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#PP - Kelly Clarkson

Topic » #PP - Kelly Clarkson

2914 days 6 hours ago
This will be the section wherein we'll give some advice on what song or what type of song we prefer her to sing at the second round. So comment below ASAP :)
2913 days 21 hours ago
Have fun with it as well and give either an emotional performance or a fun one
I highly suggest People Like Us or Piece By Piece
2913 days 21 hours ago
I'm sorry but I suggest Stronger personally your voice with that song is just pure perfection and needs to be together
2913 days 20 hours ago
Dark side or miss independent
2913 days 19 hours ago
I already performed Piece by Piece/Stronger/People Like Us/Miss Independent. Am I allowed to repeat any of those or no?
2913 days 19 hours ago
I could perform Dark Side though since I haven't performed that song yet. Plus k4rk suggested that song.

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