Viv's Fast Stars! [Season 9]

This is the home of Viv's Fast Stars!

Rules are simple:

- Each poll will be up for 3 minutes, except for the poll that determines the winner of the game which will be open for 20 minutes.

- There will be two nomination polls. Vote for the people you want to be nominated in each of the two polls. The people with the highest percentage will be nominated.

- Eviction polls will follow regular stars: vote to evict.

- In case of a tie in a nomination poll, will decide.

- In case of a tie in an eviction, a tiebreaker poll will appear and will close after a minute.

Season 1 - brandonpinzu
Season 2 - brandonpinzu
Season 3 - RasCity
Season 4 - Bryce12
Season 5 - KingGeek
Season 6 - FighterMan
Season 7 - KingGeek
Season 8 - baza76
Season 9 - CutieAmy
Season 10 - EliOrtiz1234

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  1. Nominate For 5th [Poll B]1224 days 22 hours ago
  2. Nominate For 5th [Poll A]1224 days 22 hours ago
  3. Nominate For 6th [Poll B]1224 days 22 hours ago
  4. Nominate For 6th [Poll A]1224 days 22 hours ago
  5. Nominate For 7th [Poll B]1224 days 22 hours ago

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Viv's Fast Stars! [Season 9]

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