Tayvie's Drag Race 12

I NEED a new queen to crown as my new superstar. Do you have the charisma, uniqueness, nerve, talent, and innovation to take the crown? In the twelfth season we will be going back to our roots!

~The Queens~
Burra Kuda (Giraffez)
Ching Ming Woo (Fell6)
Elkisha Diamond (FairyBoss)
Madame Pepper (DevinwithParasites)
Meesha Gan (AintItFun)
Melody Midnight (Illdi)
Tara Toma (Rollingderp)

8th: Anacondoleezza Rice (BoyToy4Cato)
9th: Fiona Chubalubski (Thenoon)
10th: Kierann Keihana (Rory17)
11th: Almost (Boyfriend)
12th: Puthsy Bench (Rileythepegasus101)
13th: Unicorn (Turkeylover)
14th: RyJam O'Jelly (Ryanhawk71)
15th: Henrietta Biggle (Jeriber)
16th: Cream O'Corn (Andalarew_2231)

Ask.fm: http://ask.fm/TayviesDragRace
Past Seasons: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FQR3jm35ojmcVSD3NM9I-dY6pgeS0HvUgKN8ySPWsug/pubhtml

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Giraffez, you need to give it up boo
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1075 days 9 hours ago
17 postsCreated by HighNoon on 1079 days 16 hours ago
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