ???

Theme Song:

Hosted by MaggieWong
Co-hosted by Maya10

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Camp Buddy!

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