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Generation 4 History

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1178 days 7 hours ago
1178 days 7 hours ago
History from Generation 4 will be posted here!
1178 days 7 hours ago

The Winner is Bigben1996!

The Player of the Season is Bigben1996!

The Hero of the Season is Caliboy!

The Villain of the Season is DarkTyphoon23!

Welcome to Generation 4 Survivor Barbados!

From 2011-2017 we saw 600 people play this social phenomenon. We witnessed 50 seasons of Survivor over 3 Generations. Many have lost this game. Few have been victorious. After a 3 year hiatus we are back once again. For the first season of the fourth Gen we will be visiting the islands of Barbados where 16 castaways will be stranded. They must work together and eventually against each other where one will remain.

39 Days, 16 Castaways, 1 Sole Survivor!


Hillaby Tribe (Blue Buffs):
Teneriffe Tribe (Yellow Buffs):
Ezalb Tribe (Merged Tribe, Green Buffs):

16th: Brandon/Mistercokehold8 (5-3) (Teneriffe) (Voted Out Day 6, Lost RI Duel To Adam Day 7)
15th: Adam/Mradamman22 (7-1) (Hillaby) (Voted Out Day 3, Lost RI Duel To Marwane Day 8)
14th: Grace/Pinkiepie512 (7-0) (Hillaby) (Voted Out Day 12, Lost RI Duel To Marwane Day 13)
13th: Marwane/Marwane (4-2-1) (Teneriffe) (Voted Out Day 9, Lost RI Duel To Pete & Nathan Day 16)
12th: Pete/Letal (5-1) (Hillaby/Hillaby) (Voted Out Day 15, Lost RI Duel To Nathan Day 16)
11th: Patrick/GrrrImABear (Medically Evacuated) (Day 18)
*MERGE/JURY (Day 19)
10th: Nathan/Nathorix (Voted Out Day 15, 3-3/3-1) (Voted Out Again Day 21, 4-3-2-1) (Hillaby/Teneriffe/Ezalb) (Day 21)
9th: Chris/Christossss (5-4-0(1) (Hillaby/Hillaby/Ezalb) (Day 24)
8th: Eli/EliOrtiz1234 (6-2) (Hillaby/Hillaby/Ezalb) (Day 27)
7th: Alfie/Crazybone5000 (5-2) (Hillaby/Hillaby/Ezalb) (Day 30)
6th: Kevin/Thekevmiester (5-1) (Teneriffe/Teneriffe /Ezalb) (Day 33)
5th: Oliver/EvictionFreak (4-0(1) (Teneriffe/Teneriffe/Ezalb) (Day 36)
4th: Sean/Caliboy (3-1) (Teneriffe/Teneriffe/Ezalb) (Day 38)
**FINAL 3**
Runner-Up: AJ/JetsRock12 (Received 1 Vote To Win) (Teneriffe/Teneriffe/Ezalb) (Day 39)
Runner-Up: Jan/DarkTyphoon23 (Received 1 Vote To Win) (Hillaby/Hillaby/Ezalb) (Day 39)
Sole Survivor: Ben/Bigben1996 (Received 5 Votes To Win) (Teneriffe/Teneriffe/Ezalb) (Day 39)

Hero Of The Season: Sean/Caliboy
Villain Of The Season: Jan/DarkTyphoon23
Player Of The Season: Ben/Bigben1996

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