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Generation 2 History

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2103 days 11 hours ago
History from Generation 2 will be posted here!
2103 days 11 hours ago

The Winner is Keith/Keitho44

The Players of the Season are Keith/Keitho44 and Maddalyn/IAwkwardxo!

Welcome to Generation 2 Survivor Bahrain!

To start Generation 2, twenty castaways have been stranded in the harsh terrains of the Middle East. They must learn to read each other and make the right decisions to make it to the end, or they will be voted out of the tribe. And what better way to return back to Survivor than with a back to the basics season? No second chances. No twists. Once you are voted out, you are out. This is Survivor: Bahrain!

Forty-Two Days, Twenty Castaways, One Sole Survivor.

Final Two:

Sitrah (Red Buffs):
Hawar (Blue Buffs):
Nabriha (Merged Tribe, Purple Buffs):

20th/19th: Sam/BigBrotherFan132 (Sitrah) (8-1-1) (Day 3)
20th/19th: Jimmy/Jimboslice (Hawar) (5-3-1-1) (Day 3)
18th: Ray/Ilikebugs (Hawar) (7-2) (Day 6)
17th: Matt/MattsBBUpdates (Sitrah) (7-1-1) (Day 9)
16th: John/Jxhn (Sitrah) (6-2) (Day 12)
15th: Bear/Bearpatrol (Sitrah) (5-2) (Day 15)
14th: Staymellow/Staymellow (Hawar) (6-1-1) (Day 18)
13th: Shady/TheRealSlimShady (Sitrah) (6-0) (Day 20)
12th: Mike/Survivor8 (Hawar) (4-1-1-1) (Day 22)
11th: Dave/Dfalc7 (Sitrah) (4-1) (Day 26)
10th: Jayson/BBlover96 (Sitrah/Nabriha) (Quit) (Day 27)
9th: Jake/Lemjam6 (Sitrah/Nabriha) (3-3/3-2) (Day 28)
8th: Jacob M./Minidude13 (Sitrah/Nabriha) (4-3) (Day 30)
7th: Oliver/ZombieOliver (Hawar/Nabriha) (5-2) (Day 33)
6th: Rich/Zed55 (Hawar/Nabriha) (3-1-0(1) (Day 36)
5th: Maddalyn/IAwkwardxo (Sitrah/Nabriha) (3-2) (Day 39)
4th: Jojo/Jojo7774 (Hawar/Nabriha) (3-1) (Day 40)
3rd: Jacob/Bobrocks333 (Hawar/Nabriha) (1-0) (Day 41)
Runner-Up: Martin/Hudspith (Hawar/Nabriha) (Received 2 Votes To Win) (Day 42)
Sole Survivor: Keith/Keitho44 (Hawar/Nabriha) (Received 5 Votes To Win) (Day 42)
Players of the Season: Keith/Keitho44 & Maddalyn/IAwkwardxo
2103 days 11 hours ago

The Winner is Tyler/TylerKeith!

The Player of the Season is Lincoln/Mrlincoln2u!

Welcome to Generation 2 Survivor Senegal!

For our next journey in this crazy game, we are headed to Senegal! We are dropping 18 castaways on one of many islands in this African country. Being known for its beautiful rivers, and deep culture and history, this will be a trip to die for. These 18 players must adapt to their surroundings along with each other to survive. And with no idols, it is all about gameplay. This is Survivor: Senegal!

Thirty-Nine Days, Eighteen Castaways, One Sole Survivor.

Final Three:

Gambia (Green Buffs):
Nepan (Red Buffs):
Sahel (Yellow Buffs):
Straw Hat Pirates (Merged Tribe, Brown Buffs):

