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Generation 3 History

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2796 days 8 hours ago

The Winner is Brandonrichie!

The Player of the Season is Ilikebugs!

Welcome to Generation 3 Survivor Cuba!

We are witnessing the smallest cast ever in the 42nd season of Survivor. 12 everyday people are competing for the title of Sole Survivor in what will be the quickest season yet. For the first time ever, the castaway will start on the same tribe! Merge on day one has taken this game to new measures. It's everyone for themselves from the get go. This is Survivor: Cuba!

22 Days, 12 Castaways, 1 Sole Survivor!

Final Two:

Juventud Tribe (Pink Buffs):

12th: Chris/Chris1080 (3-3-1/4-1) (Juventud) (Day 3)
11th: Ben/Benp428 (1-1-1-1-1-1/Drew Purple Rock) (Juventud) (Day 6)
10th: Karter/Realityobsessed (Medically Evacuated) (Juventud) (Day 7)
9th: Natalie/OhNatalie (Quit) (Day 9)
8th: Kasumi/Talia12345 (2-1) (Juventud) (Day 9)
7th: Jake/Qazwsx (1-1-1/Drew Purple Rock) (Juventud) (Day 12)
6th: Trey/Trey2288 (Medically Evacuated) (Juventud) (Day 12)
5th: Nifty/BBCANfan (1-0) (Juventud) (Day 15)
4th: Ray/Ilikebugs (1-0) (Juventud) (Day 18)
3rd: Josh/Joshbb17 (1-0) (Juventud) (Day 21)
Runner-Up: James/Jamessmith5 (Received 0 Votes To Win) (Juventud) (Day 22)
Sole Survivor: Brandon/Brandonrichie (Received 4 Votes To Win) (Juventud) (Day 22)
Player Of The Season: Ray/Ilikebugs
2763 days 13 hours ago

The Winner is KBeastW!

The Players of the Season are KBeastW & NJKoda1998!

Welcome to Generation 3 Survivor Uzbekistan!

insert preview

46 Days, 19 Castaways, 1 Sole Survivor!

Final Three:

Tashkent (White Buffs):
Khazret (Blue Buffs):
Samarkand (Green Buffs):
Samaret (Merged Tribe, Black Buffs):

19th: Jin/Ilovetosing (2-1-1) (Tashkent) (Day 3)
18th: Cody/Homerun1013 (6-1) (Samarkand/Khazret) (Day 6)
17th: Josh/Yoshi0714 (6-1) (Khazret/Samarkand) (Day 9)
16th: Marcus/Jdog (5-2) (Tashkent/Khazret) (Day 12)
15th: Brandt/Brandt69 (4-4-1/3-2) (Samarkand/Samarkand/Samarkand) (Day 15)
14th: Jeremy/Wuau (5-1-1) (Tashkent/Khazret/Samarkand) (Day 18)
13th: Damian/Dsradine (7-4-1) (Exile/Samarkand/Samarkand/Samaret) (Day 21)
12th: Riley/Rahrah (5-2-2-1-1-1) (Khazret/Khazret/Samarkand/Samaret) (Day 24)
11th): Big Joe/BigJoeFrimodt (5-1-1-1-1-1 1) (Khazret/Khazret/Khazret/Samaret) (Day 27)
10th: Rory/Rory17 (4-3-2-0(7) (Samarkand/Samarkand/Khazret/Samaret) (Day 30)
9th: Meli/Cereal222 (3-2-0(7) (Khazret/Samarkand/Khazret/Samaret) (Day 30)
8th: Amber/Lana1990 (2-1-1-1-0(4) (Khazret/Khazret/Samarkand/Samaret) (Day 33)
7th: Matt/TDATrentsgroup (0(6)-0(1)/4-0) (Tashkent/Samarkand/Samarkand/Samaret) (Day 36)
6th: Easton/Notsae (4-0(3) (Samarkand/Khazret/Khazret/Samaret) (Day 39)
5th: Andrew/AndR31 (Only Person Not Immune) (Samarkand/Samarkand/Samarkand/Samaret) (Day 42)
4th: Nick/NJKoda1998 (4-2) (Khazret/Khazret/Khazret/Samarkand) (Day 45)
Runner-Up: Luna/QueenLuna (Received 2 Votes To Win) (Samarkand/Samarkand/Khazret/Samaret) (Day 46)
Runner-Up: Luke/IceBear (Received 2 Votes To Win) (Tashkent/Khazret/Khazret/Samaret) (Day 46)
Sole Survivor: Kent/KBeastW (Received 5 Votes To Win) (Tashkent/Samarkand/Samarkand/Samaret) (Day 46)
Players of the Season: Kent/KBeastW & Nick/NJKoda1998
2754 days 12 hours ago

