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Generation 3 History

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2102 days ago
History from Generation 3 will be posted here!
2102 days ago

The Winner Is William/WilliamGonzales!

The Player of the Season is Scott/Fobbyiyg!

Welcome to Generation 3 Survivor Botswana!

16 castaways will be STRANDED in Botswana, a country in South Africa! 70% of this country is pure desert. These sixteen players must live in this demanding weather, surviving challenge after challenge, vote after vote, until only one remains to claim the title of SOLE SURVIVOR. This is Survivor: Botswana!

39 Days, 16 Castaways, 1 Sole Survivor!

This is Survivor: Botswana!

Final Three:
Eli/EliOrtiz1234 (Makgadikgadi)
Fire Dragon/AlaskanFireDragon (Makgadikgadi)
William/WilliamGonzales (Makgadikgadi)

Okavango Tribe (Red Buffs):
Makgadikgadi Tribe (Blue Buffs):
Pula Tribe (Merged Tribe, Purple Buffs):

16th: Bella/CaitlinBella (3-1-1-1-1-1) (Okavango) (Day 3)
15th: Swagger/Swagger55 (2-2-1-1-1-1/3-2) (Makgadikgadi) (Day 6)
14th: Andrea/Yonni98 (2-1-1-1-1-1) (Okavango) (Day 9)
13th: Aidan/GetSomeColdCuts (Quit) (Makgadikgadi) (Day 10)
12th: Logan/Thegamingdragon (Quit) (Makgadikgadi) (Day 10)
11th: Weber/Justdontevictme (Medically Evaluated) (Okavango) (Day 11)
10th: Alexis/Pilatesgrl (7-1-1-1) (Okavango/Pula) (Day 12)
9th: DJ/Coolexchangestudent (Quit) (Okavango/Pula) (Day 13)
8th: Louise/MarthaSpeaks (4-3-1) (Okavango/Pula) (Day 15)
7th: Muffin/Muffinman (Quit) (Okavango/Pula) (Day 16)
6th: Andrew/AndrewIsBored (6-0) (Okavango/Pula) (Day 18)
5th: Andy/Amf7410 (4-1) (Makgadikgadi/Pula) (Day 21)
4th: Scott/Fobbyiyg (3-1) (Makgadikgadi/Pula) (Day 24)
2nd Runner-Up: Eli/EliOrtiz1234 (Makgadikgadi/Pula) (Received 1 Vote To Win) (Day 27)
Runner-Up: Alaskan/AlaskanFireDragon (Makgadikgadi/Pula) (Received 2 Votes To Win) (Day 27)
Sole Survivor: William/WilliamGonzales (Makgadikgadi/Pula) (Received 4 Votes To Win) (Day 27)
Player Of The Season: Scott/Fobbyiyg
2102 days ago

The Winner Is Mearl/Mearl!

The Player of the Season is Eric/Econ21!

Welcome to Generation 3 Survivor Lesotho!

18 people have been abandoned in Lesotho to play a game of Survivor! They have been divided by age. Old, vs teens/young adults, vs young! They must compete against each other to see which age is best fit to win Survivor! To make things more complicated, physical game is greatly important. Redemption Island is in play. When voted out, players will have a chance to re-enter this game. This is Survivor: Lesotho!

39 Days, 18 Castaways, 1 Sole Survivor!

This is Survivor: Lesotho!

Final Three:
Eric/Econ21 (Maloti/Senqu)
Erik/ItsOfficial (Senqu/Senqu)
Mearl/Mearl (Senqu/Caledon)

Caledon Tribe (Young Players) (Green Buffs):
Maloti Tribe (Teen/Young Adult Players) (Blue Buffs):
Senqu Tribe (Old Players) (White Buffs):
Mearl Tribe (Merged Tribe, Black Buffs):

18th: Sal/Sprado91 (24) (5-1/Quit Redemption Island) (Maloti) (Day 3)
17th: Leo/Yinzer149 (16) (4-1/Quit Redemption Island) (Maloti) (Day 6)
16th: JJ/Justunreal (14) (5-1/Quit Redemption Island) (Caledon) (Day 9)
15th: Maxwell/Broniak (14) (4-2-1/Lost Duel 2 To Daniel & Rick) (Caledon/Senqu) (Day 18)
14th: Rick/Albinok1ng (23) (4-3/Forfeited Duel 3 To Andrew & Daniel) (Senqu/Caledon) (Day 21)
13th: Daniel/DanielzSnooz (16) (2-2/1-1/Lost Firemaking Tiebreaker Duel To JT/Lost Duel 3 To Andrew) (Maloti) (Day 21)
12th: Andrew/AndrewWeltner (14) (4-1-1/Lost Duel 4 To Tanner & JT) (Caledon/Senqu) (Day 24)
11th: JT/Absol (16) (2-2-0(2)/2-2/Lost Firemaking Tiebreaker Duel To Gustavo/Lost Duel 4 To Tanner) (Maloti/Caledon) (Day 24)
~Merge/Jury/Tanner Re-Enters The Game~
10th: Karter/Realityobsessed (Medically Evacuated) (Caledon/Caledon) (Day 24)
9th: Darcy/Boots22 (4-1-1-1/Lost Duel 5 To Tanner) (Maloti/Caledon) (Day 27)
8th: Tanner/PotatoSalad (4-3-1/Lost Duel 6 To Alan) (Caledon/Senqu) (Day 30)
Mearl Sent To Redemption Island
7th: Alan/Alanb1 (3-2-1/Lost Duel 6 To Mearl) (Caledon/Caledon) (Day 33)
Mearl Re-Enters The Game
6th: Drew/Sosyomomma (3-2) (Senqu/Senqu) (Day 35)
5th: Gustavo/Massgustavo95 (0-0(3)-0(1)-0(1) (Senqu/Caledon) (Day 37)
4th: Mikey/Mikey04wp (Quit) (Senqu/Senqu) (Day 38)
2nd Runner-Up: Eric/Econ21 (Received 1 Vote To Win) (Maloti/Senqu) (Day 39)
Runner-Up: Erik/ItsOfficial (Received 3 Votes To Win/Received 2 Tiebreaker Votes To Win) (Senqu/Senqu) (Day 39)
Sole Survivor: Mearl/Mearl (Received 3 Votes To Win/Received 3 Tiebreaker Votes To Win) (Senqu/Caledon) (Day 39)
Player of the Season: Eric/Econ21
2102 days ago
-------------------BURKINA FASO--------------------

The Winner is Trey/Iamtrey!

The Player of the Season is Trey/Iamtrey!

Welcome to Generation 3 Survivor Burkina Faso!

18 normal people are living in Burkina Faso for the next 39 days, playing the game of Survivor! For the second season in a row, tribes have been divided by age to see which generation of people are the best fit for this game. They must survive the challenging environment, as well each other. But an original twist returns.. The Alien twist makes the social aspect as important as over! Who will prevail over everyone else? This is Survivor: Burkina Faso!

