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♛ EPISODE FOUR: Prom Night

Topic » ♛ EPISODE FOUR: Prom Night

225 days 8 hours ago
*Lucy smiles at Natalie*
"Thanks! Now I guess I should head home and book a therapist because I literally just killed someone."

*She hugs both Finely and Christian*

"I'm so happy you guys are alive! And you know what, YOLO! Let's go!"

*She also smiles at Jordan, exchanging a nod with her before getting into the car with Finley, Christian and Deer-yandra, speeding off into the sunrise*
225 days 8 hours ago
Blush* y..uh sure... *take her hand and lead to the washroom and step in. Goes to the cupboard and open to get towels*
225 days 8 hours ago
(wjhdjwjfjwk at that ending for us)
225 days 8 hours ago
*Jordan takes a seat on the stairs of the school, watching as the police take away McKenna. She acknowledges Lucy with a nod, noting as she leaves*
225 days 8 hours ago
(LMAO Rubes)
*Andi holds on to Alyx and starts kissing her. They kiss for a while*
" you..."
225 days 8 hours ago
Tangle my finger in her hair and kisses her* i love you too *kisses again*
225 days 8 hours ago
*They kiss again as the camera would cut to the outside of the washroom panning out before either cutting to black or to the next scene*
225 days 8 hours ago

aaaaand that's a wrap!

closing scenes coming in 20 minutes at the very most, stay tuned!

225 days 8 hours ago
225 days 8 hours ago
(Loved it! Thank you for the amazing RP Penny and Turkey! Definitely kept me busy in my free time so ty <333)
225 days 8 hours ago
(Yes thank you very much I loved participating it was such a good time ❤)
225 days 8 hours ago
Was getting bored until i was exciting a new ep came lol. Cant wait for new ep!!)
225 days 8 hours ago
APRIL 1st, 2013.

The remaining Lakeview High students sit around at the Lakeview Park, after graduating.

DEER-YANDRA: “Girl, I did it! I graduated!”

Lucy, who’s rocking a new look, runs over to hug her!

LUCY: “Period sis! I’m so proud of you!
DEER-YANDRA: “Let’s take a pic for the gram!”

Deer-yandra pulls her babyphat limited edition flip phone out and holds it above her and Lucy.

DEER-YANDRA: “Say periodt pooh!”

Sasha stands next to Aaliyah as Natalie and Judas practice their go-go dancing.

SASHA: “...I heard about Nice. I’m sure she’s having a great time...where she is.”

Sasha points to the ground as Aaliyah nods.

AALIYAH: “I just know she’s eating baguettes with Jesus right now.”
SASHA: “Totally….”

Lindsay adjusts her flannel shirt as she watches Andi and Alyxandria be iconic lesbians.

LINDSAY: “Sigh.”

Finley and Karolyn watch Kore flop around in Lakeview Park’s “lake”.

FINLEY: “..Is she drowning?”
KAROLYN: “What? No. She’s lit rally a professional swimmer.”
FINLEY: “Oh. No, I mean, I know. I knew that.”

A freshly showered Christian walks up to Finley and Karolyn.

FINLEY: “Hey..”

Karolyn rolls her eyes as she walks away and scoffs at Aidan and Leonie getting high behind a tree.

KAROLYN: “God, I can’t wait to get out of here.”

Jordan sits on a bench and thinks about her friends, who all died. In horrible and gruesome ways.

JORDAN: “This year really fucking sucked... But on the bright side, at least justice was served.”

Suddenly Jordan’s phone rings. She quickly answers it.
JORDAN: “Hello?”
POLICE OFFICER: “Is this Jordan Crawford?”
JORDAN: “Yes.”
POLICE OFFICER: “Okay. Well, we would like to inform you that McKenna Matthews has escaped the mental institution.”
JORDAN: “What the FUCK? Did she just get up and walk out?”
JORDAN: “You got to be fucking kidding me.”
POLICE OFFICER: “Ma’am, we are not kidding you-”

Jordan hangs up.



APRIL 1st, 2013.

A trio of girls walk towards a Starbucks™, located in Lakeview’s neighboring city, Riverside.

HEATHER: “And then I said that we can’t do it using the backdoor because I knew this girl in Lakeview who did that and then she died the next day at that whole prom fiasco. And I didn’t want that to happen to me, you know?”
LISA: “Yeah. I totally get that. Plus, it’ll make you even more of a slut.”
HEATHER: “Wait what? I’m not a slut.”
AMY: “Well.”

Suddenly the trio of girls spot a brunette McKenna Matthews, who’s dressed as a hipster.

LISA: “Why the fuck is there a homeless women outside of Starbucks?”
AMY: “Girl, I don’t know but she’s a weirdo.”

Amy and Lisa head inside of the Starbucks as Heather gives McKenna some money before following them in.

HEATHER: “I feel bad for her.”
LISA: “Shut up, Heather.”

Amy starts to hear a ticking sound.

AMY: “Do you guys hear that?”
LISA: “Hear what?”
AMY: “It’s like a ticking sound…”

McKenna smirks at the girls through the window before walking away as "Some Girls" by Rachel Stevens plays on a nearby radio.




for like the millionth time, i just wanna thank every single and each of u guys for being active in this roleplay! we know it wasn't PERFECT and most of it ended up being so incredibly messy and contrived but me and turkey had a blast planning this out and acting this out with you guys! like seriously, we adored pretty much all of your characters! so thank you from the bottom of my heart for expressing interest and being active, it really does mean a lot to us.
maybe we'll come back to this in the future? maybe a sequel or sth? so unCOOLER? probably not but that would be a fun idea to consider.
nevertheless, AGAIN, thank you guys so so so much for being here.

225 days 8 hours ago
*petition for sequel*
225 days 7 hours ago
Sorry for not being active at all this last episode :/

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