18th/17th: Michael/Michael222 (Nepan) (4-2) (Day 3)
18th/17th: Brandon/Bdreezy15 (Sahel) (4-1-1) (Day 3)
16th/15th: Ronnie/JBC8 (Sahel) (5-0) (Day 6)
16th/15th: Oliver/Oncinders (Gambia) (5-1) (Day 6)
14th: Ryan/Wangifold (Nepan/Nepan) (6-1) (Day 9)
13th: Cole/Cole91 (Gambia/Nepan) (3-3/4-0) (Day 12)
12th: Bryce/Bryce333 (Sahel/Nepan/Straw Hat Pirates) (5-4-2) (Day 15)
11th: James/Dolphinsoccer4 (Nepan/Gambia/Straw Hat Pirates) (5-4-1) (Day 18)
10th: Jake/Warthhogs (Sahel/Gambia/Straw Hat Pirates) (7-2) (Day 21)
9th: David/Steel (Nepan/Gambia/Straw Hat Pirates) (5-3) (Day 24)
8th: Matt/Matt99 (Gambia/Nepan/Straw Hat Pirates (4-3) (Day 27)
7th: Andrew/Asz9191 (Gambia/Nepan/Straw Hat Pirates) (5-1) (Day 30)
6th: Alec/Black0ut247 (Nepan/Gambia/Straw Hat Pirates) (3-2) (Day 33)
5th: Eli/EliOrtiz1234 (Gambia/Nepan/Straw Hat Pirates) (3-1) (Day 36)
4th: Lincoln/Mrlincoln2u (Nepan/Nepan/Straw Hat Pirates) (3-1) (Day 38)
2nd Runner-Up: Sean/Caliboy (Sahel/Gambia/Straw Hat Pirates) (Received 1 Vote To Win) (Day 39)
Runner-Up: Andy/Amf7410 (Gambia/Gambia/Straw Hat Pirates) (Received 3 Votes To Win) (Day 39)
Sole Survivor: Tyler/TylerKeith (Sahel/Gambia/Straw Hat Pirates) (Received 4 Votes To Win) (Day 39)
Player of the Season: Lincoln/Mrlincoln2u
2103 days 11 hours ago

The Winner is Ricky/Rickyr777!

The Player of the Season is Rich/Sarge455!

Welcome to Generation 2 Survivor Tunisia!

12 seasons ago, a twist was introduced that would change how the game is played. One of the most stressing twists has never been used again until now. While in the lone country Tunisia, trust, deception, and alliances are more crucial then ever. 16 new castaways will be stranded here. Along with them, 4 first boots will return for redemption. The Alien Twist will put your determination to stay to the test.  And with tribes based on Karma, we have to have a Karma based twist! Whenever your karma goes up, you will be forced to switch tribes. Do you work harder in karma games to get away from your tribe, or do you give up karma to stay on your tribe? Who will be able to truly outwit, outplay, and outlast the rest? This is Survivor: Tunisia!

Thirty-Nine Days, Twenty Castaways, One Sole Survivor.

Final Two:

Bizerte (Black Buffs):
Tozeur (White Buffs):
Nabuel (Gray Buffs):
Tobute (Merged Tribe, Gold Buffs):

20th/19th: Jake/Jakehou97 (Medically Evacuated) (Tozeur) (Day 3)
20th/19th: Brandon/Bdreezy15 (4-2-2-1) (Bizerte) (Day 3)
18th: Sackeshi/Sackeshi (Quit) (Tozeur/Bizerte) (Day 6)
17th: Tyson/Bryjow123 (5-2-1-1) (Tozeur) (Day 9)
16th: Jimbo/Sahmosean (2-2-1-1-0(1)/3-2) (Bizerte/Tozeur/Bizerte) (Day 12)
15th: Sam/BigBrotherFan132 (5-0) (Bizerte/Nabuel) (Day 15)
14th: Scott/Fobbyiyg (3-1-1) (Tozeur/Bizerte) (Day 15)
13th: AJ/Jflora18 (3-0(1) (Bizerte/Nabuel) (Day 18)
12th: Jack/Jackbritt13 (3-1-1) (Bizerte/Tozeur) (Day 21)
11th: Andrea/IceIceBaby (1-1-0(2)/2-0) (Tozeur/Bizerte) (Day 21)
10th: Bubba/Duffybutt11 (Medically Evacuated) (Tozeur/Tozeur/Tobute) (Day 22)
9th: Jimmy/Jimboslice (7-1) (Tozeur/Bizerte/Tobute) (Day 24)
8th: Cameron/Giraffez (6-1-1) (Tozeur/Bizerte/Bizerte/Tobute) (Day 27)
7th: Maple/Mrnorthoftheborder (5-2) (Bizerte/Nabuel/Tobute) (Day 30)
6th: Cory/Lifer107 (5-1) (Bizerte/Tozeur/Nabuel/Tobute) (Day 33)
5th: Michael/Michael222 (NOT ON JURY) (5-0) (Tozeur/Nabuel/Tobute) (Day 35)
4th: Nolan/Mysterygame2 (4-0) (Bizerte/Tozeur/Tozeur/Tobute) (Day 37)
3rd: Wiley/Wileycoyote (1-0) (Bizerte/Tozeur/Bizerte/Tozeur/Tobute) (Day 38)
Runner-Up: Rich/Sarge455 (Tozeur/Bizerte/Tobute) (Received 2 Votes To Win) (Day 39)
Sole Survivor: Ricky/Rickyr777 (Bizerte/Tozeur/Tozeur/Tobute) (Received 3 Votes To Win) (Day 39)
Player Of The Season: Rich/Sarge455
2103 days 11 hours ago

The Winner is Shadi/Chastain!

