[S3] BigBen's Survivor: Mongolia

Congratulations to Chris (IRandomal123) on winning Survivor Paraguay!

For the third installment of Generation 2, BigBen Survivor has decided to work its way north towards Eastern Asia.  These castaways have traveled through the ice cold winds of Russia by helicopter to finally settle in the Mongolian Empire.  This season, sixteen brand new castaways will now tackle Mongolia to end up the ultimate ruler of this empire.  They'll have to be constantly on their toes because who knows when a power shift will take place? 39 Days! 16 Castaways! One Sole Survivor!

Seven are left... who will be voted out tonight?

Khoni *Black Buffs*

Clair (haycsclair)
Ferdi (dutchone29)
James (J2999)
JB (_JB_)
Natalie (OhNatalie)
Zach (jayhawk123)
Zach (ziggyzaggy16)

16th: Cole (Coyle14) [Tsoros] (6-1-1)
15th: Ross (Ross56) [Tsoros] (4-3)
**Tribe Swap**
14th: Stephen (SimvivoRWay) [Tsoros/Tsoros] (6-1)
13th: Hufus (Hufus) [Olkhonud/Olkhonud] (3-2-1-1)
**Tribe Swap**
12th: Josh (sergeant) [Tsoros/Olkhonud/Olkhonud] (4-2)
11th: Nicky (NotNicky333) [Olkhonud/Tsoros/Tsoros] (2(0)-2-2/3-1)
10th: Lorenzo (kingLiam) [Olkhonud/Tsoros/Olkhonud/Khoni] (6-4(0))
9th: Josh (Joshbb17) [Olkhonud/Olkhonud/Olkhonud/Khoni] (5-3-1) *1st Member of the Jury*
8th: Dan (dwipeouts) [Tsoros/Olkhonud/Tsoros/Khoni] (4-4/3-3/Drew Purple Rock) *2nd Member of the Jury*
7th: ??? (?) [____/____/____/Khoni] (?) *3rd Member of the Jury*

• Ask.fm: http://bit.ly/2j8bgfj
• Generation 1 History: http://bit.ly/2j6Ru3p
• Generation 2 History: https://bit.ly/2Hw8Ao6
• Viewers Lounge: http://bit.ly/2idvftr
• Application Group: http://bit.ly/2jjDzVy

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[S3] BigBen's Survivor: Mongolia

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