Sebby's Survivor: Papua New Guinea

Congratulations to Ahmir for winning Survivor : Papua New Guinea

Season 2 will start very soon, early january.

39 days, 16 people, 1 survivor!

Made an intro!

16th- Acosta (Acosta1539) [3-2-1-1-1] #Hewa
15th- Glad (Gohandd) [3-2] #Hewa #Kaluli
14th- Ryon (Ryon246) [3-1] #Hewa #Kaluli
13th- Keaton (ThisIsMyGame) [3-1-1] #Hewa
12th- Sam (s73100) QUIT #Kaluli
11th- Jay (Jaesus123) [1-1] Lost fire making challenge #Hewa #Kaluli
10th- Cody (GApeach95) [5*-3*-1-1] #Kaluli #Hewa #Panarairai
9th- Mike (Michael101) [4-3-1-1] #Hewa #Panarairai
8th- Pete (Jlowpete) [4-4] [R-V 3-3] [Purple Rock] #Kaluli #Jiwaki #Panarairai
7th- Red (Redwing91) [4-3] #Hewa #Jiwaki #Panarairai
6th- Romeo (alwaysvictorious) [5-1] #Hewa #Kaluli #Panarairai
5th- Damian (dsradine) [4*-1] #Kaluli #Jiwaki #Panarairai
4th- Pickle (PickleNoble) [3*-1] #Kaluli #Panarairai
3rd- Muffin (mrmuffinman) [1] #Kaluli #Jiwaki #Panarairai
2nd- Phaedra (hellokittygirls) [0 votes to win] #Kaluli #Jiwaki #Panarairai
1st- Ahmir (Ahmir99) [6 votes to win] #Kaluli #Hewa #Panarairai

Most votes received – Romeo (15)
Fewer votes received - Pickle/Damian/Pete (1)
Most votes nullified (WENTWORTH AWARD) – Ahmir (4)
Most challenges win – Ahmir/Muffin/Damian/Red (2)
Best at challenges - Red
Worst move of the game - Pete
Best move of the game - Muffin
Fan Favorite(s) – Jay/Damian/Ahmir
Player of the Season - Damian

Featured Players 1 playing




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  2. Individual Immunity Challenge #61112 days 2 hours ago

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