D&B's Survivor Season 8 : Blood vs Water

Congratulations to Chandler on winning the title of Sole Survivor!

This season we will be going to Nicaragua, a place full of culture, but also with islands that will take scenery to a whole new level. With so much wildlife and nature, it is here where 18 people will set out on a quest to battle it out and to claim the title of Sole Survivor.

But this time there is a twist. This is Survivor Blood vs Water, where 9 pairs will compete against each other for the title of Sole Survivor. The pairs will be separated, assigning each member to opposite tribes.

Not only that, but the pairs will consist of 1 returning player and 1 new player. 

They must learn to adapt or they will be voted out. In the end, only one can claim the title of Sole Survivor.

18 people, 2 tribes, 1 Survivor!

(Will be updating the wikia whenever possible)

3 are left. Who will win the title of Sole Survivor?


Kyle - X

(3 strikes and you're out)


- Chandler (Chandelier) #Galang #Galang #Sangua
- Kyle (RedsKanto) #Tadhana #Galang #Sangua
- Taylor (josiahsurvivor) #Galang #Tadhana #Sangua


* means an idol was played
(RV) means there was a revote
(EV) means an extra vote was played

18th - Nyx (Babeeeidah) 4-2-1-1-1 #Tadhana
17th - Ambar (_Ambar) 7-1 #Tadhana
16th - Jay (Jay_smooth1738) 3-3-1, 4-1(RV) #Tadhana
15th - Jayden (jjvawesomeness0511) Removed #Tadhana
14th - Burger (Burgerman2929292) 3-1-1 #Tadhana
=================TRIBAL SWAP=================
13th - Dan (dwipeouts) 3-1-1-1 #Tadhana #Tadhana
12th - Liam (kingLiam) 6-5-1 #Galang #Tadhana #Sangua
11th - Steve (steve4280) Banned #Tadhana #Tadhana #Sangua (Not in Jury)
10th - Brady (CoachWade) 4-4-3 (EV), 4-4 (RV), Drew Rocks #Galang #Galang #Sangua
9th - Brian (BrainJak) 3-3-3, 5-1 (RV) #Galang #Galang #Sangua
8th - Birks (Birks4444) 5-3 #Galang #Tadhana #Sangua
7th - Jae (PoohSnap) 2-1-0* #Galang #Tadhana #Sangua
6th - Chancellor (MyrtleMountain) 2-1-0* #Tadhana #Galang #Sangua
5th - Hoop (lhooper902976) 3-1-1 #Galang #Exile #Sangua
4th - X (FireX) 3-1 #Galang #Galang #Sangua
=================FINAL THREE=================

Featured Players 1 playing

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