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[Season 9] Week 5 : 👹 Drag Me To Hell

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15 days 21 hours ago
Hello hello hello my little mean girls club! How you doing? I hope we’ll because the race is just getting HEATED! Last week we said goodbye to Octavia Reifz and...

Well, she’s already back! Hello dear, welcome back, long time no see.

Now... the musical is a staple for drag races around the world but this time I wanted to make it more exciting. So it’s gonna be...


you heard that right. You will be working as a team together in your respective realms to come up with two complete musicals about Heaven and Hell respectively.

But there is more :

The two eliminated girls (in this case Octavia Reifz) will be joining the team they’ve been eliminated from as a member of the group.

‼️ The teams will be judged together. One team will win and so the whole group will be safe AND the eliminated girl from the team will be back in the competition from next week. One team will lose, the eliminated girl will be eliminated for good and the worst two of the group will lipsync for their lives, with one of them leaving the competition.

But more about the musical you will have to write.

- You have to individually re-write 4 already existing songs (one for each character of the story, each played by one of you). I want you to take already existing songs because you will be judged on your ability to rewrite the lyrics. So no recording needed but mind your metric and don’t just change a few words here and there.

- Between the songs you can give me a couple of lines to explain how we get from one song to another. Not mandatory.

- Your songs have to be cohesive so the sound have to be similar BUT you can’t use the same artist twice.

- Each song can be a minimum of 1 minute to a maximum of 2.

- You can add anything you want, just make sure you at least follow my prompts.

So here is the Hell musical :


Characters :
😈 A bored devil
👧🏼 An innocent girl
👧🏻 The innocent girl’s evil twin
👹 Satan

A devil is bored of his job at the hell ring, sings about all the tortures he has to give that he once loved but can’t find exciting anymore. Declared her newfound love for [blank] and wonders about a way out to pursue her dream.

One of the damned soul heard the devil and tells her about she or having to be there because she’s always been good. Says she died with her evil twins but they got switched at the sorting. So they go to Heaven to catch her twin. Makes a deal with the devil so one can maybe receive a raise and pursue her dream, and the other can be rightfully live in Heaven.

The evil twin is in Heaven and bullies aliens all the angels and sings about all the mischief she has done. She gets caught by her good twin and the devil and is brought to hell, she sings about trying to resist as well.

Satan is angry because the two operated without her consent but... [finale is up to the group]

And that’s it!

Later on the runway category is : 🌤 HEAVEN’T DONE THAT! I want you to create a look following one of the previous themes from the heaven race. Which were :

👖 Denim
😇 Historical hero inspired look
👒 Hats

You have 48 hours.

Good luck ladies and don’t fuck it up!

But if you do... prepare to lipsync to my fav musical song ever :

13 days 21 hours ago
[24 hours extension]
12 days 22 hours ago

Tonight on the runway, I chose to do a musketeer type of hats runway moment which is a bold move but I wanted to do something very different for Octavia but I still wanted to create a polished look so I hope you live for this runway.
12 days 20 hours ago
[ulterior 24 hours extension]

[added to the previous extension for a total of 48 hours]

[this is also the last extension that will be granted so make it work]

Deadline is exactly 24 hours from this post

•as soon as everyone posted we go on•
12 days ago
Myoi Mina Runway: Hats Runway

I’m giving you a clockwork, steampunk fantasy. My shape is right, makeups right and I think it’s TIME for another win. Come on Talian, don’t be shy ❤️
11 days 23 hours ago
Shanita Runway

The category I chose was Hats because I felt like I could work with that category the best!
11 days 23 hours ago
Presenting the Musical: DRAG ME TO HELL

~ Featuring ~

• Myoi Mina as 😈 THE DEVIL
• Lemonadé as 👧🏼 THE INNOCENT GIRL
• Octavia Reifz as 👧🏻 THE EVIL TWIN
• Shanita as 👹 SATAN

*the scene starts  in Hell, a devil can be seen sat in his torture lair, almost....bored looking?*


(other is my little bird sidekick, his name is h̷̛͍̬͕̝̞͔̤̥͎͕̍͗͗̈̍̉͘͝͝ͅė̴̝̣̪̟̺̈n̵̩̗̉͐̔̅̊̈́͛̇̑̋̆́̾́͝r̸̛͈͐́̌̍́͗͝y̷̩̜̰͖̞̎͛͜)
Me:   I know that I make death living hell.
It just seems like there is no escape
I used to be proud, but now there is a crowd
Of voices in my head, im Bored as hell, can’t you tell?
Nothing from traps to meeting Trump
Won’t let me out of my slump
I need to find some new tactics
h̷̛͍̬͕̝̞͔̤̥͎͕̍͗͗̈̍̉͘͝͝ͅė̴̝̣̪̟̺̈n̵̩̗̉͐̔̅̊̈́͛̇̑̋̆́̾́͝r̸̛͈͐́̌̍́͗͝y̷̩̜̰͖̞̎͛͜: What about that girl?
Me:     Yeah I may need some practice.
        Nothing here, nothing there, hell is nothing to beware
        When my ideas are crumbling, ambition is tumbling
        I can’t face it, im tortured can’t take this
h̷̛͍̬͕̝̞͔̤̥͎͕̍͗͗̈̍̉͘͝͝ͅė̴̝̣̪̟̺̈n̵̩̗̉͐̔̅̊̈́͛̇̑̋̆́̾́͝r̸̛͈͐́̌̍́͗͝y̷̩̜̰͖̞̎͛͜: What are you gonna do?
Me:        I dont know, I'm asking you?
        I can’t think of pain,
        Even when i have nothing to gain
        Spiraling thoughts, can only think of her
        I can’t help it when im, …...BORED AS HELL!