The Winner is Bobrocks333!

The Player of the Season is Bobrocks333!

Welcome to Generation 3 Survivor Jamaica!

For 6 years Gaiaphage has been hosting Survivor... And smoking marijuana. With the recent legalizations of marijuana throughout the world, what better place to play Survivor than Jamaica? 15 strangers will be left in the ganja country where they must fight to survive and claim the win. This is Survivor Jamaica!

25 Days, 15 Castaways, 1 Sole Survivor!

Final Three:

Morant (Green Buffs):
Nassau (Yellow Buffs):
Clarendon (Red Buffs):
Ganja (Merged Tribe, Marijuana Buffs):

15th: Michael/Maryland (3-2) (Morant) (Day 3)
14th: Cameron/Giraffez (2-1-1-1) (Clarendon) (Day 6)
13th: Tanner/Tanner_ (Quit) (Clarendon) (Day 7)
12th: Cedric/Teamjacz (Quit) (Nassau) (Day 7)
11th: Tito/Titoburrito (1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-0(1)/1-0) (Nassau/Ganja) (Day 9)
10th/9th: Cole/Cole91 (Medically Evacuated) (Morant/Ganja) (Day 12)
10th/9th: Alex/Brontesonly (Medically Evacuated) (Clarendon/Ganja) (Day 12)
8th: Terrence/ImGonnaWin (3-3-2-1-1) (Nassau/Ganja) (Day 15)
7th: Addison/Muffinman (3-1-1-1-1) (Nassau/Ganja) (Day 18)
6th/5th: Ben/C00ldude1000 (2-2-1) (Nassau/Ganja) (Day 21)
6th/5th: Cory/Lifer107 (2-2-1) (Morant/Ganja) (Day 21)
4th: Michael-Caleb/Moondancer63 (Clarendon/Ganja) (Day 24)
Runner-Up: Mark/EyooMarcus (Received 1 Vote To Win) (Clarendon/Ganja) (Day 25)
Runner-Up: Colin/Flickgamecolin (Received 1 Vote To Win) (Morant/Ganja) (Day 25)
Sole Survivor: Jacob/Bobrocks333 (Received 2 Votes To Win) (Morant/Ganja) (Day 25)
Player Of The Season: Jacob/Bobrocks333
2712 days 7 hours ago
-------------------MAMANUCA ISLANDS- GAME CHANGERS--------------------

The Winner is Christian_!

The Player of the Season is Christian_!

The Hero of the Season is Magge555550101!

The Villain of the Season is _ivyyy_445!

Welcome to Generation 3 Survivor Mamanuca Islands- Game Changers!

25 former players are being left in the The Mamanuca Islands to fight for another shot at the title of Sole Survivor. Some of them are finalists and have tasted the victory, or knows what it is like to make it to the end but not receive the votes. Some of them are members of the jury, players who never experienced FTC. Some of them even made it so close but were the last member of the jury before the end. What will happen when we pit 25 players who have helped define the game we all know and love. This is Survivor: The Mamanuca Islands- Game Changers!