The Player of the Season is Austin/Spinner554!

Welcome to Generation 2 Survivor Qatar!

14 new players are being flown to one of the most history influential countries in the world, Qatar. Along with them are 2 people who were personally invited to take part in what will for sure be a hard game. They must survive the tough challenges, paranoia filled tribal, and each other to make it to the end and become Sole Survivor. And with the Dumps & Penthouse Twist, anything can get mixed up at any given time. This is Survivor: Qatar!

Thirty-Nine Days, Sixteen Castaways, One Sole Survivor!

Final Three:

Dukhan Tribe (Black Buffs):
Wakrah Tribe (Gold Buffs):
Nojoum Tribe (Merged Tribe, Silver Buffs):

16th/15th: Chad/Chad123 (7-1) (Dukhan) (Day 3)
16th/15th: Sparticus/Sparticus142 (5-2-1) (Wakrah) (Day 3)
14th: Zuelke/Zuelke (6-1) (Wakrah) (Day 6)
13th: Shawn/SuitMan13 (3-3/2-2/Lost Duel) (Wakrah) (Day 9)
12th: Guigi/Guigi (6-1) (Dukhan) (Day 12)
11th: Steve/Stevestevester10 (6-0) (Dukhan) (Day 15)
10th: Terose/Terose (4-4/4-2) (Wakrah/Nojoum) (Day 20)
9th: Dan/BigBrother101 (6-1-1) (Wakrah/Nojoum) (Day 24)
8th: Snow/Snowgirl57 (4-2-1) (Dukhan/Nojoum) (Day 27)
7th: Patrick/Patrick319 (3-2-1) (Wakrah/Nojoum) (Day 30)
6th: JT/Absol (3-1-1) (Dukhan/Nojoum) (Day 33)
5th: Jake/JakeD (1-1/2-1) (Wakrah/Nojoum) (Day 33)
4th: Ben/Milkisgood (3-0) (Wakrah/Nojoum) (Day 36)
2nd Runner-Up: N/A
Runner-Up: Austin/Spinner554 (Dukhan/Nojoum) (Received 2 Votes To Win) (Day 39) AND Wyatt/Aiwfwyattroh (Dukhan/Nojoum) (Received 2 Votes To Win) (Day 39)
Sole Survivor: Shadi/Chastain (Dukhan/Nojoum) (Received 3 Votes To Win) (Day 39)
Player Of The Season: Austin/Spinner554
2103 days 11 hours ago
-------------------ERITREA- FANS VS FAVORITES 2--------------------

The Winner is Andrew/Donosaurus_Rex!

The Player of the Season is Jarrod/Bingo21!

Welcome to Generation 2 Survivor Eritrea- Fans VS Favorites!

21 Seasons ago we started playing the game of Survivor. 17 Seasons ago we brought Fans of the game to compete against Favorites who played before. 17 Seasons later, we are. Doing. It. Again. 14 Fans of the game who have been personally invited are competing against 14 Favorites from the last 4 Seasons of Generation 2. This will be the hardest Generation 2 Season yet, and will truly be a fight until the very end. We are traveling to the Arabic country, Eritrea to witness the ultimate game. Will a Fan of the game come out on top again, or will a Favorite prove why they are a Favorite and take the win. This is Survivor Eritrea- Fans VS Favorites 2!

28 Castaways, 51 Days, 1 Sole Survivor!

Final Three:
Andrew D./Donosaurus_Rex
Jake D./JakeD

Anseba (Red Buffs):
Maekel (White Buffs):
Debub (Black Buffs):
Barka (Blue Buffs):
Tigrinya Tribe (Merged Tribe, Purple Buffs):

