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The Real Wives Club

The Real Wives Club the chronicles the lives of a group of women who are the wives and girlfriends, or have been romantically linked to, pro athletes, musicians, and other high profile moguls, though the title of the series does not make this differentiation, solely referring to the women as "wives". 

The Real Wives Club gives people a look into the lives of of the people who have been behind the successes of some of the worlds most iconic moguls today. Los Angeles has been a place where conflict is found, and all of these newcomers must try and make a name for themselves on the grandest platform of them all. Do they have what it takes to carry on their own legacy outside of the fame of others they helped create; can they all get along and overcome the drama of rivalries. Found out on the premiere season of: The Real Wives Club.

1.        Realistic - Let's be real here, no Tengaged version of ANY show will be 100% realistic. However, I want everyone to enjoy my series, and we all need to contribute to the story-line in a realistic manner.
2.        Commitment – For this show to be a success, it is a necessity that everyone is active for an episode. I understand each and every one of you have lives, so, I will be creating a schedule that will fit to EVERYONE'S needs.
3.        Standard Grammar and Punctuation Conventions – I don’t expect perfection. I’m obviously not going to go through and copy-edit this post. But if your post looks like it was written by someone who is ten years old, I will not want you to continue role-playing.

How to Role play:
Creating a Character:
Approaching the Host:

Main Cast
Chonnie Evans (Cort)
Ashley Hernandez (JennaValentina)
Courtney Hayes (josiahsurvivor)
Krystal Daniels (Brandonh1)
Brooke Jackson (Kgamer2218)
Jackie Stewart (Glinda)
Alveen Tyson (Crush)
Scarlet Mc'Donald (Darriusdabest)
Milano Williams (Qveen)
Jennifer Wilson (Devinb)

Episode 1:
Episode 2:
Season Finale:
Reunion Special:

Featured Players 6 playing

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The Real Wives Club Episode 1
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The Real Wives Club

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