39 Days, 18 Castaways, 1 Sole Survivor!

This is Survivor: Burkina Faso!

Final Three:
Azri/Subfriend (Nazinon/Mouhoun)
Jake/ThirdChild (Nazinon/Nazinon)
Trey/Iamtrey (Nazinon/Mouhoun)

Mouhoun Tribe (Young Players) (Black Buffs):
Nakambé Tribe (Teen/Young Adult Players) (White Buffs):
Nazinon Tribe (Old Players) (Red Buffs):
Marijuana Tribe (Merged Tribe, Purple Buffs):

18th: Ty/J0k3r (1-0(5) (Nakambé) (Day 3)
17th: Allie/CutieAmi (1-0(4) (Nakambé) (Day 6)
16th/15th: Austin/Forest_Knight (3-1) Nakambé) (Day 9)
16th/15th: Jasper/JayElVeeIsBack (2-2-2/2-1) (Nazinon) (Day 9)
14th: Ian/Iangavin (1-0(2) (Nakambé) (Day 12)
13th: Jacob/Answerable (Lost Firemaking Duel To Bryan/RasCity) (Nakambé) (Day 15)
12th: Eric/Arcaninemaster (2-1-0(3) (Mouhoun/Mouhoun) (Day 18)
11th: Tyler/Tyleror (4-1) (Nazinon/Mouhoun) (Day 21)
10th: James/BB5lover (8-1-1) (Nazinon/Nazinon/Marijuana) (Day 24)
9th: Brandt/Brandt69 (5-4) (Mouhoun/Mouhoun/Marijuana) (Day 27)
8th: Bryan/RasCity (3-2-1-1) (Nakambe/Nazinon/Marijuana) (Day 30)
7th: Justin/Girllover101 (2-2-1-0(3)/2-1) (Mouhoun/Nazinon/Marijuana) (Day 30)
6th: Zach/Zach32 (4-1-1) (Mouhoun/Mouhoun/Marijuana) (Day 33)
5th: Stuart/ClassiCaz5 (3-1-1) (Mouhoun/Nazinon/Marijuana) (Day 36)
4th: Alex/Ghrocky100 (3-1) (Mouhoun/Nazinon/Marijuana) (Day 38)
2nd Runner-Up: Azri/Subfriend (Received 0 Votes To Win) (Nazinon/Mouhoun/Marijuana) (Day 39)
Runner-Up: Jake/ThirdChild (Received 1 Vote To Win) (Nazinon/Nazinion) (Day 39)
Sole Survivor: Trey/Iamtrey (Received 4 Votes To Win) (Nazinon/Mouhoun) (Day 39)
Player of the Season: Trey/Iamtrey
2081 days 7 hours ago

The Winner Is Steve/2Beastly!

The Player of the Season is Bryce/Temponeptune!

Welcome to Generation 3 Survivor Turkmenistan!

21 new players are alone in Turkmenistan, competing for the title of Sole Survivor. This cast has been selected to make for a very competitive 30th season. With no twists besides idols and a swap, players must heavily rely on their own set of skills. This is Survivor: Turkmenistan!

53 Days, 21 Castaways, 1 Sole Survivor!

This is Survivor: Turkmenistan!

Final Three:

Ayrybaba Tribe (Red Buffs)
Karakum Tribe (Yellow Buffs)
Murghab Tribe (Green Buffs)
Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot Tribe (Merged Tribe, Blue Buffs)

21st: Shawn/Shawnpat7 (4-1-1-1) (Ayrybaba) (Day 3)
20th: Adam/Anoreoz897 (6-1) (Karakum) (Day 6)
19th/18th: JB/_JB_ (2-2-2/2-1) (Ayrybaba) (Day 9)
19th/18th: Tony/Tonyalbright (4-2) (Karakum) (Day 9)
17th: Cam/SuperFreak (3-1-1) (Ayrybaba) (Day 12)
16th: Manni/ManniBoi (6-1-1) (Karakum/Murghab) (Day 15)
15th: Jessica/Irelia (5-1-1-1) (Karakum/Karakum) (Day 18)
14th: Tim/Terose (6-1) (Murghab/Murghab) (Day 21)
13th: Jade/Jadennator1 (5-1-1) (Karakum/Karakum) (Day 24)
12th: Johnny B./Aquamarine (4-3) (Murghab/Karakum/Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot) (Day 27)
11th: Eliot/EliotWhi (6-2-1-1-1) (Murghab/Murghab/Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot) (Day 30)
10th: Tisha/Hints (6-4) (Murghab/Murghab/Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot) (Day 33)
9th: Callum/Tetsuya (6-2-1) (Ayrybaba/Karakum/Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot) (Day 36)
8th: Brady/Bradyman7 (4-4/3-3/Lost Firemaking Duel To Eoin) (Murghab/Murghab/Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot) (Day 39)
7th: Johnny J.TheJohnny (3-3-1/3-2) (Karakum/Karakum/Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot) (Day 42)
6th: Olivia/Oliviaxoxo (3-2-1) (Ayrybaba/Karakum/Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot) (Day 45)
5th: Kyle/Kkoster001 (3-2) (Karakum/Murghab/Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot) (Day 48)
4th: Eoin/Eoin (2-1-1) (Murghab/Murghab/Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot) (Day 51)
2nd Runner-UP: N/A
Runner-Up: Damien/Damo1990 (Received 1 Vote To Win...1 Vote Did Not Count) (Karakum/Karakum/Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot) (Day 53)
Runner-Up: Bryce/Temponeptune (Received 1 Vote To Win...1 Vote Did Not Count) (Ayrybaba/Murghab/Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot) (Day 54)
Sole Survivor: Steve/2Beastly (Received 4 Votes To Win) (Murghab/Karakum/Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot) (Day 53)
Player of the Season: Bryce/Temponeptune
2032 days 23 hours ago
-------------------GUYANA- DYNAMIC DUOS--------------------

The Winner is Jan/DarkTyphoon23!

The Player of the Season is Jan/DarktTyphoon23!

Welcome to Generation 3 Survivor Guyana- Dynamic Duos!


Tengaged is consumed by power couples.. best friends.. dynamic duos. But what happens when you take 11 of the strongest pairs and pit them in a game of Survivor? Season 31 is going to find out, and we are stranded in Guyana to witness it. 22 castaways will compete in one of the most competitive seasons ever! They must survive the vote and beat each other to succeed. With Redemption Island in play, with a tweak to it, physical game is just as important as strategy or social game! Not to mention, for the first time in 31 seasons, there is a T$ prize! Will the duos turn on each other, or show an unbreakable force? This is Survivor Guyana- Dynamic Duos!

60 Days, 22 Castaways, 1 Sole Survivor!

This is Survivor Guyana- Dynamic Duos!

