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36 days 3 hours ago
So ladies. The mini challenge is gone. But before announcing the winner here is the unblurred pic :


And, with an ASTONISHING (I know... sarcasm doesn’t really work on paper) score of 68 out of 100 the winner is...

Now, I don’t know if you know. But I am moving to Hollywood. And I have TONS of useless shit I need to bring with me from my old house, but mama is trying to spare on the airplane ticket so here is where I need your help. Everything thy didn’t fit my suitcase you will help me sneak into the airplane as clothes!

✈️ For this week’s maxi challenge we are doing a staple Drag Race challenge : Drag on a dime. I am asking you to create a look using ONLY the useless stuff you will find in your box. A few rules :
  - you can only use the stuff in your box.
  - You can use your own wigs and shoes. The rest has to be from your box.
  - You can reshape and recolor objects.
  - You can use only portions of an object.
  - You can’t make the objects look completely unrecognizable.
  - You don’t need to be realistic. I will judge on the overall aesthetic.

I want creativity and vision. I want you to have fun.

Baylor, as the winner of the mini challenge, you will assign each girl a box. Here they are :


Please PM me your picks asap.
36 days 3 hours ago
Here are Baylor’s picks :

⏰ Bedroom : Holden Richards

🧹 Broom Closet : Mustard "Cheeky Spice" Monroe

🍴 Dining Room : Plai Statión

🚗 Garage : Sasha Sass

🌳 Greenhouse : Crystal Clear

🍗 Kitchen : Aishah Ali

📚 Library : Enobaria

🎥 Movie Room : Phila McHunt

🍼 Nursery : Baylor

🏊 Pool : Stormer Summers

🚽 Toilet : LaOddity

💎 Vault : Amanduh Holden

You have 48 hours.

Good luck ladies and don’t fuck it up.

But if you do, prepare to look for some more hot stuff for this week’s lipsync for your life :

35 days 2 hours ago
CF: I had so much money I didn't know what to do with it so I am wearing it
34 days 21 hours ago
CF: LaOddity has no gender. I do not belong to a box. Rather, I do not mean genderless. I embrace everything about me. I am a queer entity. A force to be reckoned with. I have masculine and femine qualities that inherently determine how I live, how I love, and how I share. And that empowers me. This look is, clearly, paying homage to Madonna, one of my biggest influences. The fashion choices are highly androgonous, intentionally. I have chosen to highlight the beauty of the female body, above all else. I feel powerful. Sexy. Strong. And confident! More than I have ever been. Pre made mugs, she has leveled up.

34 days 20 hours ago

CF: I took inspiration from my box and I decided to go green! LITERALLY. I took the watering can and cut it up to make into a flower pot, and painted it with pretty polka dots, then I took the dirt and made it into a nice skirt, then I took the foilage that I had and made it coming out and over the flower pot to make it look like a flower cocoon that this beautiful woman is coming out of and I added some cheeky flowers as the tits. I also shaved some lemon skin off and turned it into a choker which burns a little bit but fashion is pain. I turn the ladybugs into earrings, and I think my fantasy of becoming a full flower lady is complete, of course I have the flower in my hair that was a leftover and just to give it a little aesthetic.
34 days 15 hours ago
[24 hours extension]
34 days 11 hours ago
Stormer Summers:


CF: I am serving fresh lemonade...She is sour and sexy. She is also smooth...I also though the yellow complements her skin.
34 days 10 hours ago

Out from the ruuuuins.....out from the wreeeeeckage.......Sasha Sass bringing you MAD GARAGE: BEYOND THE THUNDERTHIGHS!
This look doesn't need another hero, doesn't need to know the way home, all it wants is to slay the competition. Remember, two men may enter, but only one man will leave!

34 days ago
Runway: https://imgur.com/a/lFfVB4H

CF: I'm an incubus / sleep paralysis demon / Middle Eastern assassin! I will bludgeon you to death with my dildo nunchuk! I used everything except the condom. THIS IS A BAREBACK LOOK!
33 days 19 hours ago
Aishah Ali


Serving you kitchen glove realness, babe. Fresh cookies out the oven!
33 days 14 hours ago

Well I tried LMAO
33 days 10 hours ago


I'm walking down the runway in a fun yet cute outfit, really fun adn extravagant, every single thing you see I made and I have never done that. I wanted to go for a baby on crack, really over the top, since I usually keep it glamour, this gives more crazy showing a side of me you haven't really seen. I feel like a kpop idol who just had comeback, and I experimented. I think this is such a huge transformation and I hope you're proud. I explained to you on Skype what everything is out of, so I'll just let you look at the look.



I rip off my skirt and throw away my rattle, showing my diaper, so embarassing, I am a baby but I wanna be a BIG QUEEN! I get so shy all the hair on my body stands up, including my pigtails and umm... let's just say the diaper has gotten a little bigger. FUN!... stream Feel Special xo.
33 days 10 hours ago


Today I am serving Miss Librarian with a little spice of Steampunk. I'm feeling my whole fantasy with my parchment corset and my feathered skirt. High fashion, elegance, a touch of mischief, and lotta books. Despite having suffered the breakage of my sewing machine and having had to glue the whole outfit, I look fabulous. Bitches better beware, I'm here to read you for filth.
33 days 9 hours ago
Plai Statión

Look: https://ibb.co/GQymy2p

For my look I've chosen to go with a an almost art deco style of outfit, I've made the frames into triangles to make onto a dress and made a hat out of the table, the table cloth and bits of the chandelier! I'm very proud with what I've managed to do with the look and I'm hoping my effort pays off!

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