Scream: Fresh Blood (Coming? Maybe?)

Its been eight years since Jill Roberts was revealed to be behind the latest attack in Woodsboro. Stuck in the pain of the past Sidney, Dewey, and Gale have all moved away and vowed to never return. Their story is over now, so Woodsboro should return to the peaceful place before this all started, right? Wrong.

A new killing spree has started in Woodsboro. An deadly attack on a couple of teenagers has sent the town into panic, and things are only just starting.

Do you know the games? Do you think you know the rules? We'll throw all those old rules out of the window. Nobody is safe. You can die at any moment. Something is behind every corner, and you must avoid being the latest victim and being the latest to spill... Fresh Blood.


work in progress

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Scream: Fresh Blood (Coming? Maybe?)

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