Final Two:

Redemption Island:

Essequibo Tribe (Pink  Buffs):
Demerara Tribe (Purple Buffs):
Gaiaslow Tribe (Merged Tribe, Cyan Buffs):

22nd: Chris/Finklestein123 (10-1/Lost Duel 1 To Red & Nick A.) (Demerara) (Day 5))
21st: Red/RedWing91 (9-1-1/Lost Duel 1 To Nick A.) (Essequibo) (Day 5)
20th: Scott/Gbpackxlvchamps (7-2/Lost Duel 2 To Nick A.) (Essequibo) (Day 8)
19th: Andrea/IceIceBaby (8-2/Lost Duel 3 To Nick A. & Eric) (Demerara) (Day 11)
18th: Nick A./Archerskyfire (10-0/Lost Duel 3 To Eric) (Essequibo) (Day 11)
17th: Ryan/Ryan_Jambe (1-1-0(6)/4-2/Forfeited Duel 4 Against Eric) (Demerara/Essequibo) (Day 14)
16th: Eric/Awwsum11 (6-2-1/Lost Duel 5 Against Ollie) (Essequibo) (Day 17)
15th: Ollie/MrPokeguy9 (7-1/Lost Duel 6 To Charlie) (Essequibo/Demerara) (Day 20)
14th: Charlie/CharlieBibi (4-3) (Essequibo/Demera/Forfeited Duel 7 To James and Joe) (Day 23)
13th: James/Splozojames50 (6-1/Forfeited Duel 7 To Joe) (Demerara/Essequibo) (Day 23)
12th: Mel/Me2013 (Quit) (Demerara/Demerara/Gaiaslow) (Day 26)
11th: Zabrina/Zabbie (10-1/Forfeited Duel 8 To Nick) (Demerara/Demerara/Gaiaslow) (Day 32)
10th: Joe/Joeker (5-3-1/Lost Duel 9 To Nick) (Demerara/Demerara/Gaiaslow) (Day 36)
9th: Nick/Manalord (5-5/4-4/Lost Firemaking Tiebreaker Duel To Austin/Lost Duel 10 To James) (Essequibo/Demerara/Gaiaslow) (Day 39)
8th: Shadi/Chastain (Quit) (Demerara/Demerara/Gaiaslow) (Day 42) (NOT ON JURY)
7th: NJ/NJKoda1998 (2-2-0(2)/3-1/Lost Duel 11 To James) (Demerara/Essequibo/Gaiaslow) (Day 45)
6th: Alexandra/1Swampy8 (2-0(3)/Lost Duel 12 To James) (Essequibo/Essequibo/Gaiaslow) (Day 48)
5th: James/Benlinus (4-1) (Essequibo/Demerara/Gaiaslow) (Day 51)
4th: Jarrod/Bingo21 (3-1) (Demerara/Demerara/Gaiaslow) (Day 54)
3rd: Austin/Spinner554 (1-0) (Essequibo/Essequibo/Gaiaslow) (Day 57)
Runner-Up: Ben/Milkisgood (Received 3 Votes To Win) (Demerara/Essequibo/Gaiaslow) (Day 60)
Sole Survivor: Jan/DarkTyphoon23 (Received 4 Votes To Win) (Demerara/Essequibo/Gaiaslow) (Day 60)
Player of the Season: Jan/DarkTyphoon23
1996 days 19 hours ago

The Winner is Sean/Caliboy!

The Player of the Season is Sean/Caliboy!

Welcome to Generation 3 Survivor Sumbawa!

Coming off an intense season, we are taking things slow this time around. 16 castaways will compete in a classic game of Survivor. No twists are involved. No idols are in play. The only way to win is through sheer strategy, social ability, and challenge performance. We are going back to the basics of Survivor. This is Survivor Sumbawa!

39 Days, 16 Castaways, 1 Sole Survivor!

This is Survivor Sumbawa!

Final Three:

Rakit Tribe (Red Buffs):
Susait Tribe (Green Buffs):
Punany Tribe (Merged Tribe, White Buffs):

16th: Morgan/Snake (6-1-1) (Rakit) (Day 3)
15th: Matt/MrMinaj (4-3) (Rakit) (Day 6)
14th: Robby/Robbyjak (3-3/3-1) (Rakit) (Day 9)
13th: Tyler/Tylerseeg (4-4/3-3/Lost Firemaking Tiebreaker Duel To Sydney) (Susait) (Day 12)
12th: Nick/NickDaBoss (6-1) (Susait) (Day 15)
11th: Seth/SurvivorSeth (2-2-1-1/3-1) (Susait) (Day 18)
10th: Brendan/Bwburke94 (5-5/4-4/Forfeited Firemaking Tiebreaker Duel To Ken) (Rakit/Punany) (Day 21)
9th: Snow/Snowgirl57 (5-3-1) (Rakit/Punany) (Day 24)
8th: Brady/Bradyspaulding16 (5-3) (Rakit/Punany) (Day 27)
7th/6th: Sydney/Guigi (2-1) (Susait/Punany/Tribe B) (Day 30)
7th/6th: Timmy/Timtimeytim (Lost Firemaking Tiebreaker Duel To Sean) (Rakit/Punany/Tribe A) (Day 27)
5th: Ken/Konohavillage1 (3-2) (Susait/Punany) (Day 33)
4th: Austin/Milkshakez (2-2/Lost Firemaking Tiebreaker Duel To Sean) (Susait/Punany) (Day 36)
2nd Runner-Up: Adrianna/Saftronbtr999 (Received 1 Vote To Win) (Susait/Punany) (Day 39)
Runner-Up: Hudson/Number1SurvivorFan (Received 3 Votes To Win) (Susait/Punany) (Day 39)
Sole Survivor: Sean/Caliboy (Received 4 Votes to Win) (Rakit/Punany) (Day 39)
Player of the Season: Sean/Caliboy
1935 days 20 hours ago
-------------------FAROE ISLANDS- BATTLE OF THE TV STARS--------------------

The Winner is Chris/Quackerz!

The Player of the Season is Adam/Adamsel!

Welcome to Generation 3 Survivor Faroe Islands- Battle Of The TV Stars!

Tengaged has one ultimate goal. To get TV Star. When you accomplish this, you are considered one of the elite "Karma" Players on tengaged... It's time to see if these TV Stars have what it takes to be an elite player of Gaia's Survivor Series... A group of TV Stars have been selected to participate in what will be one of the most competitive games they've ever played. They must truly outperform one another in every aspect to be the winner at the end. Not to mention, Redemption Island is back with twist! This is Survivor 33: Faroe Islands- Battle of TV Stars!

