The Colony

3 Months ago an outbreak broke out. It spread like wildfire, first Africa, then to Europe,and before we could react it was everywhere. Turning those it infected into cannibalistic monsters. Days after we thought it would pass by, the government acted. Quarantines set up, military mobilized, people were being evacuated, there was hope. Weeks later though that hope was destroyed. The power grids failed, plunging our world into darkness. The government safe zones had begun to collapse, whether it was from the infected, or those inside rioting due to lack of food and water. People began to kill and fight one another for the supplies left behind, blood filling the streets, only making it easier for the virus to spread. 2 Months went by and all hope seemed lost. We were forced to adapt to the world we lived in now. Some chose to hide, some chose to fight. Gangs began to form, hunting down people to steal and kill. But some still dug threw all the ashes to bring back the world that once was. 3 months later and now hope has come back, safety has come back, we will come back.

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The Colony

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