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Rites of Passage - Survivor Vanuatu - HvV S22

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328 days 18 hours ago
12th Katherine you’re one of the most loyal people I have ever met. The only person willing to stand by my side when I got voted out. A true hero
328 days 18 hours ago
11th Patrick! I think you’re a nice guy but by the time we were able to start building anything I think you had already solidified yourself among a group of people so when I saw the chance to take out a threat I took it.
328 days 18 hours ago
10th Sean. Easily one of the hardest vote outs for me personally all season. I think we got fairly close on a personal level and it was great getting to know you but our game relationship just never got as strong
328 days 18 hours ago
9th - Oh Mikey. You’re so damn smart when it comes to this game and you have no problem stirring the pot and can easily turn things in your favor. I just don’t think we could ever fully come to an agreement on anything
328 days 18 hours ago
8th- laura you were a really sweet girl and so damn hard to get out hahah only took 50 votes. You were just too close to some people and not willing to get close with others and I think it cost you
328 days 18 hours ago
7th Jacob! Firstly on a personal level I adore you!! I know I’m probably not your favorite person right now but your prior connections and ability to play this game scared me too much to go any further with you
328 days 18 hours ago
Okay somewhere along the way my counting got messed up but anyways LOL

Stoner!! You’re a great guy and like I’ve said before I have tons of respect for you but you just didn’t care about this game and focused on making yourself an easy person to take to win 50 bucks. I wanted a fair shot at both seats and not just one so you had to go
328 days 18 hours ago
John - the silent assassin haha. It really sucked having to send you home but with immunity wins and hidden idols it just kind of left you as a sitting duck for this round.
328 days 18 hours ago
Nolan - You were winning this game hands down so you had to go. Plain and simple. A massive threat
328 days 18 hours ago
Deshon I love you boo❤️ And I really didn’t want to have to send you home but you’ve won this game before and you haven’t had to get any blood on your hands this season despite voting correctly more than anyone else. It was nothing personal, just game
328 days 18 hours ago
24th - _Adidas_/Luis L. [Yasur] 8-0 Day 2
I was actually excited seeing you in the cast and was shocked that you were inactive.

23rd - PrincessaPeach/Zach P. [Lopevi] 5-3 Day 3
My queen, I was ready to slay this game with you <3 so sad you went out so early.

22nd - Kelly0412/Kelly W. [Yasur] 5*(0)-2 Day 4
Queen of chaos, another one I wanted to work with since we go waaayyy back.

21st - David2560/David A. [Lopevi] 4-2-1 Day 5
I was ready for the season 21 takeover between me, you, Laura, and Peach. I was hoping you could find a way to survive that tribal but dammit they got you.

----------------------TRIBE SWAP----------------------

20th - Ari_/Ari R. [Lopevi-Yasur] 8-1-1 Day 6
We didn't communicate because we didn't have the opportunity to be on the same tribe, but I was working with Kat so I knew if we had the chance to play together it would've been on the same team.

19th - Chris2pei/Chris M. [Ambae-Ambae] 5-5 Loss in FMC against Nolan K. Day 7
Oh god... You literally sent yourself home and made this game a million times more difficult for me. That was was crucial for my game because we wanted to dwindle Lopevi's numbers and it really showed my cards... but well If you didn't care about the game then I'm glad Nolan stayed.

--------------EXILE BEACH COMES INTO PLAY----------------

18th - harrywasnak/Harry W. [Yasur-Yasur] 6-4-1 Day 8
Harry! We had a decent relationship because you were in the minority. I was hoping you would return so that we could work together.

17th - AlanDuncan/Alan D. [Yasur-Yasur] 7-3-1 Day 10
We didn't get to play together but you it was nice seeing a familiar face in the game.

16th - Kaseyhope101/Kasey H. [Yasur-Yasur] 8-1-1 Day 11
I told you that you should've mutinied to us </3 I was sad to see another minority go.

15th - Dinosauro27/Dino S. [Ambae-Ambae] 3-2 Day 12
Oh Dino! I knew you had to go for my own game. I was a lot closer to Laura, Kat, and Jorge so I knew they wouldn't flip and worried about you flipping once a merge came.

-----------Merge/Matt T. re-enters the Game from Exile Beach----------

14th - colehausman271/Cole H. [Lopevi-Yasur-Tinakula] 6*(0)-3*(0)-2 Day 13
WELL WELL WELL..... So I will be completely honest here, I definitely did not fully trust you this game. Yes, you gave me a lot of information about your side but you have also been shady to me in the past so I wasn't fully sure what to believe. For my game it would've been best for you to stay because I obviously talked to you a lot more than the other members in your alliance but I wasn't upset over it because you had a lot of people trusting you and a lot of power. Obviously, I didn't know Nolan had an idol (I thought Jacob did) but now that the game is over I think you were honest with me for the most part so I really respect and like you <3

13th - Katherinee_/Katherine P. [Ambae-Ambae-Tinakula] 5-4-3-1 Day 14
Queen Kat </3 robbed from the jury. So at the beginning of the game I wasn't 100% sure I could trust you since you have been shady to me in the past. I was proceeding with caution BUT after you stayed loyal and voted with me, I knew you were a loyal queen. I'm so glad we were able to re-build a friendship and hopefully we stay connected outside this game.