28th: Eli/EliOrtiz1234 (Medically Evacuated) (Maekel) (Day 2)
**Sagar/Obscurity Voted Out 5-2**
27th: Dan/Bigbrother101 (6-1/Lost Duel 1 To Sagar & Brittany) (Barka) (Day 3)
26th: Rich/Zed55 (5-1/Lost Duel 2 To Sagar, Brittany, & Jake) Barka) (Day 6)
25th: Jake W/Warthogs (4-2/Lost Duel 2 To Sagar & Brittany) (Maekel) (Day 6)
24th: Nick Y./Yaxha (5-1/Forfeited Duel 3 To Sagar, Brittany, & Andrew (Debub) (Day 9)
23rd: Andrew T./Turney1805 (5-1/Forfeited Duel 3 To Sagar & Brittany (Anseba) (Day 9)
22nd: Jojo/Jojo7784 (9-1/Lost Duel 4 To Sagar, Carl, & Brittany) (Maekel/Maekel) (Day 12)
21st: Brittany/LaFierceBrittany2 (4-3/Lost Duel 4 To Sagar & Carl) (Debub) (Day 12)
20th: Cameron/Giraffez (5-3/Lost Duel 5 To Sagar, Carl, & Joe) (Barka/Maekel) (Day 17)
19th: J-Wiz/Joeker (5-4/Lost Duel 5 To Sagar & Carl) (Debub/Maekel) (Day 17)
18th: Carl/Cmack311 (6-4/Lost Duel 6 To Patrick, Sagar, & Will) (Anseba/Anseba) (Day 22)
17th: Will/SurvivorFan37 (3-3-1/3-2/Lost Duel 6 To Patrick & Sagar) (Anseba/Maekel) (Day 22)
16th: Sean/Renegade628 (3-3/2-2/Lost Firemaking Tiebreaker Duel To Logan/Lost Duel 7 To Sagar, Mearl, & Patrick) (Debub/Maekel) (Day 27)
15th: Patrick/Patrick319 (5-4/Lost Duel 7 To Sagar & Mearl) (Maekel/Anseba) (Day 27)
**David/Steel Voted Out 5-1**
14th: JT/Absol (4-2/Lost Duel 8 To Sagar, David, & Mearl) (Barka/Maekel/Anseba) (Day 30)
13th: Mearl/Mearl (4-3-1/Lost Duel 8 To Sagar & David) (Debub/Anseba) (Day 30)
12th: Logan/LoganWorm (9-1-1) (Anseba/Maekel/Anseba/Tigrinya) (Day 33)
11th: Lincoln/Mrlincoln2u (5-4-1) (Barka/Anseba/Anseba/Tigrinya) (Day 35)
10th: Maple/Mrnorthoftheborder (5-4) (Maekel/Maekel/Anseba/Tigrinya) (Day 37)
9th: Ian/DarkTyphoon23 (2-2-2/3-0) (Debub/Anseba/Maekel/Tigrinya) (Day 39)
8th: David/Steel (5-1-1) (Barka/Maekel/Maekel/Tigrinya) (Day 41)
7th: Sagar/Obscurity (Medically Evacuated) (Anseba/Tigrinya) (Day 43)
6th: Nick M./Manalord (3-2) (Anseba/Anseba/Maekel/Tigrinya) (Day 45)
5th: Bubba/Duffybutt11 (3-1) (Maekel/Anseba/Anseba/Tigrinya) (Day 47)
4th: Jarrod/Bingo21 (3-1) (Anseba/Anseba/Maekel/Tigrinya) (Day 49)
2nd Runner-Up: Jake/JakeD (Maekel/Anseba/Anseba/Tigrinya) (Received 1 Vote To Win) (Day 51)
Runner-Up: Maddalyn/IAwkwardxo (Barka/Anseba/Maekel/Tigrinya) (Received 4 Votes To Win) (Day 51)
Sole Survivor: Andrew/Donosaurus_Rex (Debub/Maekel/Maekel/Tigrinya) (Received 4 Votes + Tiebreaker Vote To Win) (Day 51)
Player Of The Season: Jarrod/Bingo21
2103 days 11 hours ago

The Winner is Jeremy/MMAjunkieX!

The Player of the Season is Paul/Survivorgame1!

Welcome to Generation 2 Survivor Mayotte!

24 normal people will be stranded on a small island in the regions of France. This is Mayotte. Here they will duke it out until only one is declared the winner. Along the way they have to survive the elements of the wilderness, along with a diverse cast of new players. With a twist-less season taking place, it's all about your will to stay alive. Once you're voted out, you are out for good. This is Survivor: Mayotte!

