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Round 0: The Purge

Topic » Round 0: The Purge

48 days 6 hours ago
Standing before me are 17 confectioners. This season, there is nowhere to hide. While slipping through the cracks may have worked in the past, the only way to gaurentee your safety is by winning. The only way to have safety AND have power.... that is by balancing your position to the perfect position.

This is JUSCC Season 13: The Sweet Spot!

While there are 17 here, there are only 14 spots available to stay in our candy kingdom. Welcome to Round 0: The Purge.

Your theme for this round is free for all. There are no overarching guidelines to follow.

The bottom six will then go into an elimination faceoff:

17 vs 12
16 vs 13
15 vs 14

The losers will head home, and the other three will be earning the final spots into this season.

Please remember while there is no theme, all season long you may not use a song previously seen in the series, no Eurovision is allowed, and you may not post a song that has charted on the Billboard Hot 100.

List Of Songs Previously Used (You can't use these songs):

Best of luck confectioners! You have until 8:30pm est on 4/10 to submit your song.

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