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Congratulations to Stoner (Gaiaphagee) on winning Survivor Melanesia - Blood vs. Water II!

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Survivor Polynesia - Fans vs. Favorites [Cast Reveal]
36 postsCreated by bigben1996 on 19 days 13 hours ago
Last post by Saftronbtr999
17 days 19 hours ago
276 postsCreated by bigben1996 on 38 days 13 hours ago
Last post by Pieguy555
37 days 9 hours ago
BigBen Survivor History
9 postsCreated by bigben1996 on 487 days 2 hours ago
Last post by bigben1996
37 days 15 hours ago
Jury Questioning
67 postsCreated by bigben1996 on 39 days 18 hours ago
Last post by bigben1996
37 days 17 hours ago
Survivor Melanesia - Finale
190 postsCreated by bigben1996 on 42 days 19 hours ago
Last post by bigben1996
39 days 18 hours ago

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  1. Immunity Challenge #1541 days 20 hours ago
  2. Natasha vs. Jesse vs. Clair230 days 19 hours ago
  3. Keizo vs. Erik vs. Kolby230 days 19 hours ago
  4. Dan vs. Ethan vs. Brandon230 days 19 hours ago
  5. Qaz vs. Brady vs. James230 days 19 hours ago

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