24 Castaways, 42 Days, 1 Sole Survivor!

Final Three:

Karoni (Red Buffs):
Vatou (Blue Buffs):
Pouhou (Yellow Buffs):
Fuggrayne (Merged Tribe, Green Buffs):

24th/23rd/22nd: Patrick/DantezFire (7-1) (Karoni) (Day 3)
24th/23rd/22nd: Sarah/Sarah48 (6-1-1) (Vatou) (Day 3)
24th/23rd/22nd: Alyssa/oXAlyssaXo (4-3-1) (Pouhou) (Day 3)
21st/20th: Ian/Workhardplayhard247 (6-1) (Vatou) (Day 6)
21st/20th: Porsche/Porschefan101 (3-3-1/3-2) (Karoni) (Day 6)
19th/18th: Michael P./PeaceOut14 (5-1) (Karoni) (Day 9)
19th/18th: Griffin/Griffles (3-2-1-1) (Pouhou) (Day 9)
17th/16th: Dana/TotsTrashy (4-1) (Karoni) (Day 12)
17th/16th: Lance/BoyToy4Cato (3-3/3-1) (Vatou) (Day 12)
15th/14th: Leo/Yinzer149 (3-1) (Karoni) (Day 15)
15th/14th: Ali/CutieAmy (4-1-1) (Pouhou) (Day 15)
13th/12th: Michael K./Kort (2-1) (Karoni) (Day 18)
13th/12th: Skyler/Skyler1822 (4-1) (Vatou) (Day 18)
11th: Zach/Zbase4 (6-5) (Pouhou/Fuggrayne) (Day 21)
10th: Joey/TheEclipse (5-4-1) (Vatou/Fuggrayne) (Day 24)
9th: Danny/Chantra1 (5-3-1) (Karoni/Fuggrayne) (Day 27)
8th: Natalie/OhNatalie (4-3-1) (Vatou/Fuggrayne) (Day 30)
7th: Sim/SomebodyAwesome (4-3) (Vatou/Fuggrayne) (Day 33)
6th: Paul/Survivorgame1 (4-2) (Vatou/Fuggrayne) (Day 36)
5th: Brady M./Bradyman7 (4-1) (Pouhou/Fuggrayne) (Day 38)
4th: Brady S./Bradyspaulding16 (3-1) (Vatou/Fuggrayne) (Day 40)
2nd Runner-Up: Robin/Robinhood99 (Pouhou/Fuggrayne) (Received 1 Vote To Win) (Day 42)
Runner-Up: Coldan/Dragotistic (Pouhou/Fuggrayne) (Received 2 Votes To Win) (Day 42)
Sole Survivor: Jeremy/MMAjunkieX (Pouhou/Fuggrayne) (Received 5 Votes To Win) (Day 42)
Player Of The Season: Paul/Survivorgame1
2103 days 11 hours ago

The Winner is Jesse/JesseM!

The Player of the Season is Shawn/Shawnpat7!

Welcome to Generation 2 Survivor Mauritania!

Many people have won Stars. But what happens when you take these winners and pit them against each other in the game of Survivor? 15 Stars Winners will be living in Mauritania, North Africa for 39 days. Joining them are three Stars Winners who are in need of redemption from their original Survivor season. These players must take their Stars gameplay, and adapt and change to fit the game of Survivor. They must also survive each other until one remains to be the Sole Survivor.

39 Days, 18 Stars Winners, 1 Sole Survivor!

Final Three:


Inchiri (White Buffs):
Zouerat (Green Buffs):
Ouadane (Gold Buffs):
Purple (Merged Tribe, Purple Buffs):

