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LoganWorm Survivor (Casting Group)

This group is made for the sole purpose of the casting process.

Main Group:

Will you be the next Sole Survivor? Or will you be the next voted out?

-- They are graded throughout a series of tests to make the most active / interesting cast possible.
-- Each season's casting process is a CLEAN SLATE (previous casting processes do not factor with the exception of behavioral issues or special circumstances).
-- The process is designed to get good people and bypass bias based on color level or previous group game reputation (unless either is a specific factor casting is looking for).
-- Posts ARE counted in the Applicant Test forum.
-- It is EXPECTED that you are in no more than a total of 3 group games when playing in this group.
-- It Is EXPECTED that you do not participate in stars until you are voted out.
-- If multiple users contain a red nose, I will only cast a maximum of three red-nosed users.
-- Simply going through the casting process does not ensure eligibility or confirmation of casting, although it strengthens your chances greatly.
-- You may be disqualified from casting if you are unable to follow instructions properly.

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LoganWorm Survivor (Casting Group)

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