Noah's Survivor: Viewers Lounge

Here you can stay tuned and watch Survivor: Russia unfold!

Rules of VL:

Rule #1) Don't tell ANYTHING to the current players

Rule #2) If any of the current players asks you for info, tell me!

Rule #3) Do not discuss the game even if there is no info at all with the current players

Rule #4) Do not discuss outside the VL unless with me

Rule #5) Do not discuss in public places

Rule #6) All hail Lord Alvard.  He is better than you no matter who you are.  This is the most serious rule of the VL.  Disobedience will result in immediate removal.

Main Group:

Sweepstakes Winners:
Survivor: Blood vs. Water: dsradine (RETURNED)
SurviVor: Greece: DryIceBros (RETURNED)
Survivor: Fans Vs. Failures: wuau (RETURNED)
Survivor: Anarchy Island: CrazyCourtney0 (RETURNED)
Survivor: Honduras: Trios: dsradine (RETURNED)
Survivor: Cambodia: Second Chance: Number1SurvivorFan
Survivor: Wonderland: CalebJustLeft (RETURNED)
Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains: tunertin
Survivor: Russia: lhooper902976
Survivor: Cagayan: lhooper902976 and Ross56

Hall of Fame (Non-Winners who played games that were also deserving of a win):
Pat (pat15)
Nicole (Nicole16)
Tim (terose)
Leanna (LEANNA)
Maxwell (Broniak)
Fire Dragon (AlaskanFireDragon)
Andrew (jonghyun408)
Josh (IhasFood)
Brandon (Bdreezy15)
Matt (Matt64)
Ben (benp428)
Jay (Jaybirdnifty)
Michael (M_Davis1998)
Lauren (Lawblondie)
Aaron (aaronray)
Zach (Swadles)
James (Jacadu)
Hogan (trey2288)
Deeanna (deeannamorgan)
Trae (Stilts12)
Andrew (spinfur)
RJ (Ryan_Jambe)

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Noah's Survivor: Viewers Lounge

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