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Round 3: Party Song Week

Topic » Round 3: Party Song Week

17 days 22 hours ago

Welcome lucky number final 13! This week, the theme is simple... we want you to give us your best party song. What gets you ready for a night of fun, or during that night of fun what is THAT song for you? Figure it out and get it submitted!

Oh... by the way, we have a TWIST this week. If you were a fan of season 1 then you should remember one of our finalist, Jason. Well, he is being a guest judge this round! You have 5 people to impress this go around, not just 4.

Goodluck! Your deadline is 2:15am est 4/20.
17 days 22 hours ago
17 days 22 hours ago
17 days 21 hours ago
17 days 21 hours ago
17 days 19 hours ago
17 days 16 hours ago
17 days 7 hours ago
17 days 3 hours ago
so i decided to take a risk because playing it safe is boring ! i focused more on the getting ready for a party rather than the party itself ! like obviously you'll listen to fun music to hype yourself up for the party ! duh !

17 days 1 hour ago
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