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♛ Casting Announcement / 1st Episode Date

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273 days 9 hours ago
Hi everyone!
You can find the official cast for SO UNCOOL™ down below. Unfortunately given our influx of apps, we weren't able to pick everyone, but congratulations to the ones that went through!

💀 Evil Dead Cheerleader:
McKenna Matthews (PennyTrationStan) - Lakeview High's HBIC head cheerleader who bit the dust after being killed in a Starbucks explosion.

💅 Cheerleaders:
Sasha Shayne (turkeylover) - McKenna Matthews' former second-in-command and now Lakeview High's current reigning HBIC.
Natalie Taylor (Ajathekween) - Lakeview's true blue crown jewel and a nice, yet extremely sexually active cheerleader.
Chloe Versace (adamslater19) - A bi-curious cheerleader who's also Sasha Shayne's personal attack dog and Drake Alexander's ex-girlfriend.
Lilac Williams (Glinda) - A spunky cheerleader who's now Sasha Shayne's glorified punching bag.
Lindsay McCooligan (Tommy123) - A fun and flirty cheerleader who so happens to have the hots for her stepbrother, Drake Alexander.
Kori Morgan (kaylee21) - The second coming of the antichrist and Sasha Shayne's ride or die nemesis.
Berenice "Nice" Sarpaux (Dracarys) - A down-to-earth French cheerleader who's all about high kicks, spins and the language of love.

📚 Student Council
Bronwyn Hartfeld (PennyTrationStan) - Lakeview High's angelic cis blonde white sweetheart and the president of the Student Council.
Lucy Luscious (nateclove) - A devout Christian and lowkey psychopath who's also Bronwyn Hartfeld's best friend and looking to overtake the school.
Jordan Crawford (KingGeek) - The only black member of the Student Council looking to increase her social status by befriending Bronwyn Hartfeld.
Erica Anderson (dvs194) - An academically brilliant student and member of the Student Council and Aidan Wright's new smarty-pants tutor.
Alvin Adams (Tizian) - The only male "member" of the Student Council and, unbeknownst to him, the apple to Bronwyn Hartfeld's eye.

💪 Jocks / Wrestling Team
Dalton Jefferson (PennyTrationStan) - A giant British homophobe and boyfriend of Sasha Shayne AND captain of the Wrestling Team.
Finley Reed (Rubes) - Lakeview High's very own out and proud homosexual and a member of the Wrestling Team.
Christian Fleetwood (Scarelet) - A noncomittal member of the Wrestling Team and a full on-raging closet case.
Drake Alexander (Brandonh1) - Ex-boyfriend of Chloe Versace and a hot-shot jock at Lakeview High, who also likes to flirt with his step-sister Lindsay McCooligan.
Aron Rosón (Skarsgard) - Lakeview's resident casanova and bisexual on the DL.
Kore Ortega (Symmetry888) - A bubbly social butterfly who's also one of the few female members of the Wrestling Team.
Aaliyah King (nothingbutrouble) - An incredibly humble and kind pseudo-celebrity at Lakeview High.

👀 News Club
Karolyn Vega (coolKat) - An amateur "journalist" and the president of the News Club.
Josie Allan (VanessaFeltz) - Karolyn's loud and obnoxious best frenemy and second-in-command of the News Club.
Owen Rosefield (Logie56) - A sophomore reporter with an on-going feud with Karolyn over control of the Club.
Sana Soomin (QueenM1chelle) - A happy-go-lucky member and, usually, the peacemaker of the News Club.
Alyxandria Nil (Maya10) - A relatively new "sixteen"-year-old student and a member of the News Club against her free-will.

🚬 Loners/Outcasts
Lillith Harker (Demgirl6) - The former co-captain of the swim team with a lot of resentment for the cheerleaders.
Sammy Cunningham (bigdizzleyomama) - Lillith Harker's new friend at Lakeview High and a closeted trans girl.
Aidan Wright (Rain848) - Lakeview's resident rule-breaking bad boy and Erica Anderson's new charity case.
Andi Scott (NewNightmare7) - A weird anti-social kid at Lakeview High who's relentlessly mocked for standing at the bottom of the social hierarchy and the least popular student.
Leonie Colete (Finnick) - Lakeview High's other less-popular French student and an expert at eye-rolling.
Marcus Matthews (ColinCoco) - The very unpopular and very dumb brother of McKenna Matthews.

👩‍🏫Hot For Teacher
Flora Bella (iGoddess) - A new 24-year-old teacher at Lakeview High and Sasha Shayne's older cousin.

👓 Hipsters
Elijah Rothchild (PennyTrationStan) - A mysterious new hipster at Lakeview High who bears a striking resemblance to Edward Cullen.
Fern Mayfield (turkeylover) - Elijah's "best friend" hipster, a Lana Del Rey die-hard stan and the apple of the town's eye.

Character bios for everyone involved will be released in waves soon!

As for the episode date, we were thinking about starting the RP around this weekend/next week preferably. Here are the dates we were considering:
→ A: July 25th (Sat.)-July 26th (Sun.)
→ B: July 26th (Sun.)-July 27th (Mon.)
→ C: July 27th (Mon.)-July 28th (Tue.)

Please vote for which dates work best for you! We hope to see all of you there!
273 days 9 hours ago
I like all of those dates.
273 days 9 hours ago
I can do all of these dates!
273 days 9 hours ago
Any work for me i think
273 days 9 hours ago
A or B please!
273 days 9 hours ago
B or C pls!
273 days 9 hours ago
None work for me ❤ jk I'd much enjoy A or C
273 days 9 hours ago
All of them
273 days 9 hours ago
273 days 9 hours ago
273 days 8 hours ago
Any of the three :)
273 days 8 hours ago
All work fine! Super excited for this and love what you wrote for Aaliyah.
273 days 8 hours ago
I think C
273 days 8 hours ago
Against my will xD lol love it!
273 days 8 hours ago
Option B would work best for me 😋
273 days 8 hours ago
All those 3 dates are fine. But depends on the time

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