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♛ EPISODE THREE: Elijah Rothschild Must Die

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(Shit I missed the last day, I’m seriously sorry :()
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(What kind of rp?)
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(Idk yet)
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Jen Johnson, Nice, and Aaliyah pull up to the police department, in the Jenmobile.

JEN: “We go in, unlock her cell, and then leave with her! That’s it! Got it?”

Nice and Aaliyah nod and then the group heads inside of the police department. The group quickly finds the keys to Sasha’s cell so they go to rescue her.

SASHA: “It’s about damn time.”

Nice rolls her eyes as Jen unlocks the cell door.

AALIYAH: “Let’s go!”

The group quickly heads to the exit but they get stopped by a deer in a police uniform, who’s waving their hoh key around.

DEER: “I’m the head of household and it’s time for the nomination ceremony.”

NICE: “Girl what?”

The deer leads everyone into the dining room. Everyone sits down as the deer reaches for the first key in the wheel.

DEER: “The first person safe is……”

The deer pulls the key out.

DEER: “Aaliyah!”

The deer spins the wheel to Aaliyah. Aaliyah puts her key on.

AALIYAH: “Thanks!”

Aaliyah reaches for the second and last key.

AALIYAH: “The last person safe is…..”

Aaliyah pulls the key out.

AALIYAH: “Nice!”

Nice sighs of relief as she collects her key.

DEER: “I’ve nominated you, Jen, and you, Sasha.
JEN: “I’m actually happy to be nommed because it gives me a chance to fight for the veto-”

The deer interrupts Jen.

DEER: “I actually won the power of veto already.”
JEN: “Oh.”
SASHA: “Rigged.”
DEER: “Anyways, I’ve decided to…..NOT use the power of veto.”

Sasha rolls her eyes as the deer slams the veto box closed.

DEER: “This veto meeting is adjourned and now it’s time for the live eviction! And Nice you’re first.”

Nice gets up and walks into the diary room.

NICE: “Well, Sasha’s a bitch but we came here for a reason….”

Nice and walks out and Aaliyah walks in.

Aaliyah: “We came here to save Sasha but I really like Jen….”

The camera dramatically zooms in on Jen and Sasha as Aaliyah returns to her seat.

DEER: “In a 2 to 0 vote, Jen…….have been evicted.”

Nice and Aaliyah frown as Sasha claps.

SASHA: “As she should be.”

Jen hugs the girls and then walks over to a jail cell.

JEN: “That’s perfect.”

Jen walks into the jail cell and has an interview with Julie Chen, but in deer form.

DEER: “Anyways, you three are good to go as Jen will finish out the rest of Sasha’s sentence.”
Sasha, Nice, and Aaliyah quickly run out of the police department.


MARCH 10TH, 2013.
11:43 AM.

Kore desperately tries to Click Here on the last Jordan poster up as Elijah comes on the announcements.

ELIJAH: “Hey! It’s your new class president here with the very first punishment- I mean, rule! While you’re in the school, you must wear a beanie and faux glasses at all times!”

Suddenly the halls fill with hipsters who are handing out beanies and faux glasses to everyone. Jordan throws up in her mouth a little as she puts her beanie, that has “I Mustache You A Question” on the front of it, on.

JORDAN: “I hate him so much.”

ALVIN: “I do too.”

Lucy and Deer-yandra, who’s now attending school,  walk over to Jordan and Alvin.

LUCY: “Are you guys seriously putting those on?”

ALVIN: “Unfortunately. We can’t get detention.”

LUCY: “You’re not going to detention.”

As Lucy and Deer-yandra turn to leave, a random hipster hands them both a detention slip.

LUCY: “What the fuck?!”

Deer-yandra throws the hipster into a locker and then walks away with Lucy. Jordan blinks at Deer-yandra and then turns to Alvin.

JORDAN: “We really need to stop Elijah.”


MARCH 11TH, 2013.

Long past midnight, Judas Rothschild closes 'The Brew (Or Whatever)'. He turns to Flora and Elijah, both sitting down on the table alongside a masked individual. He walks over with a tray.

JUDAS: "Care for a macchiato, ma'am?"

ELIJAH: "Shut UP, uncle! We are discussing strategy."

Judas walks away, his feelings like, super duper hurt. Flora tilts her head.

FLORA: "So... Are you going to explain to us why in the hell did you kill Fern?"

ELIJAH: "Let's face it. She was an 82-year-old ancient vampire who was completely and utterly useless. We don't need her. In fact, we got exactly what we wanted."

MASKED INDIVIDUAL: "What about Bronwyn? Is she still on the loose?"

FLORA: "I tried tracking her down. None of the Starbucks Customer Club know where she is."

MASKED INDIVIDUAL: "...Jesus fucking Christ, Elijah. How did you fuck up so badly?"

ELIJAH: "Enough! I didn't screw up. Last time I checked, I'm still Student Council President!"

MASKED INDIVIDUAL: "Yeah, because Miss Jackson over here had to rig the votes in your favor! Your election was about as real and organic as Lady Gaga's payola on the charts."

Outside the coffee shop, Bronwyn records the convo with her phone. She stops recording once everything quiets down and starts FLYING away!!! Like a fairy!!!

BRONWYN: "Elijah Rothschild is going down. Even if I have to be the one to stop him."

She starts playing the episode closing song on her phone, giving a cheeky smile to the camera before flying away!



192 days 3 hours ago
192 days 3 hours ago
(I don’t really watch riverdale. I had an idea about a cult Rp)
192 days 3 hours ago
(How a rp of a school of Supernatural?)

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