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Cool Brother Remodeled [Day 17]

In the summer of 2015, thirteen unassuming Tengaged users entered the Cool Brother house with the hopes of emerging as the sole victor through demonstration of competitive prowess and strategic savvy. After 25 days, jamessmith5 was crowned Winner, proving successful in an achievement that only he can boast.

But after over two years...COOL BROTHER IS BACK!

Fifteen new houseguests will enter the Cool Brother to see if they too can push their way to the top of one of Tengaged's most mentally-demanding group games. But with a newly-remodeled house, it's safe to say that the houseguests won't be all that are keeping secrets...


Cool Brother Wiki:
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15th - Tony/MrSparkly69 [4-4-2; Day 3]
14th - Camille/FoxyWinters [4-4-2; Day 3]
13th - Jake/tundrahenry101 [Walked; Day 4]
12th - Adam/apples635 [5-4; Day 5]
11th - Emmett/Emmett4 [4-3; Day 8]
10th - Kyle/RedsKanto [6-1; Day 11]
09th - Thomas/Iconique [5-1; Day 14]

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God has personally delivered me his nominations.
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Cool Brother Remodeled [Day 17]

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