46 Days, 25 Game Changers, 1 Sole Survivor!

Final Three:

Eori (Yellow Buffs):
Qalito (Green Buffs):
Vomo (Orange Buffs):
Kadomo (Red Buffs):
Tokoriki (Blue Buffs):
Sinsemilla (Merged Tribe, Purple Buffs):

25th: Eric/Arcaninemaster (4-1) (Eori) (Day 3)
24th: Jay/Jaybirdnifty (3-2) (Qalito) (Day 6)
23rd: Colin/Flickgamecolin (2-2-1/2-1) (Tokoriki) (Day 9)
22nd: Alexandra/1Swampy8 (4-1) (Kadomo) (Day 9)
21st/20th/19th/18th/17th: Martin/Hudspith (4-1) (Vomo) (Day 12)
21st/20th/19th/18th/17th: AJ/JetsRock12 (3-1) (Eori) (Day 12)
21st/20th/19th/18th/17th: Eli/EliOrtiz1234 (3-1) (Qalito) (Day 12)
21st/20th/19th/18th/17th: Eoin/Eoin (3-1) (Tokoriki) (Day 12)
21st/20th/19th/18th/17th: Crypt/Cryptspartan (3-1) (Kadomo) (Day 12)
16th: Lukas/SirNiceGuy (6-2) (Kadomo/Tokoriki) (Day 15)
15th: Brandon/Brandonrichie (7-1) (Tokoriki/Kadomo) (Day 18)
14th: Luke/IceBear (Medically Evacuated) (Qalito/Tokoriki) (Day 21)
13th: Michael/Moondancer63 (5-1-1) (Vomo/Kadomo) (Day 21)
12th: Luna/QueenLuna (4-1-1-0(6) (Eori/Tokoriki/Sinsemilla) (Day 24)
11th: Robby/Robbyjak (8-2-1) (Qalito/Kadomo/Sinsemilla) (Day 27)
10th: Easton/Notsae (5-4-1) (Tokoriki/Kadomo/Sinsemilla) (Day 30)
9th: Alexa/Downeaster (Medically Evacuated) (Kadomo/Kadomo/Sinsemilla) (Day 31)
8th: Big Joe/BigJoeFrimodt (4-1-1-1-0(1) (Vomo/Tokoriki/Sinsemilla) (Day 33)
7th: Magge/Magge555550101 (2-0(3)-0(2) (Eori/Tokoriki/Sinsemilla) (Day 36)
6th: Jacob/Bobrocks333 (3-0(3) (Kadomo/Tokoriki/Sinsemilla) (Day 39)
5th: Azri/Subfriend (2-0(3) (Tokoriki/Kadomo/Sinsemilla) (Day 42)
4th: Jake/ThirdChild (3-1) (Vomo/Tokoriki/Sinsemlla) (Day 45)
2nd Runner-Up: Zachary/Ziggyzaggy16 (Received 0 Votes To Win) (Qalito/Kadomo/Sinsemilla) (Day 46)
Runner-Up: Ivy/_ivyyy_445 (Received 2 Votes To Win) (Vomo/Tokoriki/Sinsemilla) (Day 46)
Sole Survivor: Christian/Christian_ (Received 7 Votes To Win) (Eori/Kadomo/Sinsemilla) (Day 46)
Player of the Season: Christian/Christian_
Hero of the Season: Magge555550101
Villain of the Season: _ivyyy_445
2698 days 8 hours ago

The Winner is Mistiksaint!

The Player of the Season is Chris2pei!

Welcome to Generation 3 Survivor Bangladesh!

After an intense All Star season we are taking a more relaxed route for Season 46. 16 new castaways will be stranded in Bangladesh. They will be playing back to the basics Survivor. No twists, no idols, simply game-play. To claim the title of Sole Survivor they must truly outwit, outplay, and outlast everyone else. This is Survivor: Bangladesh!

39 Days, 16 Castaways, 1 Sole Survivor!

Final Two:

Lawachara (Green Buffs):
Keokradong (Red Buffs):
Bijayira (Merged Tribe, Blue Buffs):