18th: Sam/SamSam14 (2-2-1/2-1) (Zouerat) (Day 3)
17th: Jeff/Vikejk17 (5-0) (Ouadane) (Day 6)
16th: Kevin/VoLcOmVaNs (Quit) (Zouerat) (Day 9)
15th: Cody/LiteCitrus (1-0(4) (Inchiri) (Day 9)
14th: Corey/Corey1 (5-1) (Zouerat/Inchiri) (Day 12)
13th: Alicia/PrincessTeePee (3-2) (Inchiri/Inchiri) (Day 15)
12th: Timmy/Meduncan (5-4-1) (Inchiri/Zouerat/Purple) (Day 18)
11th: Taylor/TaylorStLouis (3-3-1-1-1-0(1)/4-4/Forfeited Firemaking Tiebreaker Duel) (Inchiri/Zouerat/Purple) (Day 21)
10th: Austin/Austino15fffan (6-1-1) (Ouadane/Inchiri/Purple) (Day 24)
9th: Julian/TheSexiestDude990 (3-3-1/4-1) (Ouadane/Inchiri/Purple) (Day 27)
8th: Jake/Sparticus142 (4-1) (Ouadane/Inchiri/Purple) (Day 30)
7th: Andrew/Turney1805 (2-0(2)-0(1) (Zouerat/Zouerat/Purple) (Day 32)
6th: Mike/Survivor8 (2-0(2) (Inchiri/Inchiri/Purple (Day 34)
5th: Anthony/Mastropola (3-1) (Ouadane/Zouerat/Purple (Day 36)
4th: Shawn/Shawnpat7 (Quit) (Inchiri/Zouerta/Purple) (Day 38)
2nd Runner-Up: Brian/Cfff (Zouerat/Zouerat/Purple) (Received 2 Votes To Win) (Day 39)
Runner-Up: Carolyn/Gagaluv (Ouadane/Inchiri/Purple) (Received 3 Votes To Win) (Day 39)
Sole Survivor: Jesse/JesseM (Zouerat/Zouerat/Purple) (Received 3 Votes + Tiebreaker Vote To Win) (Day 39)
Player Of The Season: Shawn/Shawnpat7
2103 days 11 hours ago
-------------------COCOS ISLANDS- SECOND CHANCES 2--------------------

The Winner is Mearl/Mearl!

The Player of the Season is Mearl/Mearl!

Welcome to Generation 2 Survivor Cocos Islands- Second Chances!

Gaiaphage's 2nd Generation of Survivor has already been through 7 seasons. Throughout these seasons, many good players went home early. Maybe it was because of a twist, tribes, bad luck, or they played too hard too fast. Whatever the case, they did not make it to the merge. 16 "losers" are in need of redemption. And they will get that chance in the Cocos Islands. While fighting against each other, earning their second shot, they just also survive the harsh environment and be prepared mentally. Not to mention, Redemption Island will test how bad will you fight to re-enter the game? And your social skills and strategic ability WILL be put to the ultimate test since everybody starts with one idol. This is Survivor: Cocos Islands- Second Chances 2!

36 Days, 16 Castaways, 1 Sole Survivor!

Final Three:

Redemption Island:

Kembang (Silver Buffs):
Cheplok (Gold Buffs):
Panjang (Merged Tribe, Purple Buffs):

16th: Sackeshi/Sackeshi (6-1/Lost Duel 1 To Brittany & Michael) (Kembang) (Day 8)
15th: Cole/Cole91 (4-1-1/Lost Duel 2 To Ryan, Brittany, & Michael) (Cheplok) (Day 14)
14th: Michael/PeaceOut14 (1-0(5)-0(1)-0(1)/Lost Duel 3 To Ryan, Brittany, & Joe) (Cheplok) (Day 17)
13th: Brittany/LaFierceBrittany2 (3-1-1-0(3)/Lost Duel 4 To Joe) (Kembang) (Day 20)
12th: Ryan/Wangifold (3-2-2/Lost Duel 4 To Joe) (Cheplok) (Day 20)
11th: AJ/Jflora18 (4-2-2-0(2)/Lost Duel 5 To Andrea & Will) (Kembang) (Day 23)
10th/9th: Andrea/IceIceBaby (9-0/Lost Duel 6 To Will),(Cheplok) (Day 26)
10th/9th: Sean/Renegade628 (4-2/Lost Duel 6 To Will) (Kembang) (Day 26)
8th: Will/SurvivorFan37 (3-2-1-0(3)/Did Not Finish Final Duel) (Kembang) (Day 30)
7th: Dave/Dfalc7 (4-3)/Did Not Finish Final Duel) (Kembang) (Day 30)
6th: Jake/Jakehou97 (3-1-1-1)/Did Not Finish Final Duel) (Cheplok) (Day 30)
5th: Derek/Bryjow123 (3-1-0(1)/Did Not Finish Final Duel) (Cheplok) (Day 30)
4th: Bear/Bearpatrol (3-1) (Kembang) (Day 33)
2nd Runner-Up: John/Jxhn (Cheplok/Panjang) (Received 1 Vote To Win) (Day 36)
Runner-Up: Joe/Joeker (Voted Out Day 15 By A 2-2-1-0(1)/2-2/Lost Firemaking Tiebreaker Duel To Renegade628, Re-Entered Game On Day 17) (Kembang/Panjang) (Received 2 Votes To Win) (Day 36)
Sole Survivor: Mearl/Mearl (Cheplok/Panjang) (Received 4 Votes To Win) (Day 36)
Player Of The Season: Mearl/Mearl
2103 days 11 hours ago
-------------------RIO DE JANEIRO--------------------

The Winner is Jeff/Coltsfan876!

