Room-25: 6th Season! (ComingSoon)

Room-25: 6th Season
Welcome to the new 6th Season of Room-25, where some “prisoners” are trapped in our amazing prison always built on our 25 rooms, including the opening one and the exit one to escape from imprisonment, together with a lot of other rooms that could be safe rooms, obstacle rooms or deathlike rooms. Each one is connected to the others thanks to the four doors inside it, one for each direction, but apparently without exit. These “prisoners” must try to find the Room-25, the supposed exit from this nightmare, so that they can finally escape and win the game. Something exceptional unlike the previous standard seasons, in this special one there will not be any “guardian”…seriously! There will be only prisoners! But unfortunately for them…another twist is just around the corner…as they will all be split into two different teams, and all of that randomly and secretly!! Indeed, at the start of the game, nobody will know what team they are on, so they will probably play randomly until they will discover who they could work with and who they could not… Are you going to play together with others or not? Who will you trust? And will they be of your team or not? Eheh…

In the end, why are we going to have two different teams? There is something to say you all poor prisoners, the exit room will be locked and nobody will be allowed to enter inside it…until all the players of a team will be dead…making the escape possible only to the alive players of the other team still playing inside the prison…so you will need to kill all the players of the opposite team, directly by pushing them into deathlike rooms or indirectly by waiting they will die in a different way… Play your game!

Are we going to have any survivor?
Find out here right now on…ROOM-25: 6TH SEASON!!!

Good luck to everyone, may the best players win...

6th Season's Video-Introduction:

ROSE (TheRoseHorse) - NOAH (noah_kondon)

3rd BATES (Bataglia) - Trapped 4ever, Still Alive - Prisoner
4th PI (MrsB) - Trapped 4ever, Still Alive - Prisoner
5th CHANDLER (Chandlerp1996) - Trapped 4ever, Still Alive - Prisoner
6th NOOB (C00LDUDE1000) - Trapped 4ever, Still Alive - Guardian
7th MEL (me2013) - Unexpected Event, Exploded - Prisoner
8th ALEX (ghrocky100) - Taken Away, Killed Outside - Prisoner
9th NATHAN (Matedog1209) - Acid Room, Pushed by Pi - Prisoner
10th VIKTOR (epicwafflez23) - Duel Room, Challenged By Chandler - Prisoner
11th GAMO (ThisIsMyGame) - Audience Room, Shifted By Mel - Guardian
12th KYLE (Kgamer2218) - Unexpected Event, Stabbed By RobotClown - Prisoner
13th JENNIFER (Fell6) - Audience Room, Entered Alone - Prisoner
14th RED (RedWing91) - Saw Room, Pushed By Gamo - Guardian
15th SAM (s73100) - Unexpected Event, Shot By Noah - Prisoner
16th JAY (Peterparker16) - Gave Up, Killed Outside - Guardian

17th JACK (RealJacksonWalsh) - Rejected, But Still Alive - NoRole

( we go...)
(...push the "view all" button if you can't find your room...)
(...somewhere in the prison there is a "Revival Room", that's a good spoiler, don't forget it...)

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Room-25: 6th Season! (ComingSoon)

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