Est. Sept. 10th 2015

    Admins ~
        Rule #1: No kicking or removing of anyone from the chat unless an offense has recently taken place that has no other means of resolution.
        Rule #2: Adding a person can be temporary, but taking in a permanent member must result in a chat meeting.
            a. Temporary members must be removed when they are no longer useful.
            b. Temporary members may never become admins.
        Rule #3: Do not remove admin powers from any person unless they have misbehaved.

    Speakers ~
        Section A | Wills Reign |
    Rule #1: No one may ever refer to Will as Willy.
    Rule #2: Will is a control freak and must therefore always be obeyed as long as the requests are not life threatening or an invasion of personal privacy. Or if they are stupid.
   Rule #3: Everyone must ask Will before adding people.

        Section B | Nicky's Kingdom |
    Rule #1: No talking when his mom comes in.

        Section C | Everyones Laws |
    Rule #1: Do not add anyone without consulting the majority of the chat.

Punishments ~
    Option A | Removal of Powers |
A persons may have their powers removed if one of the following has occurred,
     a. A law was broken.
     b. They were voted out of government with majority.
     c. Leaving the chat without a valid explanation and coming back.

    Option B | Removal |
A person may be temporarily removed from the chat if,
    a. The rules were broken.
    b. They were being an ass.
    c. For fun.

A person may be permanently removed from the chat if,
    a. A serious offense was committed.
    b. They are inactive with no good reason.
    c. The group votes them out.

Trials ~
    Courtroom |Accused|
    When a person is Accused with breaking a law, they may request in having a fair trail with the rest of the chat. However they must have,
    a. A valid excuse
    b. A lawyer from outside the chat who will talk on their behalf.

      Courtroom |Jury|
     Everyone active person in the chat must act as a jury member. You consider a person guilty if,
    a. There is a doubt in your mind they are innocent.

     Courtroom |Judge|
     The order follows, Will > Mike > Steve

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