Gaia's Survivor 28: Lesotho


Congratulations to WilliamGonzales for winning Survivor Botswana!

18 people have been abandoned in Lesotho to play a game of Survivor! They have been divided by age. Old, vs teens/young adults, vs young! They must compete against each other to see which age is best fit to win Survivor! To make things more complicated, physical game is greatly important. Redemption Island is in play. When voted out, players will have a chance to re-enter this game. This is Survivor: Lesotho!

39 Days, 18 Castaways, 1 Sole Survivor!

9 Are Left. Who Will Be Voted Out Tonight?

It Is Day 25.

Caledon (Green Buffs):
Alan/Alanb1 (16) (Caledon)
Mearl/Mearl (25) (Senqu)
Darcy/Boots22 (21) (Maloti)
Karter/Realityobsessed (15) (Caledon)
Gustavo/Massgustavo95 (39) (Senqu)

Senqu (White Buffs):
Mikey/Mikey04wp (28) (Senqu)
Erik/ItsOfficial (22) (Senqu)
Eric/Econ21 (19) (Maloti)
Drew/Sosyomomma (21) (Senqu)

Caledon Tribe (Young Players) (Green Buffs):
Maloti Tribe (Teen/Young Adult Players) (Blue Buffs):
Senqu Tribe (Old Players) (White Buffs):

GEN 1 & 2:

Gen 1 History:

Gen 1 Total Virtual Days:

Gen 2 History:

Gen 2 Records:

Gen 2 Confessionals Group:

Gen 3 History:

Tiebreaker Rules:

**369 Different Users Have Played In Gen 1, Gen 2, & Gen 3**
**61  Different Finalists In Gen 1, Gen 2, & Gen 3**
**24 Different Winners In Gen 1, Gen 2, & Gen 3**
**5 Two-Time Winners In Gen 1, Gen 2, & Gen 3**

Featured Players 4 playing

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Gaia's Survivor 28: Lesotho

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