Total Drama Showdown.

Total Drama has become one of the world's most popular "reality tv shows" and i'm excited to bring it to Tengaged. With the help of ~TheATeamProductions~ I will be replicating Total Drama onto the web! We will follow the pattern of seasons until I run out, then we will have to improvise with fake seasons. I have planned out some lovely ideas. You can be anyone from the Total Drama or the Total Drama Presents series.

In this season, we will be taking different TV shows and making THEM the challenge. Such as Supernatural, Chicago Fire, or possibly reality tv shows such as Survivor, The Apprentice, or Deal or No Deal. Each challenge will deal with another TV show.

This season will start June 23rd and conclude AROUND July 10th! Hopefully we can have an active cast, or this season will be cut short.

Victor's Circle
Total Drama Showdown - ?/?

Total Drama Showdown

= Fighting Phoenixes =
- Cody (MasterB)
- Dawn (domarco13)
- Gwen (Alyea)
- Lightning (BradySpaulding16)

= Sexy Serpents =
- Duncan (flamergamer8)
- Kitty (coolKat)
- Lindsay (TDBigBrotherLover112)
- Scarlett (Number1SurvivorFan)

Elimination Order:
14th- Katie (jesikaqueen123) [Medically Evacuated] {#SexySerpents}
13th- Sanders (ThatLoudDodrio) [2-1-1-1-1-1] {#FightingPhoenix}
12th- Harold (XTremeNerd) [Medically Evacuated] {#FightingPhoenix}
11th- Noah (Galaxies) [4-1] {#FightingPhoenix}
10th- Trent (lukey_) [3-1-1-1] {#SexySerpents}
9th- Geoff (bklimas) [2-1-1-1] {#SexySerpents}
- Mariah (MariahAnn)


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