----------------JURY BEGINS----------------

12th - Novamax243/Max N. [Ambae-Yasur-Tinakula] 7-3-2 Day 15 1st Member of the Jury
I know you're probably very upset at me and I understand why.
At the very start of the game, I felt an instant bond to you and Kat (ironic). I wasn't fully sure to what extent I could trust you because we never went to tribal in Ambae. Once the merge happened I felt like we could work together to at least keep each-other safe from being targets on our side. But my loyalty was always to Laura and Jorge before anyone else, so when Jacob came to us with a plan to blindside you, I had to do it because otherwise it would've been my closest allies going home.
The reason I had to lie to you about the vote was because well you lied to me about the Ambae idol and I was told you did have the idol! Also, If I had been honest with you it would've been played and one of my allies would've gone home. I had no power to change the vote from you because if I did, we wouldn't have had the numbers. I really do feel terrible about voting you out and I sincerely mean that but you're a great player and that was what was best for my game.

11th - Caliboy/Sean P. [Yasur-Yasur-Tinakula] 6*(0)-5*(0) RE-VOTE 6-5
You set the tone of the game with a fantastic idol play. Throughout the game I thought you were in the minority so when the merge happened I was hoping that you were going to play the game with me. BUT you did vote me out! There's hard feelings on my end and I do not hold it against you, my alliance was a tight 3 and would've been scary for anyone... you played a great social game.

10th -  MikeyKR91/Mike R. [Lopevi-Ambae-Yasur-Tinakula] 6-4 Day 17
Mikey, I will start of by saying CONGRATS for playing probably one of the best social games this season. You definitely were a huge threat to win and I could now see why you won your season. We had some talks this game and I think you're a super cool well-rounded person and it was unfortunate the lines were drawn since pre-merge. When you called me out publicly and tried to expose me I had no choice but to argue back with you so that people thought I was against you and not target me. It was all 10000% game not personal at all,I had to find a way to survive and get you out after that because I was terrified that you would've gotten the numbers to get me out and would've won this game.

9th - Laura21/Laura R. [Yasur-Ambae-Tinakula] 6-3 Day 18 4th Member of the Jury
Laura <3 ILYSM you are the most loyal queen I've ever met. I was extremely excited having you back to play this game together again. I knew I could always count on you and I was hoping to making it very far with you. I was completely blindsided after your eviction and after that I had to step up my game even further.

8th - BOBROCKS333/Jacob S. [Ambae-Yasur-Tinakula] 4-3-1 Day 19 5th Member of the Jury
Jacob, you were a huge competitor in this game and one of the biggest threats in competition (btw I want to thank you for showing me the tab trick to spam faster LOL).
Look we didn't talk much in Ambae and at the merge it was clear you were sticking with Nolan. When you came to me to vote Patrick out I really did think we had the potential to work together. BUT you voted me out the tribal right after that -_- Obviously I couldn't trust you anymore from that point forward. I knew you were very close to Matt (who was also one of my closest allies) and I had the idol so it was best for my game to try to vote you at this point otherwise it would've been extremely difficult to get you out. I don't know how I managed to get Matt to be on board but somehow it worked. The vote was suppose to tie and my last ditch effort to scramble the votes payed off. I hope you do respect the gameplay, I am sorry about this and anything I said negatively to you, it was all game and i just had to do what i thought would help me get further in the long run.

7th - Gaiaphagee/Stoner D. [Yasur-Ambae-Yasur-Tinakula] 4-3
You were extremely funny and always had me laughing. You were very inactive a lot of the time so, a lot of people didn't see you as a threat. I knew you from before so I knew you were a cool guy and had every intention to making some moves down the road but it all changed once  you voted me. Not going to lie, i was blindsided that you voted me out, its hard to even be mad at you because you're super dope. But given that, I couldn't fully trust you to keep me safe if I had voted with you guys. And even though you were portrayed to be  inactive I still thought the jury  would easily give you the win due to your charm.

6th - Jxhn/John B. [Ambae-Yasur-Tinakula] 4-1-1*(0) Day 21 7th Member of the Jury
John! There was nothing that could've been done about your blindside, I was closer to Matt and Deshon.. and as you saw Jorge had the idol. I respect you as a gam player, you definitely played the middle well. At that point it was what was best for me moving forward and I hope you understand that. I'm sorry and I hope you aren't too mad at me.

5th - mysterygame2/Nolan K. [Lopevi-Ambae-Yasur-Tinakula] 3-2
Nolan! Where do I begin. You were a huge threat to win this game as well. Once I voted you out that one time in Ambae, I felt it was easier to just keep doing that beacuse I didn't want to make new enemies. I know you probably don't like me, but to me it was all game and I needed a target so that others wouldn't come for me. I want to say I do respect your game and you were extremely difficult to get out because you were a comp threat. We both lied to each-other so i hope that isn't a big issue for you. I knew the entire jury was ur friend and you know that you would've won had you survived that eviction given all your comp wins.

4th - Deshon
Deshon this vote hurt me the most. ILYSM you know how i feel about you. It was best for my game and I really had a closer relationship to Matt. I hope you forgive me and don't hate me after this game. Nothing but respect for you, i wouldn't be here without your help.

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