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Coco Pops please!

Topic » Coco Pops please!

3260 days ago
3259 days 23 hours ago
[19:57:00] The Queen Of Peas: i feel like africa is dangerous
[19:57:06] The Queen Of Peas: like every1 has aids and shit
3259 days 18 hours ago
[14/05/2015 19:17:56] Allie:  i wish i can bring amy to life
[14/05/2015 19:18:03] Allie: we wud have tons of sex
[14/05/2015 19:18:03] The Queen Of Peas: amy?
[14/05/2015 19:18:09] Allie: cutieamy
[14/05/2015 19:18:12] The Queen Of Peas: Um,
[14/05/2015 19:18:16] Scotty: amy?
[14/05/2015 19:18:26] The Queen Of Peas: bit weird pea
[14/05/2015 19:18:46] Allie: says the guy wearing heels
3259 days 18 hours ago
[01:30:24] Ralik jackson: LMFAO Nerdy fat white kids are so fucking funny to look at.
[01:30:30] Ralik jackson: I love it.
[01:30:44] Ralik jackson: Theyre the only kinda kids that'll wear a fucking satchell
[01:30:49] Ralik jackson: or w/e that purse lookin shit is
3259 days 1 hour ago
[17:24:09] RJ: drinking ur dads sperm is basically drinking urself.
3258 days 3 hours ago
[16:07:16] dav: is autism more prevalent in males or are the tengaged figures just skewed
3256 days 12 hours ago
[00:34:49] Shay.: dave you're an entitled piece of shit who thinks whites owe you something and its really fucking obnoxious
3253 days 16 hours ago
[4:54:04 PM] Pat Daddy: nothing gay about fuckin a black man in the asshole
3252 days 20 hours ago
[06/05/2015 18:13:07] The Queen Of Peas: I want a baby
[06/05/2015 18:13:12] The Queen Of Peas: so I can give it a dramatic name
[06/05/2015 18:13:22] The Queen Of Peas: Hmmm
[06/05/2015 18:13:26] The Queen Of Peas: like
[06/05/2015 18:13:30] The Queen Of Peas: idk
[06/05/2015 18:13:33] The Queen Of Peas: Xaraphina
3250 days 20 hours ago
[5:43:10 PM] Olivia.: Dont ask about skype name, long story
3249 days 21 hours ago
[4:51:26 PM] Allie: Vivian ruined Scots hair career. It is pretty serious.
3232 days 23 hours ago
[2:23:49 PM] WillyEx: Dav u are a piece of shit and I always hated u for ruining my e-life on Tengaged, I had anxiety and panic attacks when u blogged that and I even went through depression. I remember taking like a 5 month break and having to start on a new account because of the humiliation :((
[2:24:10 PM] WillyEx: I could have committed suicide around that time
[2:24:20 PM] dav: LMAO sounds like u needed to grow a pair bro
[2:24:22 PM] WillyEx: good thing I didnt
[2:24:24 PM] dav: i wouldnt have felt guilty
3232 days 23 hours ago
[2:31:14 PM] dav: a man whos never had a toothbrush up his ass is no man at all
3231 days 20 hours ago
[5:13:39 PM] Barbie: i like joined already
[5:13:45 PM] Barbie: omfg
[5:13:47 PM] Barbie: it's a charity
[5:13:57 PM] Barbie: omg help me ruin LOL!
3213 days 13 hours ago
[1:43:40 AM] Viv: I farted in my car today and I'm pretty sure like I would have shit everywhere if I wasn't trying really hard to not shit while I was farting
[1:43:47 AM] Viv: Omg I thought this was the toxics
[1:43:49 AM] Viv: Goodbye
3208 days 1 hour ago
[1:21:41 PM] Allie: if a gay guy has a tight asshole, would a massive dick hurt?
[1:22:23 PM] Allie: Asking for a friend btw

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