George's Big Brother 3


Season 2 began in June 13th 2014 and ended in July 16th 2014.

Congratulations Caleb for winning Losa's Big Brother 2.

"Good Morning, I'm Losa and welcome to Big Brother!
The summer long power struggle will begin when 16 people enter the house and battle to be the last one standing"

GAME RULES : ( One week In real life is 3 days inside BB house. HOH/POV/Evicton )
Day 1 : HOH competition at 5/6/7pmEST (One of this times) - HOH will have time to nomminate untill next day (day 2) 3:00 pmEST (The HOH will have to make nomminations ceremony in Dinning Area). The POV Comp. will be at 5/6/7pmEST on day 2. Nominees and HOH will play in the POV comp. and 3 other players who show up (if more then 3 players show up, I will veto players) 
The POV holder will have to make her/his decision in next hour, if the POV is not used in the next hour, the POV won't be used and the nominations will stay the same) After POV meeting the eviction will take place and the players will have time to vote annytime untill next day 4:30pmEST. After eviction next HOH competition takes palce at 5/6/7pmEST again on day 3.

______________Losa's Big Brother WIKIA_______________________________________________

Main page :
BigBrother 1 - Double Power :
Big Brother 2 - The Mole :
Big Brother 3 - ???????????? : ???????????

------------HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD ROOM/JURY HOUSE (At final 3)-------------
Eatch week, a new houseguest will be crowned as HOH, I will make that person Admin in the HOH room group so the HOH will accept/block people from his/her room.
HoH room :

------------ASK THE HOST--------------
Questions (You can ask me questions about new BigBrother series) :

---------VIEWER'S LOUNGE-------------
Viewer's Lounge : (Unlocked after this season for all past players)

My SKYPE : Tengaged123

The important part of the game is DR, u need to send CONFESSIONALS and add me into the convos.


Big Brother 1 "Double Power" :
Winner : 5651Omar
Runner up : TyTy97
Hero of the Season : Nightcore
Villain of the Season : Josephina
Fan Favorite(s) : Tadds and Josephina
The BEST player/player of the season : Tadds

Big Brother 2 : "The Mole" :
Winner : Caleb (LyonRemedy_)
Runner up : Dino (Dinosauro)
Hero of the Season : John (Jxhn)
Villain of the Season : Andrea (IceIceBaby)
Fan Favorite : Kamani (Ramanik)
Most Entertaining : Andrea,Mimi and Dino.
The Mole : Jon (TrickyDicky)



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George's Big Brother 3

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