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253 days 13 hours ago
Runner-Up: Sydney (Guigi) [Bedok/Bedok/Sembawang/Sembawang/Bedok/Sembawang/Marijuana] (Received 3 votes to win)
Sole Survivor: Jacob (BOBROCKS333) [Kallang/Kallang/Bedok/Bedok/Sembawang/Sembawang/Marijuana] (Received 4 votes to win)

Also NUT but Sydney was robbed but Jacob would've been robbed too
241 days 9 hours ago
It's been literal ages since I've returned to Tengaged, but I couldn't help but notice the conclusion to this series. Wish I would have decided to check Tengaged a month or so earlier, given my invitation to this season, though on second thought...

Regardless, this group will always be a fond memory for me. It's sad to see how far the site has fallen, as I remember the glory days.. Good times. I'm honored to have my avatar features on the group picture, despite not participating.

Thanks Ben for remaining diligent and steadfast, you were an excellent host and I hope that one day you have the chance to pursue something similar, just on a different platform preferably.

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BigBen Survivor - End of an Era

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