Rota Fortunae: Prehistoric Paradise

All around, it's a beautiful world of nature... well, kind of. Throughout a gorgeous island's natural jungle life are animatronic wonders like never seen before. When a class of students are invited there for a summer vacation, excitement is at an all time high... until more sinister reasons emerge.

"Fortune is blind; and she is painted also with a wheel, to signify to you, which is the moral of it, that she is turning, and inconstant, and mutability, and variation. And her foot, look you, is fixed upon a spherical stone, which rolls, and rolls, and rolls."

Ren Mizuno - 17 - Male - Ultimate Movie Critic [Symmetry888]
Haruto Kita - 16 - Male - Ultimate Robot/Aviculturist [bigdizzleyomama]
N - 18 - Male - Ultimate Vigilante [spinfur]
Tanya Everest - 16 - Female - Ultimate Skateboarder [SirNiceGuy]
Ivonasagi “Ivory” Chengobi - 16 - Female - Ultimate Wood Carver [coolKat]

Ch 1 -
Annaliese "Anna" Koskull - Ultimate Interior Designer [Symmetry888] - Cause of Death: Overdose - pg 125 - Killed by Anna
Cian Carney - Ultimate Rugby Player [AintItFun] - Cause of Death: Stake To The Heart - pg 128 - Killed by Anna
Ch 2 -
Howarb Stenson - Ultimate Disappointment [oswordo3] - Cause of Death: Hog-Roasted - pg 136 - Killed by Penelope
Penelope Pickler - Ultimate Drama Queen [Demgirl6] - Cause of Death: Aboarted From Life - pg 218 - Executed
Ch 3 -
Francise "Frosting" Bellini - Ultimate ASMR Candle Vlogger [bigdizzleyomama] - Cause of Death: Drowned - pg 141 - Killed by Shaun
Elie Bow - Ultimate Elbow Licker [WestTemp] - Cause of Death: Bled Out - pg 141 - Killed by Shaun
Shaunelle “Shaun” Opray - Ultimate Pianist [coolKat] - Cause of Death: The Grand Finale - pg 213 - Executed
Ch 4 -
Matasu Genso - Ultimate Masquerade [Noxity] - Cause of Death: Cut Open - pg 131 - Killed by Sarah
Sarah Naughton - Ultimate Fashion Designer [Ajathekween] - Cause of Death: A Fashion Disaster - pg 188 - Executed
Ch 5 -
Jasmine "Jazzy" García - Ultimate Extreme Ironer [Symmetry888] - Cause of Death: Decapitated - pg 126 - Killed by Ryozo
Ryozo Mori - Ultimate Tattooist [dawnpeacly] - Cause of Death: Human Voodoo Doll Tutorial - pg 217 - Executed
Ch 6 -
Aurora Wolfe - Ultimate Music Producer [Absol] - Cause of Death: Shot - pg 126 - Killed by Xavier
Jesse "Wild Buckin' Jesse" Jeffreys - Ultimate Cowboy [Demgirl6] - Cause of Death: Face Melted - pg 127 - Killed by Xavier
Xavier Byrne - Mastermind [Kgamer2218] - Cause of Death: Failing Class - pg 130 - Executed

Prologue: The Land Before Time - [X]
Chapter 1: The Fool (XXII) Upright - [X]
Chapter 2: Strength (VIII) Reversed - [X]
Chapter 3: The Devil  (XV) Upright - [X]
Chapter 4: Justice (XI) Reversed - [X]
Chapter 5: The Moon (XVIII) Upright - [X]
Chapter 6: The Emperor (IV) Reversed - [X]

💚 Finale Character Themes 💚
Ren - Numb by Marina & the Diamonds
Haruto - Bird Song by Florence & the Machine
Jesse - Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson
N - Little Pistol by Mother Mother
Tanya - Lucky by Britney Spears
Xavier - Roaring 20s by Panic! At The Disco
Ivory - The River by AURORA
Aurora - Elastic Heart by Sia

Hosted by Symmetry888 with the help of co-hosts Demgirl6 and Bigdizzleyomama.

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Rota Fortunae: Prehistoric Paradise

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