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♛ 4th Episode Date

Topic » ♛ 4th Episode Date

183 days 1 hour ago

Olá a todos! (I think that means “Hello Everyone” in Portugese or something? You’re welcome for the free foreign language lesson!)

After some deliberation, here's the fourth episode date for So Uncool™.
→ September 4th (Friday., 5PM EST)- September 6th (Sun.)

Please confirm if you can make it or not as fast as you can! We hope to see all of you there! ♡
183 days 1 hour ago
Frid and sun ill be good. Sat will see if i can sneak
183 days ago
I’ll try my best to be active sunday should be a good day Friday and Saturday I work
182 days 23 hours ago
I'll be there
182 days 23 hours ago
I should be there hopefully
182 days 22 hours ago
Aside from the first couple hours I should be here for most of it
182 days 21 hours ago
might be a bit busy but generally this works
182 days 21 hours ago
I should be free :)
182 days 18 hours ago
Gonna be pretty busy tbh but I think you'll see me
182 days 17 hours ago
I’m there
182 days 8 hours ago
i can make it!
180 days 15 hours ago
I can make it
180 days 9 hours ago

hi everyone!
quick heads up, episode opens at 6:30PM EST! sorry for the mishap but yeah!
hopefully we will see u guys there <3

180 days 9 hours ago
180 days 6 hours ago
Sweet gimme time xD

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