survivor run aways

this seasons 16 new cast aways will meet. they will vote someone out every three days and unexpected twists and turns will create mayham. 3 and only 3 idols will come into plays in this lust and green jungle.  without much water around it makes it difficult to hunt and eat. this season will be like no other, this is survivor run aways

#Tameka yellow buffs
Koolkid97 (koolkid97)
Leanna (LEANNA)
Jasper (jayeveelsback)
brendon (maladus1)
ryan (ryanr36)
steve (steve4280)
gears (gearsofwarchick)

Episode one: "this is bunk"
16th Noah (Noah_kondon) quit #Kass
15th Kristian (loopycoco1) quit #Tony

Episode two "I just want this idol"
14th, Jake (jkjkjk15) drew purple rock #Tony

Episode three "I'm a survivor encyclopedia"
13th, hand man 3-2-1 #Tony

Episode four "I have no one to blame but myself'
12th, Ben 6-1 #Kass

Episode five " J.O.C.E.L.Y.N!"
11th Dyl (med evac) #Tameka
10th pizza (pizzawithcookirs) 8*-1-1 #Tameka

Episode six "sorry I'm not a night crawler"
Pizza returns
10th Trevor (med evac) #Tameka

Episode seven "i just want to add a little emotion"
9th pizza (pizzawihcookirs) #Tameka
first jury member

Episode eight "send a sneaker there way"
8th Jocelyn (kelly2772) #Tameka

If I can figure out how to give away a gift there will be a gift for the winner

Featured Players 5 playing

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This game sucks. No offense
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challenge 8
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tribal council
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challenge 7
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