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Round 5: Vacation Week

Topic » Round 5: Vacation Week

11 days 16 hours ago

Welcome top twelve to round 5 of Versus!

This week your theme is "Vacation Songs." We want you to use the magic of music to make us feel like we are on a destination to spend some off time. What vibe are you going to go for? Beachy, big city, nature? If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

Jordan & Lukas, this round your life is dependent on scoring above the other.

Everyone else, avoid going into the Duel Room for round 6.

List Of Songs Previously Used (You can't use these songs):

Good luck! You have until 6:00pm est 11/16 to submit!
11 days 16 hours ago
Hawai de vacaciones. Mis felicitaciones!
11 days 15 hours ago
11 days 15 hours ago
11 days 14 hours ago

I don't usually go on vacations, but if I had to think about my ideal vacation, it's just... sitting indoors, staring out a window, the woods are outside, and I think that Folklore/Evermore duo capture that vibe pretty well, with this being a personal standout.
11 days 14 hours ago
11 days 13 hours ago
This feels easy and laid back and joyous and summery like every vacation should feel :)

11 days 11 hours ago
This song is about wanting to go on a sweet escape with your lover! It's really about living in the moment, going back to your roots, and just learning to appreciate the small things at a slower pace! It's a really gorgeous song by an underrated artist!

11 days 3 hours ago
With this song, I would like to create this feeling:

~ You have been through a lot recently, so you decide to travel alone to the Italian Coastline. You are not going to the crowded beach to party. You prefer the secluded parts of the coastline and try to enjoy the nature. ~

The song is in Italian but I found a youtube video that shows the English lyrics as well.

11 days ago
We're taking a trip to Ireland.

10 days 17 hours ago
10 days 15 hours ago
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