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ItsOfficial's Survivor Vanuatu - HvV S22

Congratulations to J2999/JAMES R! on winning Survivor Raja Ampat S21!

LAST Season J2999/James R came out on top in a 4 to 3 vote against NatePresnell/Daniel A! Now, for the upcoming installment of ItsOfficial's Survivor Series. The time has come! 24 returning castaways will return for another shot at the title of Sole Survivor. 281 different castaways have competed in this series. 12 of this series, Heroes; will take on 12 of this series most notorious villains in an all out battle for the $250 cash prize that comes along with the title. In what could be the most competitive season to date. Who will possess what it takes to outwit, outplay and outlast all others; to claim the title of Sole Survivor! 39 days! 24 castaways! ONE Survivor!


TINAKULA - Merged Tribe - Purple Buffs

Ashleybabyx3/Ashley B.
smuguy2012/Matt T.

24th - _Adidas_/Luis L. [Yasur] 8-0 Day 2
23rd - PrincessaPeach/Zach P. [Lopevi] 5-3 Day 3
22nd - Kelly0412/Kelly W. [Yasur] 5*(0)-2 Day 4
21st - David2560/David A. [Lopevi] 4-2-1 Day 5
----------------------TRIBE SWAP----------------------
20th - Ari_/Ari R. [Lopevi-Yasur] 8-1-1 Day 6
19th - Chris2pei/Chris M. [Ambae-Ambae] 5-5 Loss in FMC against Nolan K. Day 7
--------------EXILE BEACH COMES INTO PLAY----------------
---------Mike R. and Nolan K. Mutiny from Ambae---------
18th - harrywasnak/Harry W. [Yasur-Yasur] 6-4-1 Day 8
17th - smuguy2012/Matt T. [Lopevi-Ambae] 5-2 Day 9
----------------Stoner D. Mutiny from Ambae----------------
16th - AlanDuncan/Alan D. [Yasur-Yasur] 7-3-1 Day 10
15th - Kaseyhope101/Kasey H. [Yasur-Yasur] 8-1-1 Day 11
14th - Dinosauro27/Dino S. [Ambae-Ambae] 3-2 Day 12
-----------Merge/Matt T. re-enters the Game from Exile Beach----------
14th - colehausman271/Cole H. [Lopevi-Yasur-Tinakula] 6*(0)-3*(0)-2 Day 13
13th - Katherinee_/Katherine P. [Ambae-Ambae-Tinakula] 5-4-3-1 Day 14
----------------JURY BEGINS----------------
12th - Novamax243/Max N. [Ambae-Yasur-Tinakula] 7-3-2 Day 15 1st Member of the Jury
11th - Caliboy/Sean P. [Yasur-Yasur-Tinakula] 6*(0)-5*(0) RE-VOTE 6-5 Day 16 2nd Member of the Jury
10th -  MikeyKR91/Mike R. [Lopevi-Ambae-Yasur-Tinakula] 6-4 Day 17 3rd Member of the Jury
9th - Laura21/Laura R. [Yasur-Ambae-Tinakula] 6-3 Day 18 4th Member of the Jury
8th - BOBROCKS333/Jacob S. [Ambae-Yasur-Tinakula] 4-3-1 Day 19 5th Member of the Jury
7th - Gaiaphagee/Stoner D. [Yasur-Ambae-Yasur-Tinakula] 4-3 Day 20 6th Member of the Jury
6th - Jxhn/John B. [Ambae-Yasur-Tinakula] 4-1-1*(0) Day 21 7th Member of the Jury
5th - mysterygame2/Nolan K. [Lopevi-Ambae-Yasur-Tinakula] 3-2 Day 22 8th Member of the Jury
4th - deshonBANNEDISBACK/Deshon F. [Lopevi-Yasur-Tinakula] 3-1 Day 23 9th Member of the Jury
3rd - Sunfire/Jorge H. [Ambae-Ambae-Tinakula] Ashley's sole vote Day 24 10th Member of the Jury
Runner-up - GIFT + $50

LOGO CREDIT goes to @SammysosaTV :)

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