The Player of the Season is Erik/Awwsum11!

Welcome to Generation 2 Survivor Rio de Janeiro!

To finish up the last season with new applicants, we are stranding 34 individuals in the middle of Rio de Janeiro! In the largest Gen 2 Season yet, they have a lot to do to beat out everyone in the end. With no idols, players will have to rely strictly on their strategic minds, social skills, and adaptability. This is Survivor: Rio de Janeiro!

39 Days, 34 Castaways, 1 Sole Survivor!

Final Three:

Urca (Blue Buffs):
Tijuca (Red Buffs):
Velho (Purple Buffs):
Lagoa (Yellow Buffs):
Gavea (Green Buffs):
Forte na Fé (Merged Tribe, Black And White Buffs):

34th/33rd/32nd/31st/30th: Kyler/SouthernSong (4-2) (Velho) (Day 3)
34th/33rd/32nd/31st/30th: Zach/Jayhawk123 (4-1-1) (Lagoa) (Day 3)
34th/33rd/32nd/31st/30th: Daniel/DontVoteMePlease (5-1) (Urca) (Day 3)
34th/33rd/32nd/31st/30th: Tanner/PotatoSalad (5-1) (Gavea) (Day 3)
34th/33rd/32nd/31st/30th: Chris/IRandomal123 (3-2-1) (Tijuca) (Day 3)
29th: Tykeal/Tykeal (Quit) (Lagoa) (Day 6)
28th: Madison/EternalBlossom (Quit) (Lagoa) (Day 6)
27th/26th: Trey/Iamtrey (4-1-1) (Urca) (Day 6)
27th/26th: Ahmir/Ahmir99 (5-1) (Velho) (Day 6)
25th: Patrick/Patrick319 (Quit) (Gavea) (Day 6)
24th: Mickle/MicklePickle20 (Quit) (Velho/Urca) (Day 7)
23rd/22nd: Blake/Blakeinator6000 (6-1-1) (Gavea/Tijuca) (Day 9)
23rd/22nd: Bubba/Duffybutt11 (6-1) (Lagoa/Urca) (Day 9)
21st/20th/19th: Jack/JETTEJ (5-1-1) (Urca/Tijuca) (Day 12)
21st/20th/19th: Kaitlyn/Stary (7-1) (Tijuca/Velho) (Day 12)
21st/20th/19th: Brendan/Bwburke94 (3-1-1-1) (Velho/Urca) (Day 12)
18th/17th: Eric/Econ21 (3-2) (Lagoa/Urca) (Day 15)
18th/17th: Jean/Queenisha (5-1-1) (Velho/Velho) (Day 15)
16th: Rhys/AndThenThereWasOne (Quit) (Tijuca/Urca) (Day 15)
15th/14th: JB/_JB_ (4-1) (Tijuca/Urca/Urca) (Day 18)
15th/14th: Houston/Hwest14 (4-1) (Tijuca/Tijuca/Velho) (Day 18)
13th/12th: J.D./RedChaos (3-1) (Urca/Tijuca/Velho) (Day 21)
13th/12th: Dino/Dinosauro27 (3-1-1) (Gavea/Urca/Tijuca) (Day 21)
11th: Cristina/Bigbrothermaniac (Medically Evacuted) (Tijuca/Velho/Tijuca) (Day 21)
10th: Missy/Missalice3 (5-1-1) (Velho/Urca/Tijuca/Forte na Fé) (Day 24)
9th: Dinkle/DrPepsi (6-2-1) (Velho/Tijuca/Velho/Forte na Fé) (Day 27)
8th/7th: AFD/AlaskanFireDragon (2-0) (Gavea/Velho/Urca/Forte na Fé) (Day 30)
8th/7th: Robby/Robbyjak (2-1) (Lagoa/Tijuca/Velho/Forte na Fé) (Day 30)
6th: Oakley/Ofl1998 (3-2-1) (Urca/Velho/Tijuca/Forte na Fé) (Day 33)
5th: Newz/OldNewz (3-2) (Tijuca/Velho/Urca/Forte na Fé) (Day 35)
4th: Derek/Skittles22399 (3-1) (Urca/Tijuca/Urca/Forte na Fé) (Day 37)
2nd Runner-Up: Addrian/Addrian (Received 1 Vote To Win) (Gavea//Velho/Velho/Forte na Fé) (Day 39)
Runner-Up: Erik/Awwsum11 (Received 2 Votes To Win) (Gavea/Tijuca/Tijuca/Forte na Fé) (Day 39)
Sole Survivor: Jeff/Coltsfan876 (Received 4 Votes To Win) (Urca/Velho/Urca/Forte na Fé) (Day 39)
Player Of The Season: Erik/Awwsum11
2103 days 11 hours ago
-------------------BOUVET ISLAND- WINNERS VS RUNNER-UPS--------------------

The Winners are Jarrod/Bingo21 AND Jeremy/MMAjunkieX!

