Escape The Night - Season 4

Fantasy Fairytale, Watch out because the Villains are ready then ever.........

Chanel Versace as The Fairest of them all
Tana Con as The Damsel in Distress
Sky Love as The Vaudevillian
Samuel Love as The Playboy
Amara Achbe as The Adventurer
Phoebe Wong as The Dragon Slayer
Xoclin Lockton as The Narrator
Baylor Versace as The Warrior Princess
Shuga Cain as The Entertainer
Ryan Jackson as The Crazy Scientist
Jake Nelson as The Knight in Shining Armor

Side Characters : 2 more helpers to be revealed when it starts
Sea Viper - Ep1
Jake Goodall as The Playa Prince - Ep1(Brief)/ Ep6 onwards
Jessie Thomas as The Mindful one - Ep1 (Brief)/ Ep6 onwards

S4 Episodes
1 - Off with her head - Part 1 / Dead : Sade Viles - Poisoned
2 - Off with her head - Part 2 / Dead :
3 - The Deep Slumber / Dead :
4 - Warrior Attack / Dead :
5 - The Black Knight Arisens / Dead :
6 - Stone Girl / Dead :
7 - A wish will come true / Dead :
8 - Marriage till death / Revived : / Dead :
9 - The Queen's Jealousy / Dead :
10 - The Collector's Rage / Dead :

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Escape The Night - Season 4

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