16th: Jess/Owlb0ned (5-2-1) (Keokradong) (Day 3)
15th: Dylan/Halloween (6-1) (Keokradong) (Day 6)
14th: Aria/Sportygirl22 (Quit) (Lawachara) (Day 9)
13th: Josh/Jwbrine (5-1) (Keokradong) (Day 9)
12th: Marto/Cole225 (3-2) (Keokradong) (Day 12)
11th: Matthew/MrBird (4-2-1) (Lawachara) (Day 15)
10th: Nick/Snick427 (5-1-1-1-1-1) (Keokradong/Bijayira) (Day 18)
9th: John/Woeisme (5-3-1) (Keokradong/Bijayira) (Day 21)
8th/7th: Elizabeth/TDBigBrotherLover112 (3-2) (Lawachara/Bijayira) (Day 24)
8th/7th: Will/Rocketokid13 (2-1-0(1) (Lawachara/Bijayira) (Day 24)
6th: Zach/Swadles (3-2-1) (Keokradong/Bijayira) (Day 27)
5th: Jabbar/Rabbaj (Quit) (Lawachara/Bijayira) (Day 29)
4th: Chris/Chris2pei (2-1-1) (Lawachara/Bijayira) (Day 30)
3rd: Akshay/Galore (1-0) (Keokradong/Bijayira) (Day 33)
Runner-Up: Alexa/AlexaVonTrayne (Received 3 Votes To Win) (Lawachara/Bijayira) (Day 34)
Sole Survivor: Jonas/Mistiksaint (Received 5 Votes To Win) (Lawachara/Bijayira) (Day 34)
Player of the Season: Chris2pei
2652 days 10 hours ago

The Winner is Cornelia!

The Player of the Season is Cornelia!

Welcome to Generation 3 Survivor Svalbard!

For 6 years Gaia's Survivor has been played with tribes set from the start. Swaps occurred here and there but never to the extent that this season is about to see. Players must adapt as well as ever because for the first time in 47 seasons, we are switching tribes EVERY ROUND. Cross tribe communications is more important than ever. All 3 game aspects, social skills, strategy, and challenge performance, must truly be enhanced if you want to win this season. This is Survivor: Svalbard!

39 Days, 16 Castaways, 1 Sole Survivor!

Final Three:
Jake C./Cornelia

Wijdefjorden (Red Buffs):
Isfjorden (Blue Buffs):
Overlevende (Merged Tribe, Purple Buffs):

16th: Austin/Spinner554 (4-2-1-1) (Isfjorden) (Day 3)
15th: Connor/Connor_ (6-1) (Isfjorden/Isfjorden) (Day 6)
14th: Omar/5651Omar (2-0(5) (Isfjorden/Wijdefjorden/Wijdefjorden) (Day 9)
13th: Jessie/DrG2 (5-1) (Isfjorden/Wijdefjorden/Isfjorden/Wijdefjorden) (Day 12)
12th: Mitsuki/Mitsuki (5-1) (Isfjorden/Wijdefjorden/Isfjorden/Isfjorden/Isfjorden) (Day 15)
11th/10th: Ace/Get_right71 (3-2) (Wijdefjorden/Isfjorden/Wijdefjorden/Wijdefjorden/Isfjorden/Wijdefjorden) (Day 18)
11th/10th: Golf Ball/Flamey9999 (3-1-1) (Isfjorden/Isfjorden/Isfjorden/Wijdefjorden/Wijdefjorden/Isfjorden) (Day 18)
9th: Jennifer/IceQueen2 (7-2) (Wijdefjorden/Isfjorden/Wijdefjorden/Wijdefjorden/Isfjorden/Isfjorden/Overlevende) (Day 21)
8th: Brady/Bradyspaulding16 (6-2) (Wijdefjorden/Isfjorden/Isfjorden/Wijdefjorden/Isfjorden/Wijdefjorden/Overlevende) (Day 24)
7th: Jake B./JakeB (7-0) (Wijdefjorden/Wijdefjorden/Isfjorden/Isfjorden/Wijdefjorden/Wijdefjorden/Overlevende) (Day 27)
6th: Zach/Zachboy967 (5-1) (Wijdefjorden/Wijdefjorden/Isfjorden/Wijdefjorden/Isfjorden/Exile/Overlevende) (Day 30)
5th: Ethan/Brittney (3-2) (Isfjorden/Isfjorden/Wijdefjorden/Isfjorden/Wijdefjorden/Isfjorden/Overlevende) (Day 33)
4th: Drizella/Shabootyquiqui3 (3-1) (Wijdefjorden/Exile/Wijdefjorden/Exile/Isfjorden/Wijdefjorden/Overlevende) (Day 36)
2nd Runner-Up: Kat/KatarinaDuCouteau (Received 1 Vote To Win) (Isfjorden/Wijdefjorden/Wijdefjorden/Isfjorden/Wijdefjorden/Isfjorden/Overlevende) (Day 39)
Runner-Up: Nattie/Nattie (Received 3 Votes To Win) (Wijdefjorden/Isfjorden/Wijdefjorden/Isfjorden/Wijdefjorden/Isfjorden/Overlevende) (Day 39)
Sole Survivor: Jake C./Cornelia (Received 3 Votes To Win + Tiebreaker Vote) (Wijdefjorden/Wijdefjorden/Isfjorden/Isfjorden/Wijdefjorden/Wijdefjorden/Overlevende) (Day 39)
Player of the Season: Cornelia
2615 days 7 hours ago
-------------------BELARUS- FANS VS FAVORITES 3--------------------