The Player of the Season is Jeremy/MMAjunkieX!

Welcome to Generation 2 Survivor Bouvet Island- Winners VS Runner-Ups!

345 tengaged users have played Gaiaphage's Survivor. 58 different people have made finals. Many have come short of the win, but only a few have actually won the game known as Survivor. For the final season ever, we are headed to Bouvet Island for the third time, where 11 of the most dangerous Winners will face off against 11 of the most successful Runner-Ups. Will a Winner prove why they won in the first place, or will a Runner-Up show they have what it takes? This is Survivor Bouvet Island- Winners VS Runner-Ups!

22 Former Finalists. 11 Winners VS 11 Runner-Ups. 50 Days. 1 Sole Survivor.

This is Survivor: Bouvet Island- Winners VS Runner-Ups!

Final Three:
Alex G./01Gohan

Olavtoppen (Winners, Blue Buffs):
Kraterisen (Runner-Ups, Red Buffs):
Terakhir (Merged Tribe, Black & Purple Buffs):

22nd/21st: Keith/Keitho44 (9-1-1) (Olavtoppen- Winners) (Day 3)
22nd/21st: Brian/Cfff (11-0) (Kraterisen- Runner-Ups) (Day 3)
20th: Wyatt/Aiwfwyattroh (6-4) (Kraterisen- Runner-Ups) (Day 6)
19th: Addrian/Addrian (4-4-1/4-2) (Kraterisen- Runner-Ups) (Day 9)
18th: Mearl/Mearl (9-1) (Olavtoppen- Winners) (Day 12)
17th: Austin/Spinner554 (8-1) (Olavtoppen- Winners) (Day 15)
16th/15th: Jeff/Coltsfan876 (7-1) (Olavtoppen- Winners) (Day 18)
16th/15th: Erik/Awwsum11 (6-1-1) (Kraterisen- Runner-Ups) (Day 18)
14th: Michael/PeaceOut14 (5-1-1) (Kraterisen- Runner-Ups) (Day 21)
13th: Shadi/Chastain (5-2) (Olavtoppen- Winners) (Day 24)
12th: Alex R./RShowFreak (6-6/5-5/Lost Firemaking Tiebreaker Duel To Jeremy/MMAjunkieX) (Kraterisen- Runner-Ups/Terakhir) (Day 27)
11th: Andy/Amf7410 (6-5) (Kraterisen- Runner-Ups/Terakhir) (Day 30)
10th: Rich/Sarge455 (6-4) (Kraterisen- Runner-Ups/Terakhir) (Day 33)
9th: Coldan/Dragotistic (6-1-1-1) (Kraterisen- Runner-Ups/Terakhir) (Day 36)
8th: Nick/Nbkiller (6-1-1) (Kraterisen- Runner-Ups/Terakhir) (Day 39)
7th: Russ/Zimdelinvasor (4-3) (Olavtoppen- Winners/Terakhir) (Day 42)
6th: Joe/Joeker (3-3/2-2/Lost Firemaking Tiebreaker Duel To Jeremy/MMAjunkieX) (Olavtoppen- Winners/Terakhir) (Day 44)
5th: Eddie/49288 (3-2) (Olavtoppen- Winners/Terakhir) (Day 46)
4th: Sean/Caliboy (2-2/2-0) (Kraterisen- Runner-Ups/Terakhir) (Day 48)
2nd Runner-Up: N/A
Runner-Up: Alex G./01Gohan (Olavtoppen- Winners/Terakhir) (Received 0 Votes To Win) (Day 50)
Sole Survivor: Jarrod/Bingo21 (Olavtoppen- Winners/Terakhir) (Received 4 Original Votes AND 2 Back-Up Votes To Win) (Day 50) AND Jeremy/MMAjunkieX (Olavtoppen- Winners/Terakhir) (Received 4 Original Votes AND 2 Back-Up Votes To Win) (Day 50)
Player Of The Season: Jeremy/MMAjunkieX

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