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1130 days 18 hours ago
1130 days 18 hours ago
I mean, there's pros and cons with this as imo it wasn't like the best ever or most authentic ever and with a tough female competition, I think it'll be hard for you,

BUT, this performance showed A LOT of potential, like I see you being able to go down a real different amazing indie like... Christina Perri or Sara Barellis or someone like that route and I think you could be a standout with the potential you show here.

It was a great rendition and arrangement, just a poor song choice IMO.

Overall yes from me.
1130 days 14 hours ago
I liked this but it wasn't live.

That's all there is to it. We don't have a lot of rules but live performances are heavily preferred.

No from me.
1130 days 14 hours ago
She is a cover artist and I beleive its not a music video
1129 days 18 hours ago
Oh rip I couldn't tell it was non live
1129 days 14 hours ago
Your voice sounds weird but I think thats your like accent lol. I like your eyes. Your voice is good enough to make it through auditions  :D

Yes from me
1127 days 21 hours ago
It's not life, so no.

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