*the scene cuts to a girl who’s anxiously walking around Hell, why is she so panicked? What’s up with her?*

(Ooooh, Oooh)
(Oooh, Oooh x2)

I don’t belong here, I just don’t...
I’ve done so much good, to be thrown out with no hope...
I’ve fought and fought, to reclaim my rightful place...
My evil twin took my spot for heavens sake, oooh...

That bitch....

I must move on, have to continue fighting.
This innocent girl is going to come out thriving.
Devils, dangers, demons, they can get out of my way.
There’s not much time left for my sister to be slayed.
If only I wasn’t alone, a companion or a friend...
Someone that can bring my sister to her end!


(Oooooh, ooooh)

*The innocent girl enters the devil’s lair and uses her charm to woo the bored devil into taking her to Heaven to get revenge on her evil twin*

*the scene cuts to a girl that looks just like the girl from Hell...*gasps* it’s the twin!*

Song: The Queen Of Mean


I'm so not done from resisting
I’ll keep on fighting if you’re insisting!
I’m not leaving  this place you damn fools
I won’t take up all your time
I’ll only take everything else and make it mine
I won’t claim my actions to be a crime
But when it finally came
Satin called her name
And now I feel this overwhelming pain
I mean, it's in my veins
I mean, it's in my brain
My heart is pounding, my tears are shedding like a blood stain
I'm kinda like a innocent twin sister who’s practically insane
I know I’m broken but I only have one thing I need to gain
I’ve always  thought of myself as mean
I always thought that I'd be the queen
And there's no in-between
'Cause if I can't have that
Then I will be the leader of the dark and the bad
Now there's a devil on my shoulder
Where the angels used to be
And he's calling me the queen
Being evil is in my bloodline
But I’m not done hurting them for the last time
And I won't ever let another
Person take advantage of me

*the devil and the innocent girl arrive at Heaven gates via the 1000ft stripper pole that connects the two*

*the innocent girl sees her twin and confronts her and they argue back and forth until the devil steps in and drags the evil twin to the stripper pole where they take her down to Hell*

*the scene cuts to Satan patrolling the Hell lair, counting all of her devils until she realises one is missing...*

*the devil and the twins reach Hell on the stripper pole where they are shook to see Satan glaring at them from her throne...looking pissed to say it lightly*


Nothing’s on my level
I’m the queen devil
So don’t underestimate my wickedness you measely peasants, HA!
I hate when things happen without me
Especially when it involves Heaven
And I’m sure we all agree
That this devil needs a lesson
Cos after all bitch
She’s a filthy lying snitch
Let’s go!
I’m not all that impressed with the girl
When I see her face it makes me hurl
But for this they’ll pay the price
Their hearts sha’ll turn to ice
Now if you want my advice
It’s time for sacrifice
Let’s go!
You ugly monstrous traitor
Be banished!
As if you’d vanished
I have plenty other minions
And I don’t need your opinions
It won’t cost much
Just one touch!
You ugly monstrous traitor
Grab the pole, don’t come back
Girls, if you want to be redeemed
Then you and me sha’ll be teamed
Relax and get used to this
Forever here in hell’s abyss
But now I only need the evil twin
So you *points to the innocent girl*
We head to the pit within
This ugly monstrous traitor
*chucks her into the pit*

*Satan claims the evil twin in Hell where she rightfully belongs while the devil is banished in Hell for eternity and the innocent girl...well she’s in Hell’s pit, dead or alive? Find out in the sequel musical!*
11 days 21 hours ago
Myoi Mina’s verse without the weird indentations soz xx

I know that I make death living hell
It just seems like there is no escapeI used to be proud, but now there is a crowd
Of voices in my head, im Bored as hell, can’t you tell?

Nothing from traps to meeting TrumpWon’t let me out of my slump
I need to find some new tactics
Well What about that girl?
Yeah I may need some practice.

Nothing here, nothing there, hell is nothing to beware
When my ideas are crumbling, ambition is tumbling
I can’t face it, im tortured can’t take this
What am I gonna do?
I dont know, I'm asking you?
I can’t think of pain,
Even when i have nothing to gain
Spiraling thoughts, can only think of her
I can’t help it when im, …...BORED AS HELL
11 days 20 hours ago
🍋 Lemonadé 🍋

11 days 20 hours ago
Inspired by the pope for the hero inspiration runway

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