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Big Brother REVOLUTION Fast Mode

For the first season of Big Brother, I'm bringing the big guns with a twist never even thought about before. Think you're safe when you're HoH? NOPE.

Here's how it works

-2 HoH's are chosen each week.
- Each HoH nominates 1 person.

- Battle of the block comp not only dethrones the HoH, but gives the winner the second HoH spot, automatically nominating the dethroned HoH.

(Ex.) Person A and B win HoH
Person A nominates C
Person B nominates D
D wins Battle of the block
Person D is HoH, and person B is auto nommed.

- Both HoH's and Both Nominees play, both Nominees also get to choose the last 2 players.

- Evictions proceed as normal.

- The HoH who lost Battle of the Block and became a nominee still cannot play in the HoH competition, while the person he nominated that won Battle of the Block can still compete.

Jacco's Gift Group Game

Week 1
HoH Comp; Players will be eliminated in 3 rounds based on who comments on the blog post first. First down to 10, 6 and then the first 2 to comment on the last round win their Joint HoH.
HoH#1 & Nominee; Sam_Hamwich
HoH#2 & Nominee; marekactor
BoB Comp; Players will have 10 minutes to spam a poll, whoever gets the most votes wins the battle of the block, and the HoH who nominated them will become the new nominee.
BoB Winner & New Nominee;
PoV Comp; First to score a +50 on their blog and mail me the link wins.
PoV Winner; BrendaMeekz
PoV Decision; Use on herself
Final Nominees; Wildboy12
Vote & Eviction;

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Big Brother REVOLUTION Fast Mode

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