The Winner is Aiwfwyattroh!

The Players of the Season is Mattress!

Welcome to Generation 3 Survivor Belarus- Fans VS Favorites 3!

For the 48th season of Gaia's Survivor we are headed to Belarus! Here is where 20 castaways will call home for the next 52 days. 10 new players will compete against 10 returning players in the 3rd installment of Survivor Fans VS Favorites! Will the returnees use their prior experience to gain the upperhand? Or will the newbies' excitement and enthusiasm be enough to make their own mark in the series? Find out in Survivor 48: Belarus- Fans VS Favorites 3!

Final Two:

Mogilev (Fans, Red Buffs)
Vitebsk (Favorites, Green Buffs):
Osveya (Black Buffs):
Narach (White Buffs):
Siamja (Merged Tribe, Orange Buffs):

20th: Marcus/Jdog (4-3-1-1-1) (Vitebsk) (Day 3)
19th: Bryan/FrozenShadow09 (8-2) (Mogilev) (Day 6)
18th: Riley A./RArsenault (5-4) (Vitebsk) (Day 9)
17th: Akshay/Galore (6-1-1) (Vitebsk) (Day 12)
16th/15th: Adam/Adelelover (7-2) (Mogilev) (Day 15)
16th/15th: Jake K./Jkjkjk15 (7-0) (Vitebsk) (Day 15)
14th: Kara/K4r4k (4-3) (Mogilev/Osveya) (Day 18)
13th: Omar/5651Omar (4-3) (Vitebsk/Narach) (Day 21)
12th: Andrew/Levonini (3-2-1) (Mogilev/Osveya) (Day 24)
11th: Riley H./Rahrah (6-1-0(4) (Vitebsk/Osveya/Siamja) (Day 27)
10th: Ace/Get_Right71 (6-4) (Vitebsk/Narach/Siamja) (Day 30)
9th: Anthony/Rawr121 (4-3-2) (Mogilev/Osveya/Siamja) (Day 33)
8th: Chris/Chris2pei (4-2-1) (Vitebsk/Osveya/Siamja) (Day 36)
7th: Gamo/ThisIsMyGame  (4-3-1) (Vitebsk/Narach/Siamja) (Day 39)
6th: Jake S./ShazamJSS (3-1-0(2) (Mogilev/Narach/Siamja) (Day 42
5th: Patrick/Unkown (4-1) (Vitebsk/Osveya/Siamja) (Day 45)
4th: Matt/Mattress (3-1) (Mogilev/Narach/Siamja) (Day 48)
3rd: George/Ireks (1-0) (Mogilev/Osveya/Siamja) (Day 51)
Runner-Up: Newz/OldNewz (Received 1 Vote To Win) (Mogilev/Narach/Siamja) (Day 52)
Sole Survivor: Wyatt/Aiwfwyattroh (Received 7 Votes To Win) (Mogilev/Narach/Siamja) (Day 52)
2560 days 11 hours ago
-------------------HAIDA GWAII- BEST TO NEVER WIN--------------------

The Winner is Nattie!

The Player of the Season is Black0ut247!

The Hero of the Season is Amf7410!

The Villain of the Season is Adamsel!

Welcome to Generation 3 Survivor Haida Gwaii- Best To Never Win!