55 Days, 21 Castaways, 1 Sole Survivor!

Final Three:


Redemption Island:

Streymoy Tribe (White Buffs):
Mykines Tribe (Black Buffs):
Hestur Tribe (Gray Buffs):
Merged Tribe (Yin/Yang Colored Buffs):

21st: Ryan/Boneworks (Voted Out Day 9 By A Vote Of 7-0, Forfeited Redemption Island) (Hestur) (Day 9)
20th: Dylan/SurvivorFreak13 (Voted Out Day 18 By A Vote Of 6-1-1, Forfeited Redemption Island) (Mykines/Mykines) (Day 18)
19th: Drizella/Shabootyquiqui3 (Voted Out Day 3 By A Vote Of 4-3/Lost RI Duel To Sam) (Mykines) (Day 32)
18th: Bob/Daytime (Voted Out Day 15 By A Vote Of 4-4-1/4-3/Lost RI Duel To Patricia) (Streymoy/Streymoy) (Day 32)
17th: Rose/Pegasus1234 (Voted Out Day 21 By A Vote Of 5-2/Lost RI Duel To Adam) (Hestur/Mykines) (Day 32)
16th: Mike/MTman (Voted Out Day 27 By A Vote Of 5-1/Lost RI Duel To Josh) (Stremoy/Mykines/Mykines) (Day 32)
15th: Patricia/Patriciasigmond (Voted Out Day 12 By A Vote Of 6-2-1/Lost RI Duel To Sam) (Stremoy/Mykines) (Day 33)
14th: Josh/Koolness234 (Voted Out Day 30 By A Vote Of 3-2/Lost RI Duel To Adam) (Mykines/Mykines/Mykines) (Day 33)
13th: Sam/Superman11 (Voted Out Day 6 By A Vote Of 4-2/Lost RI Duel To Adam) (Mykines) (Day 34)
12th: Wakiza/XxLoveWakizaxX (6-4) (Streymoy/Mykines/Streymoy/Merged Tribe) (Day 37)
11th: Corey/Coreypanda (1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1/2-1) (Mykines/Streymoy/Mykines/Merged Tribe) (Day 40)
10th: Ray/GentlemanG (5-2-1) (Hestur/Streymoy/Streymoy/Merged Tribe) (Day 43)
9th/8th: AJ/JetsRock12 (0(2)/2-2) (Mykines/Streymoy/Mykines/Merged Tribe) Day 46)
9th/8th: CJ/Connor_ (5-0) (Hestur/Streymoy/Streymoy/Merged Tribe) (Day 46)
7th: John/Coffeybean94 (3-2-2) (Hestur/Streymoy/Mykines/Merged Tribe) (Day 46)
6th: Steven/Insanity (3(0)-1(0)-1-1/Laid Torch Down For Chris) (Streymoy/Mykines/Streymoy/Merged Tribe) (Day 49)
5th: Adam/Adamsel (Voted Out Day 24 By A Vote Of 5-2) (Re-Entered Game On Day 34) (Voted Out Again By A Vote Of 4-1(0) (Hestur/Mykines/Mykines/Merged Tribe) (Day 52)
4th: Mark/Mminervini219 (3-1) (Hestur/Streymoy/Mykines/Merged Tribe) (Day 54)
2nd Runner-Up: Jacob/Sparkinator (Received 1 Vote To Win) (Streymoy/Streymoy/Streymoy/Merged Tribe) (Day 55)
Runner-Up: Dakota/Dak236 (Received 4 Votes To Win) (Streymoy/Streymoy/Streymoy/Merged Tribe) (Day 55)
Sole Survivor: Chris/Quackerz (Received 4 Votes +Tiebreaker Vote To Win) (Mykines/Mykines/Streymoy/Merged Tribe) (Day 55)
Player Of The Season: Adam/Adamsel
1909 days 21 hours ago
-------------------MONTENEGRO- IDOL ISLAND--------------------

The Winner is Erik/YoundAndReckless!

The Player of the Season is Tanner/Blatastic1234!

The Fan Favorite is Christian/Lavaworks!

Welcome to Generation 3 Survivor Montenegro- Idol Island!

20 players will be left to fend for themselves in Montenegro. They will have to face the elements of nature as well as each other. They will compete and vote off one another until one remains to claim the title of Sole Survivor. However a new twist will change this entire game. Idols can make or break anyone's game as we've seen in the past. Normally there are only a few idols in a game... However this season EVERYONE will start with an idol. Your social and strategic game need to be on point in order to claim title of sole survivor. This is Survivor 34: Montenegro- Idol Island!

42 Days, 20 Castaways, 1 Sole Survivor!

Final Three:

Travunia Tribe (Red Buffs):
Cetinje Tribe (Yellow Buffs):
Tohsitta Tribe (Merged Tribe, Green Buffs):

20th: Bennet/Coolnarwhal88 (Medically Evacuated) (Travunia) (Day 3)
19th: Romeo/Alwaysvictorious (6-1-1-1-1) (Cetinje) (Day 6)
18th: Will/Wanj (6-3) (Cetinje) (Day 9)
17th: Patton/Fastpaton727 (Quit) (Travunia) (Day 11)
16th: Ryan/illdi (4-3-1) (Cetinje) (Day 12)
15th: Chris/Chris1080 (Quit) (Travunia/Travunia) (Day 15)
14th/13th: Phil/Philip13 (1-0(6) (Travunia/Cetinje) (Day 18)
14th/13th: Kasey/Kaseyhope10 (2-2-0(3)/4-1) (Cetinje/Travunia) (Day 18)
12th: Josh/Jmez2612 (2-1-1-0(4) (Travunia/Cetinje/Tohsitta) (Day 21)
11th: Matt/Mrcool (4-3-1) (Travunia/Cetinje/Tohsitta) (Day 24)
10th: Cameron/Giraffez (4-1-1-1-0(1) (Travunia/Travunia/Tohsitta) (Day 27)
9th: AJ/Zorbo678 (1-0(2)-0(1)/Lost RI Duel 1 To Tyler & Carlos) (Cetinje/Cetinje/Tohsitta) (Day 34)
8th: Carlos/Cswaggerr (1-1-1/1-0/Lost RI Duel 1 To Tyler) (Cetinje/Travunia/Tohsitta) (Day 34)
7th: Noah/Noah_Kondon (Lost RI Duel 2 To Christian, Tyler, & Tanner) (Cetinje/Travunia/Tohsitta) (Day 37)
6th: Tanner/Blatastic1234 (2-1-1/Lost RI Duel 2 To Christian & Tyler) (Travunia/Travunia/Tohsitta) (Day 37)
5th: Tyler/Jungleman111 (3-2/Lost RI Duel 2 To Christian) (Cetinje/Cetinje/Tohsitta) (Day 37)
4th: Justin/BeastBoy (2-2/Lost Firemaking Tiebreaker Duel) (Cetinje/Cetinje/Tohsitta) (Day 40)
2nd Runner-Up: Bobby/Bklimas (Received 1 Vote To Win) (Travunia/Cetinje/Tohsitta) (Day 42)
Runner-Up: Christian/Lavaworks (Received 2 Votes To Win) (Travunia/Travunia/Tohsitta) (Day 42)
Sole Survivor: Erik/YoundAndReckless (Received 6 Votes To Win) (Cetinje/Travunia/Tohsitta) (Day 42)
Player Of The Season: Tanner/Blatastic1234
Fan Favorite: Christian/Lavaworks
1872 days 23 hours ago
-------------------SIERRA LEONE- ALL STARS 2--------------------

The Winner is Ben/Milkisgood!

