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98 days 4 hours ago
This competition has become the tradition of final HOH's in my last few seasons. It also happens to be the one you both started with three months ago.

Today's challenge: “Prove It” (owned by NJKoda1998).

Today’s challenge is a simple test of willpower, that will help determine who gets to be HOH and who does not.

You must create your own forum for this challenge IN THIS GROUP. You will need to post in your designated forum every hour - meaning when you post, you must wait a full hour before posting again.

You will have 48 hours to do your posting. Each post you make in that time frame that is done properly (meaning you waited the full hour time limit) will give you a point.

In the event of a tie, whoever started first of those tied will get the better placement. If somehow that doesn’t break the tie, breaks it.

It is up to YOU to create your own forum. If you do not create a forum, you cannot play. You also cannot comment on other peoples' forums.

THIS CHALLENGE WILL LAST UNTIL SATURDAY (OCTOBER 20) AT 11:00PM EST. THAT IS 72 HOURS FROM NOW, SO THE MAXIMUM POSSIBLE SCORE IS 72. Please do mail me any concerns you may have, or any other questions you need to know answers to.

Good luck to both of you!
97 days 20 hours ago
You said there wouldn't be any more comps like this.
96 days 11 hours ago
It's not every minute, it's every hour. And it's a final HOH tradition of mine ;)

Anyway I have to go back to the hospital for a bit tomorrow (Saturday) because as you know, I had surgery in march and my sister had the same surgery three days ago xD

So the challenge will end slightly early, at 3:00pm EST Saturday instead of 11.
96 days 11 hours ago
Me: Will it be completely non-live? As in not a comp where the person who posts the most wins? If it's one of those, I'm about to gts, so I won't be able to participate.
Your response was that there weren't going to be anymore challenges like this
95 days 9 hours ago
Well it's not live, you just have to check in once in a while. Live is like everyone has to be on at the same time.
95 days 1 hour ago
As the final HoH it is my duty to evict someone and in the process choose who sits next to me.
It has been great playing with the two of you this game. This was the most deserving final 3, And I am glad I made it here with you two. With that said this has to become 2. And I am sorry I truly wish this was a final 3 but I have to pick the person I have worked with longer so I am sorry I have to evict Carvalho.
Sorry I have been with Java since the start
93 days 12 hours ago
Jury questioning segment will be up tonight!

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