591 people have played Gaiaphage's Survivor Series. Few have been strong enough to make the merge. Even less have been skilled enough to make finals. And only the minimal have had what it takes to claim the title of Sole Survivor. Over the course of 3 generations and 6 years we have seen many great players fail time after time. Some of these legends, Insanity17, Benlinus, IAwkwardxo, Chris2pei, barely brush the dust off of the names of those who have given their all but ultimately lost. For season 49 we are bringing them back for one. last. time. 24 of the best to never win will be brought back to compete in their final chance at proving they have what it takes to win a Gaia Game. This is Survivor: Haida Gwaii- Best To Never Win!

48 Days, 24 Castaways, 1 Sole Survivor!

Final Three:

Kunghit (Green Buffs):
Juskatla (Red Buffs):
Bonilla (Blue Buffs):
FUCK (Merged Tribe, Silver Buffs):

24th: Ken/Konohavillage1 (8-0) (Juskatla) (Voted Out Day 6, Did Not Compete On OI)
23rd: AJ/JetsRock12 (7-0) (Juskatla) (Voted Out Day 10, Did Not Compete On OI)
22nd: Bryce/Temponeptune (6-2, Day 2) (Voted Off OI 3-2-1, Day 14) (Kunghit)
21st: Julian/TheSexiestDude990 (3-2-1, Day 12) (Voted Off OI 4-2, Day 16) (Kunghit)
20th: Qaz/Qazwdxedc (5-3, Day 14) (Voted Off OI 5-1, Day 18) (Juskatla/Bonilla)
19th: Alex/Ghrocky100 (7-1, Day 4) (Voted Off OI 3-3/2-2/Lost Firemaking Duel To NJ, Day 20) (Bonilla)
18th: George/Ireks (5-1-1, Day 8) (Voted Off OI 4-2, Day 22) (Kunghit)
17th: Mark/Icarus_Mark (4-4/3-3/Lost Firemaking Duel To Eli, Day 20) (Lost OI Duel Day 23) (Juskatla/Kunghit)
16th: Darcy/Boots22 (3-2-1-1, Day 12) (Lost OI Duel Day 24) (Bonilla)
15th: Magge/Magge555550101 (4-2, Day 18) (Lost OI Duel Day 24) (Kunghit/Bonilla)
14th: Cory/Lifer107 (4-2, Day 22) (Lost OI Duel Day 24) (Kunghit/Kunghit/Kunghit)
13th: Omar/5651Omar (4-2, Day 12) (Lost OI Duel Day 25) (Juskatla)
12th: Matt/Mattress (6-5, Day 29) (Lost RI Duel To Mel, Day 31) (Bonilla/Bonilla/Juskatla/FUCK)
11th: Mel/Me2013 (7-4-1, Day 27) (Lost RI Duel To Eli, Day 32) (Juskatla/Kunghit/Kunghit/FUCK)
10th: Eli/EliOrtiz1234 (5-4, Day 31) (Lost RI Duel To Patrick, Day 34) (Juskatla/Kunghit/Juskatla/FUCK)
9th: Patrick/Unkown (2-0(5)-0(2), Day 33) (Lost RI Duel To Tyler, Day 36) (Kunghit/Bonilla/Kunghit/FUCK)
8th: Tyler/Bryjow123 (5-4, Day 35) (Lost RI Duel to NJ, Day 38) (Bonilla/Kunghit/Kunghit/FUCK)
7th: Jake/Lemjam6 (3-0(3), Day 39) (Lost RI Duel To NJ, Day 40) (Bonilla/Kunghit/Juskatla/FUCK)
6th: Dylan/SurvivorFreak13 (3-3/2-2/Lost Firemaking Duel To Adam, Day 42) (Kunghit/Kunghit/Kunghit/FUCK)
5th: Adam/Adamsel (3-2), Day 44) (Juskatla/Bonilla/Kunghit/FUCK)
4th: Andy/Amf7410 (5-1, Day 22) (Returned Day 25) (3-1, Day 46) (Kunghit/Kunghit/Juskatla/FUCK)
Runner-Up: NJ/NJKoda1998 (3-2-1, Day 16) (Returned Day 25) (4-3, Day 37) (Returned Day 41) (Bonilla/Bonilla/FUCK) (Recieved 2 Votes to Win) (Day 48)
Runner-Up: Alec/Black0ut247 (Bonilla/Bonilla/Juskatla/FUCK) (Received 2 Votes to Win) (Day 48)
Sole Survivor: Nattie/Nattie (Bonilla/Bonilla/Juskatla/FUCK) (Recieved 5 Votes to Win) (Day 48