The Player of the Season is Ben/Milkisgood!

Welcome to Generation 3 Survivor Sierra Leone- All Stars 2!

28 seasons ago we brought back 21 of the best castaways to play Gaia's Survivor. They were the original All Stars. Now in Season 35, we are doing it once more. 21 strategic masterminds, players who excel at socializing, and the strongest challenge competitors from the third generation are returning to play for the title of Sole Survivor. They must last 52 days in Sierra Leone against each other in a back to the basics type season. No idols, no twists. Simply sheer strategy, social game play, and challenge performance. This is Survivor 35: Siera Leone- All Stars 2!

52 Days, 21 All Stars, 1 Sole Survivor!

Final Three:

Temne Tribe (Blue Buffs):
Krio Tribe (Green Buffs):
Mende Tribe (Yellow Buffs):
Lavoc Tribe (Merged Tribe, Red Buffs):

21st: Austin T./Milkshakez (Medically Evacuated) (Temne) (Day 3)
20th: Trey/Iamtrey (5-2) (Krio) (Day 6)
19th: Eli/EliOrtiz1234 (4-2) (Temne) (Day 9)
18th/17th: Ken/Konohavillage1 (5-1) (Krio) (Day 12)
18th/17th: Dakota/Dak236 (4-1) (Temne) (Day 12)
16th: Mearl/Mearl (4-4/4-2) (Mende/Krio) (Day 15)
15th: Tim/Timtimeytim (4-3) (Krio/Krio) (Day 18)
14th: Hudson/Number1SurvivorFan (5-1) (Krio/Krio) (Day 21)
13th: Erik/YoundAndReckless (4-4/3-3/Lost Firemaking Tiebreaker Duel To Steve) (Temne/Mende) (Day 24)
12th: Eric/Econ21 (3-3/2-2/Lost Firemaking Tiebreaker Duel To Austin) (Mende/Mende/Mende) (Day 27)
11th: Tanner/Blatastic1234 (3-2) (Temne)/Krio/Mende) (Day 30)
10th: Jan/DarkTyphoon23 (5-5/4-4/Lost Firemaking Tiebreaker Duel To Shadi) (Temne/Mende/Krio/Lavoc) (Day 33)
9th: Christian/Lavaworks (5-4) (Mende/Mende/Mende/Lavoc) (Day 36)
8th: Adam/Adamsel (5-3) (Mende/Mende/Krio/Lavoc) (Day 39)
7th: Steve/2Beastly (4-3) (Krio/Mende/Krio/Lavoc) (Day 42)
6th: Bryce/Temponeptune (4-2) (Krio/Mende/Mende/Lavoc) (Day 45)
5th: Shadi/Chastain (3-2) (Mende/Mende/Krio/Lavoc) (Day 48)
4th: Chris/Quackerz (3-1) (Mende/Mende/Krio/Lavoc) (Day 51)
2nd Runner-Up: Sean/Caliboy (Received 0 Votes To Win) (Temne/Krio/Krio/Lavoc) (Day 52)
Runner-Up: Austin/Spinner554 (Received 3 Votes To Win) (Krio/Krio/Mende/Lavoc) (Day 52)
Sole Survivor: Ben/Milkisgood (Received 4 Votes To Win) (Mende/Krio/Mende/Lavoc) (Day 52)
Player Of The Season: Ben/Milkisgood
1819 days 11 hours ago
-------------------ARUBA- SECOND CHANCES 3--------------------

The Winner Is Robby/Robbyjak!

The Player of the Season is Robby/Robbyjak!

Welcome to Generation 3 Survivor Aruba- Second Chances 3!

In the history of Gaia's Survivor, many people were "robbed" of their potential. Many people were taken out by a mistake they made, a medical evacuation, a twist, or by other means. In 36 seasons, only twice have we given these type of players a second chance. For season 37, Second Chances makes a return. 21 pre-merge boots from Generation 3 who only played one time are coming back to finish the job from the first time they played. They are desperate for redemption, desperate for another shot. This is Survivor Aruba- Second Chances!

52 Days, 21 Castaways, 1 Sole Survivor!

Final Two:

Hooiberg (Red Buffs):
Jamanota (Yellow Buffs):
Oranjestad (Blue Buffs):
Juana (Merged Tribe, Green Buffs):

21st: JB/_JB_ (3-3/4-0) (Voted Out Day 6) (Lost Against Word Puzzle MO Day 8) (Orjanestad) (Day 8)
20th: Eoin/Eoin (7-0) (Hooiberg) (Day 9) (Did Not Choose A MO Island)
19th: Patricia/Patriciasigmond (6-2-1) (Oranjestad/Oranjestad) (Day 12) (Did Not Choose A MO Island)
18th: Austin/Forest_Knight (7-1) (Hooiberg/Oranjestad) (Day 15) (Did Not Choose A MO Island)
17th: Streams/Streams (9-0) (Hooiberg/Jamanota) (Day 18) (Did Not Choose A MO Island)
16th: Romeo/Alwaysvictorious (4-1) (Voted Out Day 21) (Lost Against Trivia MO Day 23)  (Hooiberg/Oranjestad/Hooiberg) (Day 23)
15th: Sal/Sprado91 (3-2) (Voted Out On Day 21) (Lost Against Math MO Day 23 (Jamanota/Oranjestad/Jamanota) (Day 23)
14th: Josh/Koolness234 (2-2-1/2-1) (Voted Out On Day 21) (Lost Against Math MO Day 23 (Jamanota/Jamanota/Oranjestad) (Day 23)
**MERGE & NOLAN RE-ENTERS THE GAME** (on 4 20 lol)
13th: Andrew/AndrewWeltner (5-2-1-1-1-1) (Oranjestad/Oranjestad/Jamanota/Juana) (Day 27)
12th: Ronnie/JBC8 (6-5) (Jamanota/Jamanota/Oranjestad/Juana) (Day 30)
11th: Kasey/Kaseyhope101 (4-1-0(4)-0(1) (Oranjestad/Oranjestad/Oranjestad/Juana) (Day 33)
10th: Ryan/Illdi (4-1-1-1-1-1) (Jamanota/Oranjestad/Oranjestad/Juana) (Day 36)
9th: JT/Absol (Medically Evacuated) (Jamanota/Oranjestad/Jamanota/Juana) (Day 37)
8th/7th: Ben/C00LDUDE1000 (3-1) (Jamanota/Jamanota/Hooiberg/Juana) (Day 39)
8th/7th: Red/Redwing91 (2-1) (Hooiberg/Jamanota/Jamanota/Juana) (Day 39)
6th: Nolan/Mysterygame2 (Voted Out Day 3 By A Vote Of 3-3-1/3-2) (Defeated Speed MO) (Re-Entered Game On Day 24) (Voted Out Day 42 By A Vote Of 3-2) (Day 42)
5th: Eric M./Awwsum11 (2-2/Lost Firemaking Tiebreaker Duel To Eric A.) (Oranjestad/Jamanota/Hooiberg/Juana) (Day 45)
4th: Nick/NickDaBoss (3-0) (Hooiberg/Jamanota/Jamanota/Juana) (Day 48)
3rd: Eric A./Arcaninemaster (1-0) (Jamanota/Oranjestad/Oranjestad/Juana) (Day 51)
Runner-Up: Dylan/SurviorFreak13 (Received 4 Votes To Win) (Oranjestad/Jamanota/Hooiberg/Juana) (Day 52)
Sole Survivor: Robby/Robbyjak (Received 6 Votes To Win) (Hooiberg/Jamanota/Hooiberg/Juana) (Day 52)
Player Of The Season: Robbyjak
1819 days 11 hours ago
-------------------TURKEY- BLOOD VS WATER--------------------

The Winner is Obscurity!

