The Defenders Season 2(APPS OPEN)

If you had the chance to save the World, would you?

~Returning Cast(So far)~
Brian Carlisle:Earth Stone(flamergamer8)
Callick "Cal" Bennett:Smoke Stone(flamergamer8)
Connor Pennington(flamergamer8)
David Hartford/Chronos:Time Stone(dan12233445566)
Teddy Lamming:Neon Stone(bigdizzleyomama)
Willow Wolstenholme/Weeping Willow:Ice Stone(Symmetry888)
Ali Monroe:Lunar Stone(Rain848)
Olivia Denverport:Ice Stone(Maya10)
Brian Veverka:Fire Stone(JTtheprince)

~New Characters~
Tyler King:Ice Stone(BrainJak)
Red:Lightning Stone(RedWing91)
Amy River:Water Stone(me2013)
Lake Haynes:Lightning Stone(crimsonteer)
Calvin Malko:Time Stone(TwoStep)
Blake Rosen:Steel Stone(coolbrandonman)
Cyrus Kane:Nature Stone(snick427)
Izumi Akazawa:Gravity Stone(Katherinee_)
Benji Hall:Illusion Stone(flamergamer8)
Nemesis:Nightmare Stone(flamergamer8)
Agent Carter(flamergamer8)
Prescott Webber:Mind Stone(Logie56)
Eric Matheson:Water Stone(Arcaninemaster)
Carl Alexis:Neon Stone(spinfur)

Dennis Arcenaux:Undead Stone(flamergamer8)-Killed by Nemesis
Elijah Polanski:Steel Stone(Logie56)-Killed by Nemesis

Season 2 Theme-Monster by Paramore

Secondary Theme-Archers by With Confidence

~Episode 3 Date~
Friday, August 17th, 4PM EST

~Season 2 Episode List~
Episode 0:The Butterfly Effect
Episode 1:Ripple in Time
Episode 2:The Signal
Episode 3(Mid-Season Finale):The Battle For New York
Episode 4:TBA
Episode 5:TBA

Featured Players 17 playing

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The Defenders Season 2(APPS OPEN)

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