Bull's Season 1 Survivor Tocantins

The Brazilian Highlands. A beautiful and exotic place untouched by man is now the location for my first survivor season. 18 people will compete in this place to fight for the title. Also Exile Island is in play with idol surprises and many twists await this seasons castaways. Who will Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast all the rest to become Sole Survivor

39 Days, 20 People, 1 Survivor

X- Strike, Three strikes means u are medically evacuated

--------Forza (Green Buffs) 4/11--------
Connor(ClumsyConnor) X

Exile Island: Connor (search for twist idol)

20th- Scott(TheHawk) (Jalapao) 8-1 (Self-Vote: Alvin) Day
19th-  Alvin(Badboyy2699) (Jalapao) 7-1 (Self-Vote: Garrett) Day 6
18th- Steve(Steve4280)- (Timbira) Disqualified (Left Group)
17th- Matt(mrcool)- (Timbira) Quit Day 9
16th- Brendan(BrendanFairmount)- (Timbira) 8 way tie (Purple Rock) Day 12
15th- Will C.(Cyandie)- (Timbira) 3-2-1-1 Day 15
14th- Taeki(TaekiSky)- (Timbira) Banned/Removed from Tengaged Day 15
13th- Tristan(Perfection11)- (Jalapao, Jalapao) 3-2-1 Day 18
12th- Ashley(AshleyIocco)- (Timbira) 3-1-1-1 Day 21
11th- Taylor(xxThornXYZ)- (Timbira, Timbira, Forza)  5-1-1-1-1-1-1 Day 24 1st Jury Member
10th- Marcus(TheAce)- (Timbira, Timbira, Forza) 7-1-1-1 Day 27 2nd Jury Member
9th- David(Laden5890)- (Timbira, Timbira, Forza) Medically Evacuated Day 27 3rd Jury Member
8th- Garrett(Garrett_Auckland)- (Jalapao, Timbira, Forza) Medically Evacuated Day 30 4th jury member
7th- Brian(GoodVibrations)- (Timbira, Jalapao, Forza)- Medically Evacuated Day 30 5th jury member
6th- Nick(Diirez)- (Jalapao, Jalapao, Forza) 3-2-1 Day 33 6th jury member
5th- Will J.(WANJ)- (Jalapao, Timbira, Forza)  3-2 Day 36 7th jury member

Featured Players 10 playing

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Bull's Season 1 Survivor Tocantins

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