The Players of the Seasons are Obscurity and Pinkiepie512!

The Duo of the Season is Pinkiepie512 & Tr1364

Welcome to Generation 3 Survivor Turkey- Blood VS Water!

16 pairs of loved ones will compete TOGETHER for the first time ever in Gaia's Survivor Series. They will vote the same and will be voted out together. At a pre-determined point in the game, the duo twist will come to an end and this game becomes an individual game. Contestants will have to play a top notch game in order to come out on top. This is Survivor Turkey- Blood VS Water!

52 Days, 32 Castaways, 16 Pairs, 1 Sole Survivor!

Final Two:

Dardanelles Tribe (Red Buffs):
Bosphorus Tribe (White Buffs):
Kanvasu (Merged Tribe, Blue Buffs):

32nd/31st: DeshonBANNEDISBACK/Streams (5-3) (Dardanelles) (Day 3)
30th/29th: IRandomal123/RArsenault (5-2-1) (Bosphorus) (Day 3)
28th/27th: JBC8/Realchance (6-1) (Bosphorus) (Day 6)
26th/25th: Hungergameswin234/Mysterygame2 (5-1) (Bosphorus) (Day 9)
24th/23rd: ElectraViv/Jenzie (3-1-1) (Bosphorus) (Day 12)
22nd/21st: Christossss/Willie_ (2-1-1-1) (Dardanelles/Dardanelles) (Day 15)
20th/19th: C00LDUDE1000/Memphis_Grizzlies (2-2-1/2-1) (Dardanelles/Bosphorus) (Day 18)
18th/17th: Stilts12 (3-2-1-1-1-1) (Dardanelles/Dardanelles/Dardanelles) (Day 21)
18th/17th: JacksonWalsh (6-1-1-1) (Dardanelles/Dardanelles/Bosphorus) (Day 21)
16th/15th: JordanForReal (Medically Evacuated) (Dardanelles/Dardanelles/Dardanelles) (Day 24)
16th/15th: Matt64 (Medically Evacuated) (Dardanelles/Dardanelles/Dardanelles) (Day 24)
14th: Weetmaster (2-2-1-1-1-1/3-1) (Dardanelles/Bosphorus/Dardanelles) (Day 24)
13th: Qazwdxedc (2-0(3) (Bosphorus/Bosphorus/Dardanelles) (Day 27)
12th: 2hillaireus (7-1-1) (Dardanelles/Dardanelles/Bosphorus/Kanvasu) (Day 30)
11th: TaraG (5-2-1-1) (Dardanelles/Bosphorus/Bosphorus/Kanvasu) (Day 33)
10th: Koji (4-2-1-1) (Dardanelles/Bosphorus/Dardanelles/Kanvasu) (Day 36)
9th/8th: Kekgeek (2-0(2) (Bosphorus/Dardanelles/Dardanelles/Kanvasu) (Day 39)
9th/8th: Tuter32 (3-1) (Bosphorus/Dardanelles/Bosphorus/Kanvasu) (Day 39)
7th: Terose (Quit) (Bosphorus/Dardanelles/Bosphorus/Kanvasu) (Day 40) (NOT ON JURY)
6th: Pinkiepie512 (1-0(4) (Bosphorus/Bosphorus/Bosphorus/Kanvasu) (Day 42)
5th: TotsTrashy (2-0(2) (Bosphorus/Bosphorus/Dardanelles/Kanvasu) (Day 45)
4th: TR1364 (2-1) (Bosphorus/Bosphorus/Bosphorus/Kanvasu) (Day 48)
3rd: Jaybirdnifty (1-0) (Dardanelles/Dardanelles/Bosphorus/Kanvasu) (Day 51)
Runner-Up: Jake_WD (Received 2 Votes To Win) (Dardanelles/Dardanelles/Bosphorus/Kanvasu) (Day 52)
Sole Survivor: Obscurity (Received 7 Votes To Win) (Bosphorus/Dardanelles/Bosphorus/Kanvasu) (Day 52)
Players Of The Season: Obscurity & Pinkiepie512
The Duo Of The Season: Pinkiepie512 & Tr1364

2hillaireus & Weetmaster
Christossss & Willie_
C00LDUDE1000 & Memphis_Grizzlies
DeshonBANNEDISBACK & Streams
ElectraViv & Jenzie
Hungergameswin234 & Mysterygame2
IRandomal123 & RArsenault
JacksonWalsh & Jake_WD
Jaybirdnifty & JordanForReal
JBC8 & Realchance
Kekgeek & Obscurity
Koji & TaraG
Matt64 & Stilts12
Pinkiepie512 & TR1364
Qazwdxedc & TotsTrashy
Terose & Tuter32
1765 days 21 hours ago

The Winner is Sparticus142!

The Player of the Season is Bambinoswag!

Welcome to Generation 3 Survivor Kosovo!

42 castaways, mixed with both returnees and newbies, will be stranded in Kosovo! They must overcome a huge cast and the twists that come along the way in order to claim the title of Sole Survivor. In the end only one will convince the Jury they deserve the win. This is Survivor: Kosovo!

