Danganronpa: Alternative Program

Coming Soon: Episode 5 (Tuesday October 15th, 5:00 PM EST)

Hosts: dawnpeacly & SirNiceGuy!

The Alternative Program of Hopes Peak Academy is a program meant for the unappreciated, rebellious, and lesser talents of Hopes Peak. The school has traditionally been very low funded with barely any income going into it, but this year, that hardly matters. On the very first day of the new class of the Alternative Program, everyone awakens inside the school, with no idea of how they got there. They are soon trapped, and are warned of what is to come... the Killing Game is now in session.

Delilah Langley | Ultimate Cat Enthusiast (SirNiceGuy)
Sophia Baxter | The Professor (dawnpeacly)
Micco Yahto | Ultimate Chief (bigdizz)
Rosemary “Rose” Cooper | Ultimate Psychic (Ajathekween)
Kenta Eiji | Ultimate Pokemon Player (spinfur)
Mikio "Miki" Shiraki | Ultimate Cuddler (Symmetry)
Noburu "Nobu" Suzuki | Ultimate Escape Room Creator (Foxy_Piplup)
Touma Igarashi | Ultimate Short Story Author (Majority)
Amara Faith | Ultimate Organizer (marglyn)
Robert "Blobby" Nadeau | Ultimate Blobfish Advocate (Demgirl)
Gin Inosaki | Ultimate Dreamer (coolKat)
Mya “Leti” Letizia | Ultimate Lettuce Eater (Rennac)

Ch. 1
Serena Wagner | Ultimate Twins (Tommy123) | Cause of death: Blunt Force Trauma. | Killed by: Zayden Zukoff
Zayden Zukoff | Ultimate Neon Boy (dawnpeacly) | Execution: Get Zucked

Ch. 2
Shunso Saito | Ultimate Hunter (Nathorix) | Cause Of Death: Poisoning. | Killed By: Kasha "DJ" Shikamura
Mary “LSD” Jane | Ultimate Drug Dealer (Khloefaith) | Cause Of Death: Scalpel To Throat. | Killed By: Kasha "DJ" Shikamura
Kasha "DJ" Shikamura | Ultimate Hip-Hop Artist (Scarlette) | Execution: Disco Is Dead

Ch. 3
Reinulf Larssen | Ultimate Underwater Ice Hockey Player (Absol) | Cause Of Death: Head Smashed. | Killed By: Crystal Wagner
Gete Filagot | Ultimate Jewelry Maker (Kgamer) | Cause Of Death: Suffocation. | Killed By: Crystal Wagner
Crystal Wagner | Ultimate Twins (Tommy123) | Execution: Hallway Of Horrors

Ch. 4
Sushant Chiba | Ultimate Butterfly Whisperer (dawnpeacly) | Cause Of Death: Mashed Brain. | Killed By: Gin Inosaki
Satsuki Zatsi | Ultimate Digimon Fanboy (Mudkipz) | Cause Of Death: Hung | Killed By: Masato Hisakawa
Masato Hisakawa | Ultimate Food Vlogger (SirNiceGuy) | Cause Of Death: Poisoning Self.

Chapter 1- The Beginning Of The End - Completed
Chapter 2- That’s A Mood - Completed
Chapter 3- Two Birds With One Stone - Completed
Chapter 4- Pied Piper - Completed
Chapter 5- Blind - TBA
Chapter 6- Alternative Endings

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Danganronpa: Alternative Program

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