Player Of The Season: Black0ut247
Villain Of The Season: Adamsel
Hero Of The Season: Amf7410
2517 days 12 hours ago
-------------------GUINEA- BISSAU- ALL WINNERS--------------------

The Winner is Cornelia!

The Player of the Season is Cornelia!

The Heroes of the Season are _ivyyy_445 & Cornelia!

The Villain of the Season is YoundAndReckless!

Welcome to Generation 3 Survivor Guinea-Bissau- All Winners!

6 years ago, we began this Survivor journey. There's no fool-proof method of winning this game. Each Sole Survivor had their own unique path to victory. Only the best of the best have dominated this game. Underdogs, strategic masterminds, social legends, challenge beasts, repeat winners. 19 of these icons will return in the final season of Gaia's Survivor to compete for a $20 prize! Which winner will become the ultimate Sole Survivor? This is a war of the ages. Battle of all battles. Clash of the Titans. Welcome to Survivor All Winners!

45 Days, 19 Winners, 1 Ultimate Sole Survivor!

Final Three:

Cacheu (Red Buffs):
Tombali (Yellow Buffs):
Gaiaflop (Merged Tribe, Gold Buffs):

19th: Austin/Spinner554 (6-1-1-0(1) (Cacheu) (Day 3)
18th: Jayson/BBlover96 (5-2-2) (Cacheu) (Day 6)
17th: Jacob/Bobrocks333 (5-1-1-0(2) (Tombali) (Day 9)
16th/15th: Ben/Milkisgood (7-1) (Tombali) (Day 12)
16th/15th: Alex/01Gohan (5-3) (Cacheu) (Day 12)
14th: Kent/KBeastW (3-2-1-0(1) (Tombali/Tombali) (Day 15)
13th: Joe/Joeker (2-2-0(3)/4-1) (Cacheu/Cacheu) (Day 18)
12th: Chris/Quackerz (2-2-0(2)/3-0) (Cacheu/Tombali) (Day 21)
11th: Mearl/Mearl (7-3-1) (Cacheu/Cacheu/Gaiaflop) (Day 24)
10th: Shadi/Chastain (8-1-1) (Cacheu/Tombali/Gaiaflop) (Day 27)
9th: Sagar/Obscurity (2-2/2-0) (Tombali/Cacheu/Gaiaflop) (Day 30)
8th: Robby/Robbyjak (3-1-1) (Tombali/Cacheu/Gaiaflop) (Day 30)
7th: Jeremy/MMAjunkieX (3-2-0(2) (Cacheu/Tombali/Gaiaflop) (Day 33)
6th: Nattie/Nattie (2-0(4) (Tombali/Cacheu/Gaiaflop) (Day 36)
5th: Wyatt/Aiwfwyattroh (3-0(2)  (Tombali/Tombali/Gaiaflop) (Day 39)
4th: Sean/Caliboy (3-1) (Cacheu/Tombali/Gaiaflop) (Day 42)
2nd Runner-Up: Ivy/_ivyyy_445 (Tombali/Cacheu/Gaiaflop) (Received 0 Votes To Win) (Day 45)
Runner-Up: Erik/YoundAndReckless (Cacheu/Tombali/Gaiaflop) (Received 4 Votes To Win) (Day 45)
Sole Survivor: Jake/Cornelia (Tombali/Cacheu/Gaiaflop) (Received 4 Votes To Win + Tiebreaker Vote) (Day 45)

Player Of The Season: Cornelia
Heroes Of The Season: _ivyyy_445 & Cornelia
Villain Of The Season: YoundAndReckless

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Gaia's Survivor Series (2011 - 2017)

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