68 Days, 42 Castaways, 1 Sole Survivor!

Final Three:

Gazivoda (Red Buffs):
Ferizaj (Yellow Buffs):
Metohija (Blue Buffs):
Batlava  (Green Buffs):
Nerodimka  (Purple Buffs):
Deravica  (Pink Buffs):
Orahovac (Indigo Buffs, Merged Tribe):

42nd: Girllover101 (5-2) (Nerodimka) (Day 3)
41st: Doubledarefan01 (7-0) (Metohija) (Day 3)
40th: JBC8 (5-1-1) (Ferizaj) (Day 3)
39th: Rizzo (Quit) (Nerodimka) (Day 6)
38th: Toclafane212 (5-1-1) (Gazivoda) (Day 6)
37th: JakeB (6-0) (Metohija) (Day 6)
36th: CrimsonEnnui (4-1) (Metohija) (Day 9)
35th: Spinner554 (3-2) (Nerodimka) (Day 9)
34th: Daytime (3-3/2-2/Lost Firemaking Tiebreaker Duel To JacksonWalsh) (Gazivoda) (Day 9)
33rd: Mysterygame2 (4-2-2-1-1-1) (Metohija /Nerodimka) (Day 12)
32nd: Temponeptune (5-4-1-1) (Deravica/Deravica) (Day 12)
31st: Alanb1 (3-2-1-1-1-1-1-1) (Ferizaj/Batlava) (Day 12)
30th: JacksonWalsh (5-3-1-1) (Gazivoda/Batlava) (Day 15)
29th: Stilts12 (6-2-1-1) (Deravica/Deravica) (Day 15)
28th: TylerKeith  (5-1-1-1-1-1) (Nerodimka/Nerodimka) (Day 18)
27th: Redwing91 (6-1-1-1) (Gazivoda/Batlava) (Day 18)
26th: Tcold312 (5-2-1-1) (Ferizaj/Nerodimka) (Day 21)
25th: ThisIsMyGame (5-1-1-1) (Nerodimka/Batlava) (Day 21)
24th: Renny10 (Medically Evacuated) (Deravica/Batlava) (Day 21)
23rd: Lifer107 (5-2-1) (Batlava/Nerodimka) (Day 24)
22nd: ClassiCaz5 (Medically Evacuated) (Gazivoda/Nerodimka) (Day 24)
21st: Dito (5-1) (Batlava/Batlava) (Day 24)
20th: AntonB (8-1-1) (Ferizaj/Nerodimka/Gazivoda) (Day 27)
19th: Qazwdxedc (8-1-1/Medically Evacuated) (Gazivoda/Batlava/Ferizaj) (Day 30)
18th: Brashful (5-1-1-1/Medically Evacuated) (Nerodimka/Deravica/Ferizaj) (Day 33)
17th: Jimboslice (Medically Evacuated) (Deravica/Deravica/Ferizaj) (Day 33)
16th: Rodrigues75 (4-2-1-1-1/Lost RI Duel To Wileycoyote) (Gazivoda/Batlava/Ferizaj) (Day 34)
15th: Wileycoyote (Voted Out Day 33 By A Vote Of 2-1-0(6) (Re-Entered Day 34) (Voted Out Again 11-1-1-0(2) (Metohija/Batlava/Gazivoda/Orahovac) (Day 36)
14th: TotalDramaLover1234 (8-4-1-1) (Deravica/Batlava/Ferizaj/Orahovac) (Day 39)
13th: Awwsum11 (2-2-1-0(8)/Medically Evacuated) (Deravica/Deravica/Gazivoda/Orahovac) (Day 42)
12th: Spencerfan101 (7-4-1) (Batlava/Deravica/Ferizaj/Orahovac) (Day 45)
11th: JoelW55 (6-4-1) (Ferizaj/Batlava/Gazivoda/Orahovac) (Day 48)
10th/9th: Amf7410 (2-2-1-0(2)-0(1) (Batlava/Nerodimka/Ferizaj/Orahovac) (Day 51)
10th/9th: Icarus_Mark (2-2-1-0(2)-0(1) (Batlava/Nerodimka/Gazivoda/Orahovac) (Day 51)
8th: Ziggyzaggy (4-3-1) (Metohija/Deravica/Gazivoda/Orahovac) (Day 54)
7th: Boots22 (2-1-1-1-0(3) (Metohija/Deravica/Gazivoda/Orahovac) (Day 57)
6th: Perfectprizetag (3-0(3) (Batlava/Nerodimka/Ferizaj/Orahovac) (Day 60)
5th: Bambinoswag (3-2) (Nerodimka/Nerodimka/Ferizaj/Orahovac) (Day 63)
4th: Cryptspartan (4-0) (Batlava/Nerodimka/Gazivoda/Orahovac) (Day 66)
2nd Runner-Up: Pieguy555 (Received 3 Votes To Win) (Ferizaj/Deravica/Gazivoda/Orahovac) (Day 68)
Runner-Up: Magge555550101 (Received 4 Votes To Win) (Ferizaj/Deravica/Ferizaj/Orahovac) (Day 68)
Sole Survivor: Sparticus142 (Received 5 Votes To Win) (Deravica/Deravica/Gazivoda/Orahovac) (Day 68)
Player of the Season: Bambinoswag
Hero of the Season: Magge555550101
Villain of the Season: Sparticus142
Host Faves: Icarus_Mark & Ziggyzaggy16
Pre-Merge Boot of the Season: Dito
1765 days 21 hours ago

The Winner is Sahmosean!

The Player of the Season is Me2013!

Welcome to Generation 3 Survivor Andorra!

26 seasons ago, we allowed 3 people to handpick their tribes. This led to a very dynamic and interesting season. We are doing it again for Season 39! Three people have personally chosen their tribemates. These 18 castaways will have to battle amongst each other with blood, sweat, and tears to claim the title of Sole Survivor. This is Survivor: Andorra!

39 Days, 18 Castaways, 1 Sole Survivor!

Final Two:

Tommy's Titties Tribe (Pink Buffs):
Double Duty Tribe (Blue Buffs:
Alex's All Stars Tribe (Dark Blue Buffs):
Stoner's Stoners (Merged Tribe, Black Buffs):

18th: Kyle/Kkoster001 (5-1) (Double Duty) (Day 3)
17th: Brandon/Brandonrichie (Medically Evacuated) (Double Duty) (Day 4)
16th: Grace/Pinkiepie512 (2-2-1-1/3-0) (Tommy's Titties) (Day 6)
15th: Eric E./EM002 (3-3/2-2/Lost Firemaking Duel To TheSexiestDude990) (Alex's All Stars) (Day 6)
14th: Alan/Alanb1 (3-1-1) (Tommy's Titties) (Day 9)
13th: Peih'Vonne/HaydenNicole (Quit) (Tommy's Titties) (Day 10)
12th: Mitch/Mitchkid64 (2-1) (Tommy's Titties) (Day 12)
11th: Justin/BeastBoy (6-4-1) (Double Duty/Stoner's Stoners) (Day 15)
10th: Dylan/SurvivorFreak13 (6-2-1-1) (Double Duty/Stoner's Stoners) (Day 18)
9th: Eric M./Awwsum11 (6-2-1) (Double Duty/Stoner's Stoners) (Day 21)
8th/7th: Cameron/DrPepsi (3-3-2-1) (Tommy's Titties/Stoner's Stoners) (Day 24)
8th/7th: Tom/TR1364 (3-3-2-1) (Tommy's Titties/Stoner's Stoners) (Day 24)
6th: Kevin/MooseAntler86 (3-2-1) (Double Duty/Stoner's Stoners) (Day 27)
5th: Mark/AlaskanfireDragon (3-2) (Alex's All Stars/Stoner's Stoners) (Day 30)
4th: Mel/Me2013 (3-1) (Alex's All Stars/Stoner's Stoners) (Day 33)
3rd: Alex/Ghrocky100 (1-0) (Alex's All Stars/Stoner's Stoners) (Day 36)
Runner-Up: Julian/TheSexiestDude990 (Received 2 Votes To Win) (Alex's All Stars/Stoner's Stoners) (Day 39)
Sole Survivor: Jimbo/Sahmosean (Received 7 Votes To Win) (Alex's All Stars/Stoner's Stoners) (Day 39)
Player Of The Season: Mel/Me2013
Host Fave: Sahmosean
1736 days ago
-------------------KYRGYZSTAN- CHAMPIONS VS CHALLENGERS--------------------

The Winner is Caliboy!

