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[Season 8] Week 4 : 👽 Area ShiftyMug

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47 days 22 hours ago
Hello hello hello! And welcome back to the werkroom. Last week we said goodbye to Él, but ssshhh... don’t tell anyone!

This week’s all about secrets! As you already know, the US government during the pandemic has confirmed the fact that there is actually a branch of their army working into the UFOs sights. And the Area 51 is indeed dedicated to that. And so is this week!

👽 As part of the alien secret identity defends program. We are making over aliens this week! What does it entails? I am glad you asked.

You have to create two looks : one for yourself. One for a new character : the alien. You will be judged on fashion and family resemblance.

- In the look for yourself you have to keep your original/usual skintone. No unnatural skin colors or other physical changes (antlers or whatever) are allowed for yourself.

You have to create the alien character but it has to have the following features :

- Preferibly on the same platform as your usual look design.

- They have unnatural skincolors (no human skin color will be accepted. Also white white and black back are discouraged)

- They have big completely black eyes.

- They have a head twice the side of a human head.

- They have arms twice the length of a human head.

- Each of them has a special feature (this is up to you. Could be horns, antlers, a double set of eyes, a tail but it has to be physical/visible).

And this is all. If you can’t make a big head or long arms I will do so in post-production so if you can’t do it yourself, please provide the alien in a pose that is easy for me to edit (so no crossed arms).

You have 48 hours.

Good luck ladies and don’t fuck it up.

But if you do, prepare to be abducted by aliens. And when you’re there you can leave the ultimate Ariana Grande fantasy asking to break free :

47 days 9 hours ago
Kitty Kitty Meow Meow:

And Her Drag Alien Daughter

Kat Nip

We are giving you Holographic Kawaii Fantasy. WE ARE THE MOMENT PRRR.
45 days 9 hours ago
Holli Daze

And introducing

Traptina Daze

I decided to take us into the Wild West with our looks this week. I am serving a Brothel Owner fantasy and Traptina is giving Saloon Girl Realness. I feel fierce and Traptina looks beautiful. Come on over and have a drink ;)
45 days 5 hours ago

I am the madame of the OFFICIAL Area 51 brothel/strip club! After a long day of stupid/dangerous experiments, the researchers need a place to have fun, and goddamnit, I give it to them!

This is Mxxgepmgxzah'n'ghft of the Crabs Nebula, but her stage name is Proba Bitch. Under my guidance, she's gone from being a run-of-the-mill experiment subject to being the most desired woman in Area 51! Don't piss her off, though. She loves the taste of human blood, and she'll use her tentacles to suck you dry!
45 days 4 hours ago

Description inside
44 days 23 hours ago
[ulterior 24 hours extension]

[added to the previous extension for a total of 48 hours]

[this is also the last extension that will be granted so make it work]

•as soon as everyone posted we go on•
44 days 6 hours ago
Here we are, the Wicca sisters, Avra K. Davra and Allah K. Zham.

Allah likes long walks on Mars, big tentacles and fried ewoks.

You can describe her in three words: HOT. Human organ tester.

She comes from a very distant galaxy, from an unpronounceable place that no one knows. I would tell you where it is, but i don't know, and I coudn't pronounce it either.

Tonight on the runway we have a strange specimen with patches on her skin who speaks a weird language... and then we have an alien.

We're here to show you that if you wanna be bougie and sexy, you have to be out of this planet, just like us.
44 days 5 hours ago
Audrey Pence:
Not an Alien Pence:

I am a simple 60s girl and now I have this dumb Alien and she looks kinda human but she also had a weird head.
43 days 19 hours ago
Red Velvet: Killing Roses

Rosie Velvet: Healing Roses

Went with Red Velvet (as Dead Roses) because we as humans are currently killing our planet, so I was symbolizing Humans killing the planet by using Dying Roses and Our Alien (Healing Roses) symboling a future alien coming to our planet and saving our earth. Hence why Rosie Velvet (Alien) was wearing healthy Red Roses.

I think I put a nice twist on the makeover twist this episode and I think this could do me good!

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