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Pawns [ Season 1 Applications Open ]

~*[ How it works ]*~

In this game, the rules are a little bit complicated. 20 BISHOPS and enter the game.

Every week, there will be a task. The first 2 bishops to complete the task will become the KINGS. 3rd and 4th bishops to complete the task become QUEENS gain immunity. The other players are all suceptable to becoming the PAWNS for the week.

Each king will select 1 bishop to become a pawn. The two pawns then have their own seperate pawn competition.

Whoever wins the pawn competition is safe, and becomes a king, trading spots with the king who demoted him. So the king who demoted the bishop to the winning pawn will become the pawn.

Bishops will then vote on which pawn shall go home. The king overseeing the pawn's demotion will gain a point.

At the final 15, everyone voted out will have 1 chance + any points they earned while in the game to come back into the game.

After 7 pawns have been voted out, the pawns voted out become ROOKS, also known as the jury.

Immunity ends at the final 5.

From the final 4 onwards, points will not be given for pawns being voted out.

At the final 4, the two bishops who become kings will decide amongst themselves who get's 3rd place, but if they cannot agree, the pawns have the opportunity to agree on a king to send packing. If not, will select one of the 4 players to recieve 4th place.

At the final 3, the one bishop who does not win kingship, will be given 3rd place.

The last 11 rooks voted out each have 1 point, plus every point they earned while in the game, to give to one of the kings.

Whichever member of the final 2 has the most points at the end becomes the KING. Mail me with any questions.

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Pawns [ Season 1 Applications Open ]

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