The Player of the Season is Sahmosean!

Welcome to Generation 3 Survivor Kyrgyzstan- Champions VS Challengers!

Over 5 years ago in May 2011, Gaia's Survior was born. The last 39 seasons have been an adventure. Over 500 different people have played this game. Many have failed, few have had success in winning the title of Sole Survivor. Some of these players are truly special and one of a kind players... They just have not been able to pull off the win. We are bringing back some of the best players to never win in Gen 3. They are the CHALLENGERS. Against them? They will face players who have made their mark in the series and have won this game. They are the CHAMPIONS. Will a champion take home the win and prove they can do it again? Or will a challenger finally perfect their game to become a champion themselves?

43 Days, 9 Champions, 9 Challengers, 1 Sole Survivor!

Final Three:

Chokusu (Champions, Gold Buffs):
Titicaca (Challengers, Silver Buffs):
Anaujiram (Merged Tribe, Crystal Buffs):

18th: Chris/Quackerz (8-1) (Chokusu) (Day 3)
17th: Austin/Spinner554 (8-0) (Chokusu) (Day 6)
16th: Jake/Sparticus142 (6-1) (Chokusu) (Day 9)
15th: Alex/Ghrocky100 (7-1-1) (Titicaca) (Day 12)
14th: Jesse/JesseM (5-1) (Chokusu) (Day 15)
13th: Steven/Insanity (7-1) (Titicaca) (Day 18)
12th: Mel/Me2013 (8-3) (Titicaca/Anaujiram) (Day 21)
11th: Mark/Icarus_Mark (6-5) (Titicaca/Anaujiram (Day 24)
10th: Tanner/Blatastic1234 (8-2) (Titicaca/Anaujiram (Day 27)
9th: Christian/Christian_ (6-3) (Chokusu/Anaujiram) (Day 30)
8th/7th: Grace/Pinkiepie512 (4-4-2-2) (Titicaca/Anaujiram) (Day 33)
8th/7th: Chase/Bambinoswag (4-4-2-2) (Titicaca/Anaujiram) (Day 33)
6th: Erik/YoundAndReckless (4-4/3-1) (Chokusu/Anaujiram) (Day 36)
5th: Adam/Adamsel (3-1-1) (Titicaca/Anaujiram) (Day 39)
4th: Jimbo/Sahmosean (3-1) (Chokusu/Anaujiram) (Day 42)
2nd Runner-Up: Eli/EliOrtiz1234 (Received 1 Vote To Win) (Titicaca/Anaujiram) (Day 43)
Runner-Up: Mearl/Mearl (Received 2 Votes To Win) (Chokusu/Anaujiram) (Day 43)
Sole Survivor: Sean/Caliboy (Received 6 Votes To Win) (Chokusu/Anaujiram) (Day 43)
Player Of The Season: Jimbo/Sahmosean
1726 days 20 hours ago

The Winner is _ivyyy_445!

The Player of the Season is Unkown!

Welcome to Generation 3 Survivor Cameroon!

24 Castaways will be left to fend for themselves in Cameroon. They must outplay against each other in grueling challenges to come out on top. They must outwit each other to get the best of every other person in the game. Finally they must outlast everyone to claim the title of Sole Survivor!

50 Days, 24 Castaways, 1 Sole Survivor!

Final Two:

Wouri Tribe (Red Buffs):
Dibamba Tribe (Blue Buffs):
Mungo Tribe (Green Buffs):
Logone Tribe (Yellow Buffs):
Montagne (Merged Tribe, Purple Buffs):

24th: Dylan/DillyDally (5-1) (Logone) (Day 3)
23rd: Mario/Trist (3-1-1-1) (Mungo) (Day 6)
22nd: Will/Kudos (3-1-1) (Mungo) (Day 9)
21st: Maddie/Omggiraffe (3-1-1) (Logone) (Day 9)
20th: Hali/S73100 (6-0) (Wouri) (Day 12)
19th: Dino/Dinosauro27 (3-1) (Logone) (Day 12)
18th: Jake J./Jkjkjk15 (5-1-1-1-1) (Wouri/Wouri) (Day 15)
17th: Elise/Eliserose (6-2-1) (Dibamba/Dibamba) (Day 15)
16th: Drew/DrDanBoogie (3-2-1-1-1) (Dibamba/Dibamba) (Day 18)
15th: Fred/Ferdinandz (Medically Evacted) (Logone/Dibamba) (Day 21)
14th: RyJam/Ryanhawk71 (Medically Evacuated) (Logone/Dibamba) (Day 24)
13th: Paul/Survivorgame1 (Medically Evacuated) (Wouri/Dibamba) (Day 27)
12th: Anton/AntonB (5-1-1-1) (Mungo/Wouri) (Day 30)
11th: Sergio/Sihz (Quit) (Dibamba/Wouri/Montagne) (Day 31)
10th: Michael/Threedevils (7-3) (Dibamba/Wouri/Montagne) (Day 33)
9th: Qaz/Qazwdxedc (3-2-1-1-1-1) (Wouri/Dibamba/Montagne) (Day 36)
8th: Renny/TheRenny (Medically Evacuated) (Wouri/Wouri/Montagne) (Day 39) (NOT ON JURY)
7th: Dani/JourdanBabyXoXo (3-2-1-1) (Mungo/Wouri/Montagne) (Day 39)
6th: Jake H./Jakehou97 (2-1-1) (Mungo/Dibamba/Montagne) (Day 39)
5th: Dustin/Dustin24688642 (Mumgo/Dibamba/Montagne) (Day 42)
4th: Cheree/Jassos (3-1) (Dibamba/Dibamba/Montagne) (Day 45)
3rd: Patrick/Unkown (1-0) (Dibamba/Wouri/Montagne) (Day 48)
Runner-Up: Lukas/SirNiceGuy (Received 2 Votes To Win) (Logone/Wouri/Montagne) (Day 50)
Sole Survivor: Ivy/_ivyyy_445 (Received 4 Votes To Win) (Wouri/Wouri/Montagne) (Day 50)
Player Of The Season: Patrick/Unkown
Hero Of The Season: Patrick/Unkown
Villain Of The Season: _ivyyy_445
Pre-Merge Player Of The Season: Sergio/Sihz

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Gaia's Survivor Series (2011 - 2017)

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