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♛ EPISODE TWO: He's All That

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282 days 18 hours ago
282 days 18 hours ago
(Okay cool, sorry I wasn’t as active)
282 days 18 hours ago
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(im so sorry for only being here for a short time, this week has been crazy for me)
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282 days 18 hours ago
(Same here sorry for not being as active work has been crazy)
282 days 18 hours ago

FEBRUARY 14TH, 2013.

Rachel Stevens is driving a car (hey!), as Jordan and Alvin sit in the backseat.

ALVIN: "...And where exactly are we headed?"
RACHEL STEVENS: "My humble aboat, lad. Though I must say, it's not exactly a proper celebrity manor, yeah."

They pull over and quickly get out of the car, as Rachel Stevens leads them to a poor people apartment building. Rachel Stevens leads the kids into her tiny apartment room.

RACHEL STEVENS: "Make yourselves at home, yeah. I'm gonna fix me the DVD player and get this whole thing a-going."

Rachel Stevens walks off, as Jordan and Alvin look up at a bunch of family pictures.

JORDAN: "Oh my God... Look at this..."

Jordan grabs one of the pictures and shows it to Alvin, where Jordan, Judas, an unknown man and a noticeably pre-teen Elijah all smiling at each other, before looking at Rachel Stevens setting up the DVD player.

RACHEL STEVENS: "Come on, lads! Just fixed the dandy DVD player."

Jordan and Alvin hand Rachel Stevens the DVD, before pressing PLAY. Rachel Stevens types in the password "buyaphysicalcopycomeandgetitatyourlocalshopthatsellsCDs123" and the DVD starts playing. The trio watch in horror as the scene starts unfolding.

JORDAN: "Oh my God..."
ALVIN: "Holy shit..."
RACHEL STEVENS: "Let's run and hide..."

The video in itself displays Elijah torturing Bronwyn, edited between transitions of the actual brainwashing video used to convert Bronwyn!

RACHEL STEVENS: "Jesus Christ, make it stop!"

Alvin quickly pulls out the DVD, shaking in horror, and placing it on the table. Suddenly the DVD starts burning on its own.

RACHEL STEVENS: "Not this..."

But it's too late. The DVD self-destructs, leaving Jordan, Alvin and Rachel Stevens back to square one. Rachel Stevens nods in disapproval.

ALVIN: "Man... Allison Grodner always rigs it for the boring people."


FEBRUARY 15TH, 2013.

On their lunch break, Aaliyah and Nice walk up inside the jail, as a police officer leads them to the visiting room, where Sasha is currently staying at.

NICE: "Oh boy... Honestly, orange is not your color."

Sasha narrows her eyes at Nice, before her and Aaliyah sit down. Nice hands her the makeup kit and the tabloids she picked up from her house the night prior, and Sasha grabs onto those like a bloodthirsty monster.

AALIYAH: "Listen... We know you're innocent, Sasha. There's no way you could've planned the explosion, regardless of what those pictures show... Right?"
SASHA: "...I don't know what happened that night for sure but... I didn't kill Aron, Kori nor Josie. That's for sure."

Sasha leans closer, starting to speak in morse code.

SASHA: "-.-- --- ..- / --. ..- -.-- ... / -. . . -.. / - --- / ..-. .. -. -.. / - .... . / -... ..- .-. -. .. -. --. / .--. .... --- -. . / .- -. -.. / --. . - / .-. .. -.. / --- ..-. / .. - / -... . ..-. --- .-. . / .- -. -.-- --- -. . / . .-.. ... . / ..-. .. -. -.. ... / .. - .-.-.-"

Aaliyah and Nice look at each other, clearly confused, before nodding and agreeing to Sasha's request.



FEBRUARY 22ND, 2013.

The school hallways are cluttered with posters for Elijah Rothschild, Jordan Crawford and Aaliyah King for class president! as more and more people start pladding themselves in beanies and faux glasses. In amidst the crowd of students in the hallway, Kore and Lillith contemplate the posters for a while.

KORE: "I don't know. Jordan and Aaliyah are cool and all but I started getting coffees at The Brew for free once I bought Electra Heart on iTunes. It's actually a good album!"
LILLITH: "Imagine listening to any sort of music that isn't MCR. Besides, Elijah is associated with a cheerleader now. Do we really wanna vote for someone who's associated with the clique that single-handedly destroyed the swim team?"
KORE: "I guess when you put it that way..."

Elijah and Fern storm past a few more confused voters, including a newly-formed bisexual Lindsay, whom Fern winks at.

ELIJAH: "I can't believe this, how is it a 'tight race'? I gave these people what they wanted, beanies and 'Born to Die' physical copies. Is this how they're gonna repay me?"
FERN: "Chill out, Elijah. You're still leading the polls, the bookies odds says you're still winning!"
ELIJAH: "We need a stunt. Jordan and Aaliyah are going down."
FERN: "...Well, we could plan a social event... What about a music festival? And for good measure maybe like try whistle-blowing the hyenas to like get rid of the competition?"
ELIJAH: "...A hipster music festival?"

Elijah suddenly freezes in his tracks and looks at Fern, slowly smiling ear to ear.




(again, we just wanna thank everyone who showed up and made this rp a blast! since a lot, and i do mean, a LOT... has happened this episode, were probably posting recaps of every episode maybe in a seperate topic so people who miss a few key important events arent left in the dust! and of course we will keep you guys updated on the next episode date as soon as possible and we appreciate everyone who's been active so far, seriously thank you guys for making this rp such a blast for us!)

282 days 17 hours ago
(This episode was so much fun! Super excited to see where Aaliyahs storyarc is heading towards as well as the plot of this!)
282 days 17 hours ago
(all that's missing is... *sammy can be seen in the distance smacking lucy with a golf club*)
282 days 17 hours ago
ALVIN: "Man... Allison Grodner always rigs it for the boring people."
281 days 1 hour ago

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